Thursday, March 27, 2008

Application Process Underway for 2008 World Endurance Championship

Release: March 26 2008

Lexington, KY ­– The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is currently accepting applications for the 2008 World Endurance Championship CEI****. Scheduled for November 5-9, 2008 in Terengganu, Malaysia, the USEF is expecting to send six horse/rider combinations to the World Championships.

Athletes on the Endurance National Training List should apply no later than May 31, 2008. Athletes who are not currently on the Endurance National Training List may apply as Wild Card Selections.

The selection procedures and application can be found on the USEF website at

For more information regarding Wild Card Selections, the World Endurance Championship and the Endurance Discipline contact Vonita Bowers

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Equestrian games to spark business - Full Article

FLORENCE – It’s more than two years away, but already local business leaders are preparing for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, which are expected to draw more than 600,000 spectators to Northern Kentucky.

Slated to be held at the 1,200 acre Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington from Sept. 25 through Oct. 15 the games – which have been called the largest sporting event ever to be held in Kentucky – are anticipated to have a more than $150 million impact on the Northern Kentucky economy, according to event organizers.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Britain: Sponsorship of Fiona Hamilton



A J Walter Aviation to Sponsor British
Endurance Rider, Fiona Hamilton

A J Walter Aviation, the aircraft support specialist, is sponsoring the twenty year old champion British Endurance rider Fiona Hamilton throughout the 2008 international season and beyond.

Christopher Whiteside, Managing Director of A J Walter, explains his Company’s decision to provide funding and support. “It might seem unusual for an aviation company to support an equine athlete but, for us, the decision was quite easy. Endurance riders and their horses have to be at the absolute peak of physical stamina to maintain performance in arduous conditions. Riding for 100km with regular vet-gates to monitor super-fast recovery rates is a bit like maintaining and flying aircraft with minimum turn-around. You need the best team around you to ensure success and maximum efficiency.

“Unlike other countries, the British Team do not get any financial support from the Government, the responsibility for funding participation in events and the care and maintenance of their horses lies firmly with the riders and their families. It’s tough for athletes like Fiona, they work extremely hard and it takes an incredible amount of discipline and talent to reach the top in this demanding equine sport. We are proud to be able to help this young rider achieve her goals of winning medals in international and national competitions.”

Having just returned from H.H. President’s Cup in Abu Dhabi, Fiona will be attending Harling Down on 16th March and will be travelling to Italy in June to compete in an arduous 120km race undertaken by Endurance specialists from all over the world. She is aiming for a medal at the World and European Championships in Italy 2009 and Kentucky 2010, where she will be ‘flying the flag’ for Great Britain and A J Walter Aviation.

Christopher Whiteside, Managing Director
A J Walter Aviation
Tel: +44 (0)1403 711777

Jane Goring , Inter Relations & Company
Tel: +44 (0) 1403 218588

A J Walter Aviation, London, was established in 1932 and awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2002. The Company specialises in the supply, repair and lease of commercial aircraft spare parts; aircraft inventory management; power-by-the-hour; consignment stock; global 24 hour AOG; aviation component maintenance and overhaul; logistics and cost-effective freight management. Further information is available at

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Horse Quencher Named “Official Hydration Product of the AERC” - Equestrian News Release

Newtown, PA - Equatic Solutions and the American Endurance Ride Conference are proud to announce that Horse Quencher is joining the AERC family as a Platinum sponsor, and as the "Official Hydration Product of the AERC."

Horse Quencher™, the product designed to encourage horses to drink water, is a natural fit for the AERC, where proper hydration is paramount to both competitive success and the health of the horse. Endurance races cover anywhere from 25 miles limited-distance rides to 250 miles in a multi-day ride, and these elite horses and riders must submit to periodic vet checks and hold points to ensure the health of the horse before continuing. After the vet exam, during the hold period, Horse Quencher is increasingly being used to encourage water intake.

Not an electrolyte product, and not a sugary "equine soda pop", Horse Quencher is instead a precise blend of natural grains and flavorings that do just one thing: encourage drinking. For horses without a need for electrolytes, is a perfect single solution for horses that won't drink enough due to trailering, stress, illness, strange water, etc. For endurance horses, who generally must be fed electrolytes, Horse Quencher is a perfect companion product to increase total water consumption.

Randy Eiland, board member and sponsor liaison for the AERC, said, "AERC is pleased to welcome Horse Quencher into our family of sponsors. The welfare of our equine partners takes priority with our membership and Horse Quencher is a unique product that helps insure their welfare by encouraging them to drink; one of the most important factors in keeping hard working equines at their best."

Anne Kusmich, co-founder of Equatic Solutions said, "We are so very pleased to be able to support the mission of endurance riders and of the AERC. Nancy, Leslie and I are all active trail riders, even trailering many states away for multi-day rides, so we feel we have a lot in common with the spirit of endurance riding. Our need to hydrate our horses while traveling led to Horse Quencher, so it’s only natural that it would in turn lead us to partner with the AERC."

Horse Quencher comes in four flavors: peppermint, apple, butterscotch, and root beer. It's available either a 25-serving container value tub, or a box of ten single-serving convenience packs, each with a suggested retail of $29.99. Single trial packs - perfect for trying several flavors - are available for $2.99.

All may be purchased at select retailers, by calling 888-783-6247, or online at

About Equatic Solutions

Equatic Solutions LLC was formed in 2005 to bring Horse Quencher to market. Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Equatic Solutions is owned, operated and managed by Anne Kusmich, Nancy Issenman and Leslie Reiss. These women (and their spouses Bob, David and Gary) bring a lot of horse experience to the development of this product. All are currently avid trail riders. Anne breeds Tennessee Walking Horses, Leslie breeds Mountain Horses, Nancy is a former show jumper turned trail rider and Bob plays polo with his Thoroughbreds. They are happy to share this discovery with other horse enthusiasts.

About AERC

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) was founded in 1972 as the national governing body for endurance riding in the United States. AERC sanctions more than 800 events annually, is the leader in education related to the use of equines in long-distance riding and encourages the use, protection and development of equestrian trails in North America. AERC's mission is to serve its more than 6,500 members and to promote endurance riding as a sport in which horsemanship and equine welfare are paramount. For more information about endurance riding and AERC, visit Gulf Coast 4 Star is the official trailer of AERC and is a sponsor of the AERC National Championship.

La Musique du Galop - Full Article

La Musique du Galop

Notes de Anne Caumont, traduction Léonard Liesens

Avec le décès de Pierre Cazes durant l'été 2005, l'endurance internationale a perdu son Maître, il ne faut pas avoir peur de le dire. Ce texte qui a été compilé par Anne Caumont en 1998 après un stage animé par Pierre Cazes, n'a peut-être pas été assez lu et médité par ceux qui aiment cette discipline. J'aime beaucoup cette expression de la "musique du galop". Tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de faire corps avec un cheval capable de produire cette musique va comprendre. J'ai essayé de traduire - vite - en anglais ce témoignage. Que mes amis anglophones me pardonne les fautes d'expression.

With the loss of Pierre Cazes during the summer of 2005, the international endurance community lost his Master. We should not be shy to say that. The following text has been written by Anne Caumont while attending a clinic ran by Pierre in 1998. This text hasn't been read enough by international riders. Cazes invented during the Toulouse group meeting the expression "To finish first is to win" which demonstrates his cold humour sense. Another expression used in this text is "The music of Canter". I tried to quickly translate this report to English. So do not kill the messenger…

Léonard Liesens

A peine rentrée du stage d'endurance proposé par le CNREE à Gérardmer en cette fin Août, je prends la plume (électronique, rassurez-vous), pour vous faire profiter des enseignements de Pierre Cazes. Point ne devrait être besoin de présenter l'entraîneur de l'équipe de France d'endurance, mais soyons lucides, malgré un développement spectaculaire, l'endurance est loin d'être aussi médiatisée que l'obstacle, lui-même loin derrière le football. Pierre Cazes, donc, a amené l'équipe de France au plus haut niveau mondial avec deux médailles d'or par équipe obtenues haut la main et un certain nombre en individuel, ce qui devrait suffire à vous convaincre de la pertinence de ses propos.

I'm just back from a clinic which was given by Pierre Cazes at Gerardmer (East of France) end august and I'm now busy at my keyboard to try to share his thoughts with you. No need to introduce the national trainer of the French Team, but let's be neutral anyway. Endurance is not known like jumping, not to speak about football. Pierre Cazes brought the French Team several times at the highest level with several team gold medals and individual medals. His words are so clear and pertinent.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Riding in Argentina

4th March 2008

EGB member and British Endurance Team member Beccy Broughton has just returned from a month in Argentina - riding and working with real life gauchos....

It had seemed a remote plan when last summer Daniel Videla had talked about his farm in Argentina and his horses and how would Beccy like to go over in the winter with Fiona Fairhurst and be involved in the Princes Trust Challenge ride for charity. Suddenly it was Christmas and flights were booked, clothing bought and a whole chemist shop raided for a variety of medicines - just in case – were bought. The kit bag was packed – amazingly under weight – and the adventure began.

Riding all day over rugged terrain and over high mountain passes from Argentina to Chile at altitudes of over 4,800 metres Beccy rode over 600kms in 12 days and had many adventures. After the first trek the gauchos were a man down and offered Beccy the opportunity to go on a second trek, this time for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Beccy disappeared back into the mountains whilst Fiona and her mum returned home.
Beccy eventually returned home last weekend and is now busy preparing horses for competition this summer.

For more information about her experiences in Argentina and photos of the treks log in to

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Annual Endurance Awards Announced at American Endurance Ride Conference Annual Convention

Press Release: March 06 2008

By Troy Smith

Bill Wilson, a 72-year-old from Pekin, IN, was named to the American Endurance Ride Conference's (AERC) Hall of Fame at the association’s awards ceremony, held March 1 in Reno, NV. Wilson completed 24 of 25 50- to 55-mile competitions for a total of 1,775 miles in 2007, and has a total of 21,645 miles of endurance completions to date. He is also a trails advocate and a willing worker for preservation and building of trails.

The horse named to AERC’s Hall of Fame for 2007 was CH Catch Me If You Can, a 16-year-old Half-Arabian bay gelding owned by Earle Baxter. Catch Me, whose home is in Millbank, Ontario, travels with Baxter to rides throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2007, they completed 735 miles in competitions from Michigan to New Mexico. Catch Me was also presented AERC’s “Perfect Ten” award, given to equines with 10,000 miles of competition and a minimum of 10 best condition awards and 10 first places.

Mike Tracy and Aron Moon+// of Hollister, CA, were presented with the Pard’ners Award, given to the horse-and-rider team that best exemplifies true partnership. At their first ride many years ago, Tracy came into the first veterinary checkpoint “looking like a chicken tied to the rotor of a helicopter,” according to award presenter Robert Ribley, although “Aron looked great.” Through 18 years of competition, the team grew into formidable competitors and fast friends whose partnership has been an inspiration to many.

The Volunteer Service award was presented to Jerry Fruth, who has been a tireless advocate of trails for the nonprofit organization for many years. Fruth, of Wadesville, IN, was instrumental in founding AERC’s Trail Master program, which trains people to build and maintain sustainable trails across the U.S.

AERC’s annual convention featured informational seminars, hands-on hoof labs, regional and national award ceremonies and an extensive trade show dedicated to endurance riding. Next year’s convention is set for February 20 and 21, 2009, in Louisville, KY.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

In it for the long haul - Mar 2 2008 - Full Story

Endurance horse riders racing in the region
By Lynn Taylor Rick, Journal staff

Paschal Karl had never been on a horse when his wife bought him a quarter horse for his birthday 16 years ago.

It didn’t take Karl, an athletic guy with a competitive streak, long to raise the bar. Within a month, he bought himself an Arabian horse, a breed known for its endurance. A year after his introduction to horses, he was competing in endurance horse races around the country. “What I found is that I love to ride,” he said.

Today, Karl has logged more than 2,500 competition miles and more than 20,000 total miles on his endurance horses...


Remount stokes interest in endurance races - Mar 2 2008 - Full Storyu

By Lynn Taylor Rick, Journal staff

Although the Black Hills Ride near Edgemont is currently on hiatus, local endurance horse racers can still count on the Fort Meade Remount.

Kerry Greear of Whitewood created the Fort Meade Remount last July, hosting more than 50 riders from seven states and Canada. She hopes to attract even more people to this year’s ride, which begins two miles east of Sturgis in the Fort Meade Recreational Area.

Greear got her first taste of endurance horse racing in 2004 when she was “looking for a new goal for myself.” A horseback rider all her life, she read a book about the 100-mile Tevis Cup through the Sierra Nevada Mounts in California and was hooked...


AERC Hall of Fame Inductees 2007

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) award banquet was held March 1 in Reno Nevada. The prestigious 2007 Hall of Fame awards were presented to:

Bill Wilson - Hall of Fame Individual

CH Catch Me If You Can - Hall of Fame Horse (owned by Earl Baxter)

Additional awards went to:

Mike Tracy and Aron Moon Aron Moon+// - 2007 Pard'ners Award

Jerry Fruth - Volunteer Service Award

Earle Baxter & CH Catch Me If You Can - Perfect Ten Award