Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two for the Road ~ Horse and Rider Recuperate After Cross-Country Ride

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By Jim Evans - Ramona Home Journal • Wed, May 01, 2013

Patrick Tyre and his horse Bucky are both a bit saddle-weary, but you can’t blame them. After all, it isn’t every day that a man and his horse trek halfway across the country — more than 1,200 miles — from Texas to the California coast.

The two vagabonds are currently enjoying some much-needed rest with the Carey family at Rancho Ballena Thoroughbreds in Ramona, a breeding, training and rehabilitation facility for thoroughbred racehorses.

The journey actually began as a fundraiser more than 20 years ago when Patrick, a general contractor from Shelbyville, Del., and his horse Rocky, a Walkaloosa (a Tennessee Walker crossed with an Appaloosa), set out to cross the country from nearby Bethany Beach to California to raise funds for flood victims in Mississippi.

Patrick’s brother Jeff joined them with a support vehicle, and they called themselves The Riders Across America.

The plan was to ride every mile on horseback for one year all the way to California, but the ride ended 1,500 miles and five months later in DeKalb, Tex. Two years later — in 1995 — Patrick and Rocky resumed the ride but had to abandon their quest after just 250 miles this time...

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Monday, April 29, 2013

30 Best Condition Awards for Fire Mt Malabar

Merri Melde-Endurance.net photo

April 29 2013

Heavyweight rider Lee Pearce of the Northwest region and his 14-year-old gelding Fire Mt Malabar hit an impressive milestone at the Owyhee Tough Sucker II endurance ride near Oreana, Idaho on April 27 2013.

After finishing in 6th place in the 50 mile ride in 5:47.01 beside his wife Naomi Preston, Lee and Malabar received the Best Condition award, the 30th BC that the duo has won over Malabar's 7-year endurance career. This puts Fire Mt Malabar in an 8th place tie for all-time Best Condition awards in the AERC. The pair also won the National Best Condition award of 2011.

Fire Mt Malabar is a son of the redoubtable 7000+ mile, 1992 AERC Hall of Fame horse Sierra Fadwah +/, out of Malabar Dawn by Malabar Amir.

Malabar has 3820 miles with a record of 65 completions in 68 starts, with 6 100-mile completions, while Lee has over 5600 miles.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Results from Young Rider Endurance World Championship Team Selection Trial


April 20 2013

by Kyle Gibbon

The US Young Rider World Championship Selection Trials went quite well. All very nice looking rider/horse combinations supported by amazing crews, trainers, friends, family, and owners. 9 horses were evaluated today. Rankings will be published in a couple of weeks.

It was very warm and humid on Friday, April 19th in Jasper, Florida. Horses were asked to average a speed of 19 KPH on the first two loops, and average at a speed of 17 KPH on the last loop. The trial was 80 KM's. First loop was 32 KM followed by a 40 minute hold, second loop was 32 KM followed by 40 minute hold, and final and third loop was 16KM, which equates to completing 50 miles at a speed of about 11.4 MPH overall.

Current candidates in alphabetical order:

Mary Katherine Clark - Basha Bada Bing
Jessica DiCamillo - Sha Strike Two
Katherine Gardener - AF Big Bucks
Katherine Gardener - Chasing the Wind
McCamey Kimbler - Cody Canuck
McCamey Kimbler - Fringant
Kelsey Kimbler - Cody Canuck
Kelsey Kimbler - Fringant
Christina Kimery - Wallace Hill Shade
Cassandra Roberts - CA Classy Marina
Kelsey Russell - My Wild Irish Gold
Kelsey Russell - AF Big Bucks
Kelsey Russell - Chasing the Wind

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hoof Clinic to be Held by Christoph Schork at 2013 Adequan® AERC National Championships


April 14 2013

A Hoof Clinic will be held by Christoph Schork of Global Endurance Training Center at the Adequan AERC National Endurance Championship at City of Rocks. 

Saturday September 21

9:00 - 12:00 AM

Christoph will demonstrate various hoof trims for barefoot riding, shoeing, booting, gluing. Various  hoof protection methods will be on display and explained, followed by a demonstration of an Easycare hoof boot gluing
Questions will be answered and participants can bring their own horses for a free hoof and trim evaluation.

The Clinic is sponsored by Global Endurance Center, EasyCare, Equiflex and Vettec.

Vettec will sponsor refreshments during the clinic, and all sponsors have provided give  away prizes for a drawing afterwards.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AERC Group to Ride in July's Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade

The Northwest's Amy Church is putting together an AERC group that would like to ride in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade this July in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

World Famous- Cheyenne Frontier Days- World's Largest Outdoor Rodeo & Western Celebration
*  Cheyenne, Wyoming
*  July 19-28 2013
*  Parade Days Saturday July 20, Tuesday July 23, Thursday July 25, Saturday July 27  Come ride one day or them all
*  No Charge to enter parade
*  Will wear coordinating shirt colors to be announced at a later date
*  Includes a free family day pass to the rodeo
*  Parade route is appx 2 miles with over 10,000 spectators
*  If you need stabling/camping is appx 2 1/2 miles from CFD at $10 stall.  Contact Bob Fecht cell (307) 421-3308 or email rfecht@gmail.com
*   For more information on rodeos, concerts, and other activities at Cheyenne Frontier Days Celebration visit www.cfdrodeo.com
*  Also for more information or to participate contact Amy Church (208) 793-3977 or email 
*  Deadline is 1st week in June, but please try to confirm sooner if possible

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Becky Hart Featured in Tevis Talks

Tevis Winner and World Endurance Champion Becky Hart Featured in Tevis Talks

An intimate evening with a Tevis Winner & World Champion

Join us for Tevis Talks this Saturday, April 13th at the Auburn Fairgrounds. Tevis Cup Winner and World Champion, Becky Hart will be sharing her insights, stories, and wisdom with us. There will be a spaghetti dinner served and no host bar. Don't miss out on all the fun!

For Reservations: WSTF 530.823.7282

Tickets Presale $20-At the Door $25
6:00 Mingle
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Campfire Talk
Sierra Building, Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, California

About Becky

Becky has been involved in endurance racing since 1974.  Since then she has moved up through the ranks and become one of the most successful competitors in the world. While best well known for her many successes with RO Grand Sultan (Rio), Becky has ridden over 31 horses in competition, won races on 12 of them and top tenned on 25. With over 21,000 miles of competition, Becky has won both the prestigious Tevis Cup and Race of Champions rides twice.  She has twice been AERC National Champion and North American Champion.  Becky is the only rider to have won the FEI World Endurance Championship three consecutive times.

Starting at age six with lessons, Becky lost no time in learning the many aspects of horsemanship. A wide range of experience came from being a Pony Club member and competitor in English and Western pleasure, equitation, trail, saddle seat and jumping, and student at Potomac Horse Center in Maryland.

Becky is a level three Centered Riding ® instructor. In addition to Centered Riding, she teaches natural style riding and ground work. Becky has been teaching riding for over 20 years. She incorporates her knowledge of a variety of disciplines to provide a safe, balanced way of riding.  This year Becky will be teaching clinics across the United States, Canada and Switzerland.

In addition to teaching and riding, Becky has served on the AERC Board of Directors, USEF Board of Trustees, is an FEI 3-star judge and has coached and taught world nominated endurance riders for USEF.  She was the Chef d’Equipe for the United States Endurance Team from 2008 to 2010.  She is the manager the Shine and Shine Only Endurance Rides.

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Important Information Regarding the use of Equine Supplements

USEFNetwork.com - Full Article

RELEASE: April 1, 2013
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: USEF Communications Department

Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation does not certify, endorse, nor approve specific equine nutritional supplements as safe for use during recognized competitions. As a service to USEF Members, and upon request, the USEF Drug and Medication Program office will review product labels to determine if forbidden substances are amongst the specific ingredients listed. However, all competitors are advised that the manufacture of equine nutritional supplements is not currently subject to formal regulation by any government agency; therefore the proportions, source, and quality of their ingredients may not be consistently controlled during the production process and may be highly variable from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the unfortunate event that a forbidden substance is present in a sample collected by the USEF Drug & Medications testing program, the owner and trainer will be subject to the provisions outlined in GR404 and GR406 and will be held accountable as defined in Chapter 4 of the USEF Rule Book.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Vicki Gaebe is Photographer for 2013 Adequan® AERC National Championships


April 8 2013

Vicki Gaebe of ParkCityPhotography.com will be the official ride photographer for the 2013 Adequan® AERC National Championships to be held in Almo, Idaho on September 20-22.

Vicki describes her work: "Photography is a full-time passion. Whether it is photographing an equestrian event, enjoying the beauty of our National Parks, or on a hike and making 'eye contact' with a bull moose, I've always had a desire to capture it through the lens.  Over the years I have created an extensive portfolio of dramatic shots of animals, flowers, nature and scenes throughout Park City and all over the West, even as far away as Africa, Spain and Malaysia. My photos have been used by tourism bureaus, real estate publications, magazines, online, as well as the Utah Film Commission."

Vicki will have photos of riders available for purchase after the event.

Check the ride website regularly for updates and news, trail videos, and google earth fly-overs.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

AERC's New Logo

April 3 2013


Congratulations to Sue Feenstra, whose artwork was selected from all the submissions in the recent AERC new logo contest. The switch to the new logo is underway. Tshirts will be available soon from AERC.org

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

American Trail Gear is latest AERCNC Sponsor


April 2 2013

American Trail Gear (http://www.americantrailgear.com/) is the latest to join as a sponsor for the 2013 Adequan® AERC National Championships to be held in Almo, Idaho on September 20-22. As a Bronze Sponsor, American Trail Gear will provide High Vet Score awards for the 50 and 100 mile rides.

Check the website regularly for updates and news, trail videos, and google earth fly-overs.


Entry fees and applications will be posted soon.

Rooms are filling fast at the Almo Creek Lodge - to reserve a room contact http://www.almocreek.com/lodging/

The late, great (fake) Texas-to-Vermont Horse Race

GMoutlook.com - Full Story

Rutland — A popular Disney/Touchstone movie, titled “Hidalgo”—directed by Joe Johnston, starring Viggo Mortensen, and written by Vermonter John Fusco—has had a number of western, and Vermont, history scholars in a tizzy ever since its 2004 release.

The “based on a true story” movie, now available on DVD for home viewing, tells the amazing tale of U.S. Cavalry dispatcher, Buffalo hunter, and stunt rider Frank T. Hopkins, and a mustang named Hidalgo.

Hopkins claimed to have competed in (and won) over 400 endurance horse races, including the 1890 “Ocean of Fire” race—a 3,000-mile ride from Aden to Syria across the Arabian Desert—depicted in the Disney movie.

But Hopkins, it turns out, may have been among the biggest wild west story tellers to ever warm his saddle sores beside a trailside campfire.

“The races run and won by Hopkins make up, to say the least, an impressive catalogue,” according to blogger Peter Harrigan. “If substantiated, they place Hopkins well at the head of horseback-endurance riders in history...

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