Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tevis: Joint Trail Work Day May 12

April 29 2012

On Saturday May 12th We will be working hard on the Pucker Point Trail.  Meet at Foresthill Joe's Coffee Shop at 8:00am.

We'll divide up into groups and head out to areas in need of trimming, water bars and other general maintenance. Plan to wrap-up and regroup at Foresthill Joe's for lunch.   

Bring: Gloves, water, snack, clippers, hand saw, shovel, etc. Please RSVP on scheduled work parties to

This event can be applied to 2012 volunteer requirement.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the trail!

Donn Zea
WS Trail Manager
WS Board of Trustees        

Mike Shackelford
Tevis Cup Trail Manager
WSTF Board of Trustees

The next Trail Work day will be Saturday, June 2nd.  Please meet at Foresthill Joe's Coffe Shop at 8:00 am to work on Duncan Canyon.

Updated Trail Work information can be found online under the "Trail Work Projects" Quick Link in the left-hand column of the home page at

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chad Crosby andBeverly Gray Help Strengthen Omega Fields Brand  

Newton, WI, April 27, 2012 – Omega Fields® has announced that horse stables owner/trainer Chad Crosby and endurance racer/trainer Beverly Gray have joined their stable of company spokespeople. They will help strengthen the Omega Fields brand during their show, competition and clinic appearances nationwide, promoting the company's Omega-3-rich, milled flaxseed supplements for animals and humans.

Chad Crosby,,  has over 25 years of equine experience including 10 years as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Owner of one of Charleston's premiere equestrian facilities, Stealing the Show Stables, Johns Island, SC, Crosby offers top quality instruction for youth and amateur riders for Open, IEA, APHA/PtHA, AQHA and rated hunter show circuits. He also sells and leases horses for clients' riding or showing needs.

Crosby has been feeding Omega Fields supplements to all of his show horses for many years and attributes their many wins in part to the benefits of this Omega-3-rich powerhouse supplement, including healthy, shiny coats; strong, solid hooves and quick recovery after exercise.

"Omega Horseshine® is the only supplement that I insist on giving to all of by show horses, as I feel it sets them apart from the others in the show ring," said Crosby. "Being that my facility is located on the sandy soil of Charleston, South Carolina, I also appreciate the added benefit of its psyllium[-like] properties to aid in the prevention of sand colic."

Beverly Gray,,  has over two decades experience in endurance racing with many accomplishments including her selection to the United States Equestrian Endurance Team; first USA rider at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain; 2004 Dubai Gold Cup (14th of 110 riders with only 16 completing); Team Silver winner at the 2003 Pan American Championship; First Place and "Best Condition" at the Big Horn 100 and, three weeks later, finishing 9th at the Tevis. As a guest of the King of Malaysia, Beverly rode the Sultans Cup in Terrenganu, Malaysia. Recently, she raced at the American Endurance Ride Conference National Championship 100 finishing Reserve Champion.

Working with champion horses such as Arabian Regalidon (aka, Paladin) and Anglo-Arabian AA Omner, Gray is a firm believer in the outstanding results from supplementation with Omega Horseshine® and Omega Nibblers® treats. She is looking forward to being a part of the Omega Fields Spokesperson Program, using her extensive network of contacts to advance their fine products.

About Omega Fields
Omega Fields® provides premium, nutritional products, made from human-grade, non-GMO, stabilized ground flaxseed, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and containing the optimum ratio of the full spectrum of Omega Fatty Acids for equine, canine, poultry and human nutrition. 

Omega Fields® and its parent company, ENRECO®, Inc. have been innovators and market leaders for more than 25 years, being the first in the industry to manufacture premium, Omega-3-rich, human food-grade, flax based products for animal and human consumption.  ENRECO® was also a pioneer in developing ground flaxseed stabilization technology for long product shelf life and was the first in the flaxseed industry to garner SQF 2000, Level 3 certification – a world standard of safety and quality – for its flaxseed products.

Omega Fields® is recognized as a minority owned business.  Its mission is to offer the finest quality, most nutritious products at fair prices, and to provide outstanding customer service.  We want our customers to have exceptional experiences with our products, our staff, our websites and our retailers.

For further information, contact Patrick Young, Omega Fields Director of Communications, toll free at 1-800-962-9536 or 920-550-4061, ext. 118, email, or visit or

Patrick J. Young
Director of Communications
Omega Fields®
Ph:  920-550-4061 Ext. 118

Monday, April 23, 2012

American Endurance Ride Conference marks 40th anniversary

APRIL 20, 2012 -- Back in 1972, a small group of Northern California distance horseback riders gathered to create an organization to recognize their riding accomplishments, standardize ride rules, and work to preserve trails. Still going strong, this month the American Endurance Ride Conference celebrates its 40th anniversary.
AERC is still headquartered in the self-proclaimed “Endurance Capital of the World” in Auburn, which continues to be a hot spot for endurance riding 40 years later. Much has changed in the sport – the six simple rules adopted in the 1970s have become a 10,000-word document – but the basic premise is the same: a rider, a horse, and a trail.
Perhaps the best known of all endurance rides is the venerable Western States Endurance Ride, commonly known as the Tevis Cup, which traverses the Sierra Nevadas from near Lake Tahoe to Auburn under the full moon one summer night each year. Today, hundreds of rides are sanctioned by AERC across the U.S. and Canada, ranging from 25 to 100 miles per day. Also popular are Pioneer Rides, which are a minimum of three consecutive days and 155 total miles.
Endurance riding grew from its humble California beginnings to become an internationally recognized sport. Hundreds of endurance rides are held annually around the U.S. and Canada, with everything from small, low-key rides to ultra-competitive races. The nation’s top riders are gearing up for the World Endurance Championships to be held August 25 in England and the AERC National Championship rides September 20 and 22 at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.
The welfare of the horse is paramount in endurance riding, and veterinarians acting as control judges check the horses before, during and after the competition. Most new endurance riders begin with the 25-30 mile rides in the limited distance division. While there is no minimum time for completion of a ride, the maximum time for a 25-mile ride is six hours. When riders are ready to move up to 50-mile rides, the time limit jumps to 12 hours, including mandatory rest stops. For the 100-mile rides, horse-and-rider teams have 24 hours to complete the ride.
All equines are eligible to compete, and while Arabian horses proliferate, there are a growing number of gaited horses participating. Mules and quarter horses are common mounts, but even draft horses and at least one zebra have competed in endurance.
Endurance riding is truly a sport for every horseman with a fit horse. And one of those original six rules which is still in force is that “everyone finishing a ride shall receive a completion award.” As AERC motto states, “to finish is to win.”
All ages are welcome at endurance competitions. “Endurance riding is truly a family sport, allowing lots of family bonding time while traversing some beautiful countryside,” said AERC Executive Director Kathleen Henkel. “Moms, dads, and even grandparents can participate on the trails with junior riders.”
Rho Bailey, one of AERC’s founders who works part-time at the office, said, “Nothing matches the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment of finishing a 50- or 100-mile.
“Being able to see territory and trails you would never see otherwise is one of the special things about endurance riding,” she added. The other is the bond that develops between horse and rider. “You really depend on each other out on the trail.”
No matter how much the sport has changed, she said that three things will always remain the same: “It will always be fun, competitive and educational.”
The organization’s national office tracks miles and points for all members and their horses, and confers annual awards in both regional and national competitions, including a family award and an award given to the rider 65 or older who completes the most miles each year.
AERC’s monthly publication, Endurance News, includes an extensive ride calendar and awards standings each month as well as education articles and features. Memberships are $75 per year, with a 15% discount for first-time members.
More information on endurance riding is available by visiting or by calling the AERC office at 823-2260.

AERC Rules (1974)

The term endurance riding is defined as an athletic event in which the same horse and rider cover a measured course and conforms to the following conditions:  
  • The first horse to finish (in the least amount of time) in acceptable condition is the winner.
  • An award is given for the best conditioned horse.
  • There can be no minimum time limit.
  • The ride (horses) must be controlled by veterinarians.
  • Everyone finishing a ride shall receive a completion award.
  • The ride is open to all breeds of horses.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chef Review of USA Endurance Team Trials - Full Article

By Pamela@horsereporter
Chef’s Review and Wrap of March 31, Texas Team Trials

April 16, 2012, Texas, USA

A new system to change the selection process was initiated this year in an attempt to bring the six soundest and fittest horses possible to the August 25, 2012 World Endurance Championship in Euston Park England, and regain some lost pride and improve the poor results of the last 14 years. As the new Chef d’Equipe, I felt a head-to-head challenge was the best way to remove the subjectivity of prior selection processes.

Top Five Finish March 31

1. Jeremy Reynolds–A Kutt Above–19.35 km/h

2. Wendy MacCoubrey—Reach for the Gold–19.35 km/h—Wendy was a proxy rider for Valerie Kanavy who had 3 entries—Valerie will campaign this horse

3. Becky Hart—No Repeat–19.34 km/h

4. Heather Reynolds–Riverwatch–18.40 km/h

5. Nicki Meuton–Not Tonight—18.22 km/h

Rider Long List

A long list of 20 riders resulted from the 160 km FEI 3* event. In about 8-10 weeks, in the last weeks of June, the long listed riders will be required to gather in one of three different locations throughout the US depending on where the horse/rider combinations are domiciled, to continue demonstrating their soundness and fitness. From the results of the test event, the fitness and soundness reviews, and rider/horse combination history, an elite group of 12 will be chosen to become the Nominated list which must be submitted no later (in our case sooner) than July 24, 2012, to the Organizing Committee. Shortly after selecting the Nominated candidates the traveling squad of 6 and possibly a spare combination will be prepared to travel to a stable and training center nearby Euston Park near the village of Thetford.

Flight to Stansted

Fortunately the horses will only have to endure a 6-7 hour flight to Stansted from Newark, New Jersey. This entry is only about an hour drive to the UK stables. The new team veterinarian, Dr. Dwight Hooton, who is no stranger to world endurance needs and support, will lead a much needed effort to ensure the horses are ready to go at full strength.

As Chef I am tremendously pleased with the results of our trial event and look forward to initiating a new approach to racing and gaining better results. The trial course in the town of Mt Pleasant in northeast Texas was hosted so generously by the PRIEFERT RANCH EQUIPMENT Co. and the Priefert family. The trial provided numerous challenges, mostly due to the soggy portion of the trail, the result of several hard rains of 4-6 inches just weeks before the event—but wise race management prevailed and good solid times resulted– giving me much hope and encouragement. There was nearly 100% humidity and fairly hot weather for the time of year. Another bonus was the addition of several new international FEI participants, including three Young Riders, which bodes well for our future.

As is the case in most of the world endurance community, none of our efforts and dreams could be achieved without the tireless contributions of many volunteers and FEI officials. My sincere thanks goes to all who contributed to our new dawn of US Endurance racing. We are coming to England to renew old friendships with our endurance brethren, take the best care of our equine friends, and make no mistake about it—we want to race and achieve our goals. Good luck to all.

USA Chef d’Equipe, Emmett Ross

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Western States Trail Work Schedule Meeting Change!

April 17, 2012

Hello everyone,

Due to a change in work priorities and recent precipitation we are changing our work location and meeting place for this Saturday's (April 21) trail work day. That information is provided below. If you plan on attending and haven't responded please RSVP at

For all remaining dates, we will be on National Forest land. Please remember that the United States Forest Service requires that you fill out, sign and send the Volunteer Liability Release Form (this is not the WS service requirement form) to the agency office before you can volunteer. Instructions and a link to the PDF form are provided at . You can provide a scanned signature and send to the e-mail address provided or print, sign and fax or mail. Or, to sign the form electronically (digital ID) click on the link in the signature field and follow the directions for creating a new digital ID. You can then save and send a copy of the PDF file. Please remember this is very important to the agency and they are important to us!

2012 Remaining Trail Work Projects

April 21 -- Meeting place and work location change
Peachstone (CAL 2)
8:00 am, Starbucks, 13345 Lincoln Way, Auburn (near corner of Foresthill Rd. and Lincoln Way, adjacent to Interstate 80)

May 12 (last day to earn service requirement hours for 2012 WS Run)
Pucker Point Trail
8:00 am, Foresthill Joe's Coffee Shop

June 2 (these dates will serve as credit for 2013 WS Run)
Duncan Canyon
8:00 am, Foresthill Joe's Coffee Shop

June 15-16 (Robinson Flat campout)
Red Star Ridge
Friday afternoon/Saturday, 8:30 am
Please remember to dress appropriately as the weather is unpredictable. Be sure to wear long pants and bring work gloves, water and a snack. A great lunch and beverages will be provided and waiting at the finish, typically around 1:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Donn Zea
Western States Endurance Run
Board of Trustees

Mike Shackelford
Western States Trail Foundation
Board of Governors

Sunday, April 08, 2012

4th Gear Power Up Your Endurance Horse - New Book by Dennis Summers Marketplace

By Dennis Summers
eBook (ePub for Adobe Digital Editions)

My intent in writing 4th gear is to provide cutting edge information to all endurance riders that will help them and their horses reach their goals. We will cover many subjects you may have been in doubt about and hopefully a couple that you hadn’t much considered yet. I will raise as many questions as answers and call on you the reader to tap your inner horseman to come up with solutions yourself to the challenges that will arise. This is a skill that will in large part determine your success and satisfaction in this greatest of equestrian sports. These endurance horses are extreme athletes of the highest caliber. Together let’s develop a program that will bring out their best.

Available for $10 as an immediate download.
To purchase, see

Friday, April 06, 2012

2012 WEC USEF Long List

April 6 2012

USEF has announced the Long List of riders for the 2012 WEC.

The list can be seen here