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Join the Appaloosa Horse Club at the 55th Annual Chief Joseph Trail Ride

April 17 2019

MOSCOW, IDAHO — The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) will host its 55th Annual Chief Joseph Trail Ride, July 22 – 26, 2019. The full route requires thirteen years to complete. This year, the third 100-mile leg will be ridden of the 1,300-mile historic trail, beginning in Grangeville, ID and finishing at Musselshell Meadows (near Pierce, ID). The trail closely follows the route taken by Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce while attempting to escape the US Cavalry in 1877. A quote from George B. Hatley reflecting on the first ApHC ride held in 1965 reads, “Riders recaptured the romance and heartbreak, the heroism and the tragedy of the Nez Perce War of 1877 as they mounted their Appaloosas at Lake Wallowa to follow the footprints which mark the pages of a stirring chapter in the history of the West.”

Forty riders participated in the first Chief Joseph Trail Ride fifty-four years ago, and last year there were more than 125 horses and their riders in attendance. The ride is restricted exclusively to registered Appaloosas, represented in a quote by ApHC Director, Kristen Reiter: “Blankets, leopards, snow caps, roans and snowflake patterns of every color and variety were represented among the herd and reiterated that this was, most definitely, an Appaloosa event.”

If you are ready to experience an epic trail riding adventure, nothing is better than attending one of the ApHC’s organized rides. You will meet new friends from around the world, view breathtaking and seldom trafficked scenery, and return home with enough memories to last a lifetime. Saddle up your horse and come enjoy the ride of your life!

The ApHC is now accepting applications online for the Chief Joseph Trail Ride. For additional information on this year’s Chief Joseph Trail Ride and the official trail ride application, visit https://www.appaloosa.com/trail/ChiefJoseph.htm.

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) was established in 1938 with a mission of honoring the heritage and promoting the future of the Appaloosa horse. The ApHC has since registered more than 700,000 Appaloosas, which are known for their distinctive color, intelligence and even temperament. True to their reputation as an extremely versatile breed, Appaloosas can be found in nearly every discipline including racing, endurance riding and serving as reliable family horses. The international breed registry is headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, the heart of the Palouse region—the Appaloosa breed’s namesake and point of origin.

Monday, April 22, 2019

WSER/WSTF Volunteer Steward Program Announcement


The Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF, organizer of the Tevis Cup) and Western States Endurance Run Foundation (WSERF, organizer of the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run), in partnership with the American River Ranger District and Truckee Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA), wish to announce the creation and implementation of a new model to maintain and improve the trail(s) used by both events. The new Volunteer Steward Program, modeled after successful approaches used to maintain the Pacific Crest Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail, will rely on relatively small well-trained and highly committed groups of volunteers to maintain and improve the Western States and Tevis Trail system.

Although the courses for the Western States Endurance Run and the Tevis Cup vary in certain areas, they share the same trail over the majority of their 100 mile reach. Both organizations have a long history with respect to use of the trail system, and have individually and in partnership built and maintained much of the trail that exists today. Therefore it makes sense to draw from the resources of both organizations to create a focused and efficient system for trail maintenance and improvement.

This new system of trail management will be lead by John Catts (WSER finisher and volunteer, and equestrian), with support from Nicole Wertz (WSTF Trail Manager). To facilitate trail management, the Western States trail system has been segregated into eight Trail Sections. Each Trail Section has a designated Trail Section Lead, and these Section Leads are currently in the process of assembling their respective Trail Section Teams. With a defined management structure and designated Section Leads our goal is to work closely with the USFS and ASRA to identify trail maintenance needs, and work with the USFS and ASRA to both maintain the trails and plan and implement special projects.

The Trail Sections and Trail Section Leads are as follows:

• Robie Equestrian Park to Watson Monument – Jim Mather
• Watson Monument to Red Star Ridge Aid Station – Craig Thornley
• Red Star Ridge Aid Station to Robinson Flat – Kynan Matz
• Robinson Flat to Pacific Slab Mine – Mark Falcone
• Pacific Slab Mine to Foresthill – Chaz Sheya
• Foresthill to Rucky Chucky/ Poverty Bar – Tim & Austin Twietmeyer
• Rucky Chucky to Browns Bar Trail at Quarry Road – Jay Marsh
• Browns Bar Trail at Quarry Road to Finish Lines – Kassandra DiMaggio & Andy Mayo

Although a number of our Section Leads have current chain saw and first aid (with CPR) certification, we have set up training classes to keep our Section Leads and their core team members current with their training, and to provide training for those not yet certified. We have encouraged our Section Leads to participate in trail crew leadership workshops. With a higher level of training and skill our Trail Section Teams should be able to more efficiently respond to trail related issues, and help plan and implement both regular maintenance and special projects over a greater portion of the year.

With respect to entrants selected to participate in the Western States Endurance Run, and their mandatory volunteer requirement, the WSERF and WSTF want to continue to encourage participants to give back to our community, so the volunteer requirement will remain in effect. Although there may be fewer opportunities to fulfill an 8-hour volunteer requirement on the Western States Trail system, there will likely be a one or two trail work opportunities each year that will be advertised on the WSER (wser.org) and Tevis Cup (teviscup.org) webpages. These events will likely be special projects where we need greater numbers of people to move or place materials. We will still organize the Robinson Flat Trail Work Campout and Celebration (June 21/22, 2019) to complete trail work in the High Country in advance of WSER and the Tevis Cup. And you are encouraged to join one of our Trail Section Teams by contacting a Section Lead or John Catts (trails@wser.org).

In addition there are many other opportunities to help our trail community, by volunteering your time to either do trail work or work an aid station or vet check (see the WSER and Tevis volunteer pages). As an example The Canyons Endurance Run has already planned local trail work days on April 13/14, May 11/12, and July 6/7, with signup at ultrasignup. Because this is a shift in how the WSER and Tevis Cup trails have been maintained in the past (a handful of core individuals and a number of large volunteer days), it will take some time to optimize our new Volunteer Steward Program. So please feel free to join a team, provide constructive feedback, or participate in our Robinson Flat Campout to learn how you can help.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring is Here - Let the (Tevis) Training Begin!

Teviscup.org - More news

April 8 2019

Ride Director's Message

chuckOld man winter blasted us again in 2018-19, and I am sitting here looking east to very snow covered mountains. Spring is arriving ever so slowly and that snow just keeps building rather than melting. As a result, the 2019 Tevis has been pushed out a month to August 17. However, the weather can change at any time, and we are looking forward to some warm weather to help us out. As of now, it looks like our trail will be “traditional.” We will ride from Robie Park to Auburn.

You are encouraged to participate in trail work days and help WSTF/ WSER trail groups get the trail ready for the 64th running of the Tevis Cup. The joint WSTF and WSER trail committee has scheduled work days between now and the end of June, and we welcome your participation on the trail teams. You would need to go to WSTrail.org and click on the “sign up---be a trail volunteer” tab. No matter your conditioning or skill level you will be welcome to join and participate. Everyone learns something they did not know when they work on trail days.

Many times foreign riders lease local horses to make the 100 mile ride. If you are interested in that program, please notify the office, and someone will get back to you with updates and options. We have a link on the Tevis website. Just click on the “links” tab, and you will find “Rider Resources.” You can contact Linda Glazier who will help you by posting that you are interested in a horse or you have a horse to lease. The sooner you monitor that site, the better your chances of getting a good match with your goals. As always, you are encouraged to look up the AERC horse record for the horse you are considering leasing to verify the strength of the horse’s finishing record.

As of now, we are planning to stay with the new location for the first full vet check at Red Star. The layout there handles the large crowd that comes through early in the race. Many positive comments were heard from the 2017 & 2018 riders about the ease of the traffic flow getting through this location. I would like to welcome John Catts of Western States Endurance Run (WSER) fame to the Head Volunteer team. John will be heading up the crew at Red Star this year and will be joined by a few of his running buddies to get the job done.

This is also the time of year for vendors and sponsors to sign up to participate at Robie Park, Foresthill, and/or Auburn. Information about these two programs are also on the website. If you have questions about the vendor program, you can email Pam Stalley at pstalley@yahoo.com or for sponsors please contact Pam Bailie at pbailieequestrian@gmail.com.

I often get asked the question, "How many 50-mile rides should I do with my horse in the year I want to complete Tevis." I have heard Tevis Veterinarian Jamie Kerr recommend, that in a perfect year, you want to finish three 50s before Tevis. In a year with warm dry weather, we see success from horses in that type of program. However, this year has been extremely wet all over the state of California and many of us are way behind in getting our horses out to train nevertheless getting them to a competition. Just be patient and careful as you cannot make up for lost time by just going faster. Ride long and slow for success at Tevis.

I would like to acknowledge Brad Weston (of API Printing and Marketing) for heading up the 2019 horse transport team. Brad has lots of experience with the Tevis ride having served at Lower Quarry for the past several years. He’ll do a fine job getting those horses to safety if they need a trailer to Auburn. We are excited to have him in this critical spot as he has great skills in this area.

Happy Training,

Chuck Stalley

2019 Tevis Ride Director

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Endurance.net's "Between The Ears" Photo Contest Celebrates Beautiful Trails; Winners Announced

April 16 2019

April 16 2019

Endurance.net's first "Between the Ears" photos showcased beautiful trails and fun adventures from around the USA, and the world. Riders shared their favorite photos of the view between the ears of some of their favorite mounts on some of their favorite rides.

Gallery is here:

First place winner, by highest number of votes, is Bonnie Girod and her grade half Arabian, Luna, riding along the Kootenai River in Libby, Montana. We'll have a profile of Bonnie and Luna soon. Bonnie will receive a small painted portrait of her choice, courtesy Steph Teeter (www.idaho.com/StephTeeterArt/consignment/ ).

Runner-up prize winners have been chosen with digital randomness. They are:

Donna Mickelson - a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’

Lindsey Sears - an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective'

Tara Rothwell - a $50 gift certificate from Riding Warehouse

Laura Hayes - a $50 gift certificate from Riding Warehouse

Winners will be contacted. We will keep a link to our running contests on our Endurance.net/Events page, and this gallery will live on our EnduranceNet Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/pg/wwwendurancenet/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2403605336330158.

Congratulations everybody, and thanks to all the entrants and voters who participated in our first "Between the Ears" contest. Stay tuned for more!

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The world’s longest, hardest horse race meets Canisius alumna, Claire Taberski

CanisiusGriffin blog - Full Story

April 12, 2019 by wojcik5

Abby Wojcik
Features Editor

At one point, Claire Taberski was taking ABEC classes in Science Hall and working as captain of the Canisius Riding Team.

Now, she is preparing for the longest, toughest horse race in the world: the Mongol Derby.

The Mongol Derby is a annual ten day, 650-mile race across the Mongolian Steppe. About 40 riders will self-navigate an unmarked route once used as Genghis Khan’s 13th-century messenger system, while enduring harsh weather conditions and a completely foreign culture.

Claire Taberski, class of 2014, majored in ABEC and Anthropology at Canisius and she currently works as a horse trainer and farm manager. She was chosen out out of hundreds of applicants to participate in this prestigious race. Taberski’s race takes place in August of 2020...

Read more here:

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Endurance.net's "Between the Ears" Photo Contest Closes Tonight

Merri and Hillbillie Willie in Idaho

April 11 2019

Endurance.net's Between the Ears photo contest ends at midnight tonight, April 11. Final votes will be tabulated for first place, runner ups will be chosen at digital random, and winners will be announced Tuesday, April 16.

Browse the fun and beautiful photos looking down the trails between the ears of our equine companions:

You can cast your final votes by sending an email to contests@endurance.net . The rule is: one vote per email address per day.

First place (determined by highest number of votes) will receive a small painted portrait of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter (www.idaho.com/StephTeeterArt/consignment/ ). "Best Condition" and "Middle of the Pack" prizes will be chosen at digital random: a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’, an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective', plus $50 gift certificates from Riding Warehouse!

See the photos and choose your favorite, and more information at:

An interview with long distance rider Gillian Larson

Horsemart.co.uk - Full Story

Thursday 11 April 2019

When I first came across Gillian I was taken aback by how approachable she was. On her social media channels, she answers everyone who asks something of her which is great with nearly 29 thousand Instagram followers!

Gillian has been on some truly amazing journeys with her horses Shyla and Takoda. She has done four long distance treks covering thousands of miles across the USA from Mexico to Canada, covering lots of types of terrain. Gillian has visited some really remote places and battled whatever mother nature threw at her along the way. Most of us would love to release our inner adventurer given half a chance, but just end up sticking to a hack for a few hours on a Sunday! It was great to have the opportunity to interview her and find out more about her adventures, her horses and what made her take on these great challenges.

Tell me about your horses Shyla and Takoda, how old are they and how long have they been with you?

I have had Shyla since I was 13 and she was 7 (she is 21 this year), and Takoda is Shyla's son, so I have had him for the entire 12 years of his life. I got Shyla when I outgrew my first horse. Shyla definitely was a handful for me when I first acquired her, as she was very hot, excitable and wasn't used to riding a lot on trails, but her energy is part of what has made her such an incredible long-distance horse. She is always ready to go, and she is walking just as fast at the end of a 30 mile day as she is at the beginning. Lots of people think you need a quiet, safe, "bombproof" horse for the kind of riding I do, but I find if the horse is too laid back and relaxed they don't have the drive they need to cover the thousands of miles that long-distance riding entails. Shyla is AQHA registered, and the year after I bought her I bred her to an AQHA stallion; she is a dark buckskin, and the stallion is a lighter, buttermilk colour, which I love. I had hoped that the foal would have the sire's colouring, but instead I pretty much got a clone of Shyla in Takoda. He has a very different personality, as he is much more curious, friendly and people-oriented than she is, but he also got her athleticism and lean physique in addition to her colour, so I am happy it all turned out as it did. In fact, people usually assume on the trail that they are Arabians due to their build and the way that they carry their heads and tails high, especially Shyla. Takoda doesn't quite have Shyla's overwhelming drive, but he has shown a real talent for packing. He is sure-footed, smart and handles obstacles beautifully all on his own, he is also a really talented jumper! I don't know if he can jump under saddle, as I have never tried, but he can launch himself over four-foot tall downed tree trunks from a standstill with a pack on his back, all on his own, and that's pretty amazing to me...

Read more here:

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2019 April's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

HorseRadioNetwork.com - Listen

Horses in the Morning Endurance Day: 1,000 Mile Scotland to Cornwall Ride, AERC Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Baldwin, Apr. 09, 2019
Apr 9, 2019

Cathleen Leonard tells us about her thousand mile horse trek across the U.K, AERC Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Jim Baldwin shares stories from his thirty plus years in endurance. Listen in..


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Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 16

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 16

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Endurance Horse Podcast

Publishing on the third of April 2019.

It is April and I am happy to hear frogs singing, it’s SPRING! And also to bring to you a new episode of Endurance Horse Podcast. It is April, and in Wisconsin that means the Midwest Horse Fair, for the first time I will have a vendor booth to advertise my photography to the greater WI horse industry. Hope to see some of you there!

In this episode, we will hear from some riders who are new to the podcast, please be sure to welcome them if you happen to notice them on the Endurance Horse Podcast FB page.

Without further ado, I bring to you episode 16 of Endurance Horse Podcast, may you laugh, cry, learn and be inspired. (you might even wince)

Cheektowaga equestrian selected for Mongol Derby

CheektowagaChronicle.com - Full Article

By Jim Herr
April 2, 2019

CHEEKTOWAGA – Town of Cheektowaga resident Claire Taberski has accepted an international invitation to compete as one of forty equestrians in the Mongol Derby, a 650-mile race across the Mongolian Steppe in northeastern China.

The journey is billed as “the longest and toughest horse race in the world” and takes nearly ten days to complete as competitors self-navigate an unmarked route once used as Genghis Khan’s thirteenth-century messenger system.

“The Derby is about endurance,” said Ms. Taberski. “It isn’t about being the fastest and pushing each animal to its limits. Riders can only ride during daylight hours, and we have to deliver our horses to each station in great health, or we can be penalized. It’s about your ability as an equestrian and the adventure of the journey...”

Read more here:

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Michigan: Alger County Prosecuting Attorney retires after 17 years of service

Uppermichiganssource.com - Full Article

By Nicole Buchmann | Posted: Fri 3:01 PM, Mar 29, 2019

MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - The Alger County Prosecuting Attorney, Karen Bahrman, is retiring after 17 years of service.

With laughter, Bahrman used her last day to reflect on what brought her to this position back in 2002.

"I started in Marquette and then went to Delta County, but I lived in Alger County almost the entire time so when there was vacancy here it seemed like a very great opportunity for me," said Bahrman...

Read more here:

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Endurance.net's "Between the Ears" Photo Contest: There's Still Time

Merri and Shirley Bossy in France

March 28 2019

You still have time to enter, and vote, in Endurance.net's Between the Ears photo contest. Contest and voting closes midnight April 11. Winners will be announced April 16

Or just browse the fun and beautiful photos looking down the trails between the ears of our equine companions:

The rules are simple: enter your favorite "Between The Ears" photo or photos. And vote for your favorite by sending an email to contests@endurance.net . The rule is: one vote per email address per day.

Even if you don't enter a photo, you can still enjoy the contest and vote for your favorite every day.

First place (determined by highest number of votes) will receive a small painted portrait of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter (www.idaho.com/StephTeeterArt/consignment/ ). "Best Condition" and "Middle of the Pack" prizes will be chosen at digital random: a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’, an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective', plus $50 gift certificates from Riding Warehouse!

Entries and votes close Thursday April 11; prize winners will be announced Tuesday April 16.

See the photos and choose your favorite, and more information at:

Amateur Showcase: For Baldino, There’s Plenty Of Joy To Be Found After 2,200 Miles In The Saddle

Chronofhorse.com - Full Article

By: Natalie Voss
Mar 27, 2019 - 2:59 PM

Kate Baldino is one of those people who believes passionately in finding your joy—in life, in the saddle, and in her case, over thousands of miles of open terrain, hills and woods.

Baldino, 20, is a competitive endurance rider who has logged over 2,200 miles in the saddle since she began in the discipline at the age of 12 and went on to represent the United States in the 2015 and 2017 World Endurance Championships. These days she’s also added full-time student, part-time barn help and part-time student of dressage to her plate. She takes it all in stride with a sense of calm and a chipper attitude.

“I’m lucky that I wake up happy, and I know not everyone is that lucky. That’s not a negative character trait, it’s just where you sit on a spectrum. It’s easy for me to be happy,” Baldino said. “My mom laughs because people ask her how long it takes me to do a race, and she says it takes one day to do a race, and they say, ‘Your girl’s got some grit.’ I like to think that I do. I enjoy things like that—things that some people would look at and think of it as an insurmountable challenge, I look at and think, ‘That sounds like fun...’ ”

Read more here:

2019 Distance Nationals Updates

March 27 2019

The 2019 Distance Horse National Championships will be held October 25-27 in Vinita, OK at Alanna & Gunnar Franks Ranch.

We have partnered our National Championships to include the Appaloosa Horse Club, Paso Fino Horse Association, Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry, American Morgan Horse Association, Akhal-Teke Association of America and the American Saddlebred Registry Championships.

Along with the National Championships we also offer several Open Owl Hoot Spook Rides that are open to all horses and require no membership or qualifications; these Open Rides are sanctioned by the Arabian Horse Association and the American Endurance Ride Conference.

Alanna & Gunnar Frank will also be holding a “Best Costume Contest” for both horse and rider and will have a live band playing on Saturday, October 26.

We want to thank our 2019 Sponsors, as without you this event would not be possible! Thank you to Adequan, Awards Recognition Concepts, Lisa Blackstone, Stachowski Farms, Region 8, Region 13, Cynthia Richardson, Valley Vet Supply, Riding Warehouse, and Cindy Young of Wild Side Tights.

Want to sponsor Distance Nationals? Visit the event's website and click on "Sponsorship Information." Or email Paige Lockard:


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Nevada: EHV-1 UPDATE: Quarantines To Be Lifted this Week

SagebrushRider.com - Full Article

By sagebrushrider - March 26, 2019

Clark County – On Monday, the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) lifted the first quarantine and, if no additional positive cases of Equine Herpes Virus – Type 1 (EHV-1) are reported, the other two quarantines will be lifted later this week.

“I owe a sincere thanks to the equine community for keeping their horses at home and helping to prevent the spread of this disease,” Dr. JJ Goicoechea, NDA state veterinarian, said. “Horse event season just got underway in southern Nevada and starts soon in northern Nevada, and I appreciate everything horse owners did to keep the EHV-1 from spreading.”

Dr. Goicoechea continues to recommend best biosecurity practices as event season is underway, and always monitor horses for signs of disease, like fever or runny nose...

Read more here:

Saturday, March 23, 2019

2019 Darley Awards Live Tonight

On Saturday, March 23, the 32nd Annual Darley Awards – Arabian racing's most celebrated event of the year for the United States – will take the stage at the St. Regis Houston hotel in Houston, Texas.

This marks the very first time the prestigious awards ceremony will be live streamed in its entirety since the program's inception in 1987, celebrating the best owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys and Arabian racehorses in America for the 2018 racing season.

Many thanks to our sponsor, RoseBrook Farm, as well as the host of the Darley Awards, the Arabian Racing Cup, for making this broadcast possible.


Watch here

Thursday, March 21, 2019

N.J. Rider To Serve On New Endurance Sport Committee

Tapinto.net - Full Article

March 20, 2019 at 10:25 AM

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Meg Sleeper, of Frenchtown, N.J., was appointed to the Endurance Sport Committee (ESC) by US Equestrian (USEF).

Areas of focus for the ESC include clearly defining pathways for athletes within the sport, growing the sport of endurance within the U.S., and building a strong base at the national level for endurance athletes to expand into international levels of competition.

As a part of these efforts, USEF recently announced that it will host its inaugural Endurance National Championships at the 2019 North American Endurance Championship, held from Nov. 14-16, 2019, at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C. Hosted by Central Florida Horse Shows, top U.S. endurance combinations will vie for USEF National Champion and Reserve National Champion honors at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels...

Read more here:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Endurance.net's "Between The Ears" Photo Contest Continues

March 20 2019

We're getting a taste of some beautiful horse ears and trails and rides from around the country (and the world - thanks, Joao, for a Between the Ears shot from Portugal!)

The rules are simple: enter your favorite "Between The Ears" photo or photos. And vote for your favorite by sending an email to contests@endurance.net . The rule is: one vote per email address per day.

Even if you don't enter a photo, you can still enjoy the contest and vote for your favorite every day.

Have you noted the prizes? First place (determined by highest number of votes) will receive a small painted portrait of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter (www.idaho.com/StephTeeterArt/consignment/ ). "Best Condition" and "Middle of the Pack" prizes will be chosen at digital random: a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’, an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective', plus $50 gift certificates from Riding Warehouse... and more!

Entries and votes close Thursday April 11; prize winners will be announced Tuesday April 16.

See the photos and choose your favorite, and more information at:

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Amazing Grace: From “walking skeleton” to trail’s highest award

Horsetalk.co.nz - Full Story

March 14, 2019

Care, patience and time have transformed a neglected and emaciated two-year-old filly into a national award winner.

Despite the worst start in life, By the Grace of God, a chestnut mare owned and ridden by Victoria Whitehead of Tuskegee, Alabama, was named the 2018 winner of the North American Trail Ride Conference’s President’s Cup, at the organization’s national convention in Reno, Nevada, last week.

Grace’s remarkable turnaround started in 2012, when Whitehead found her as “a walking skeleton” in a pasture with no feed. She was covered in rain rot.

“She was so emaciated that when I went to catch her, she didn’t even bother walking away,” said Whitehead. She named the two-year-old “By the Grace of God” because of her faith in God...

Read more here:

Friday, March 15, 2019

2019 Tevis Educational Ride - NEW DATE: JULY 12 - 14


The Foresthill District of the USFS reported that as of the first week in March, there was still 16 - 20 FEET of snow at Robinson's Flat, the Day 1 staging area of the Tevis Educational Ride. Unfortunately, Robinson's Flat is unlikely to open in time for us to transport riders and their horses to the start of Day 1 on the originally planned June 22nd date. The EDUCATIONAL RIDE date has been delayed to July 12 - 14th to give riders the best experience and the opportunity to ride as many miles of the Tevis trail as possible. Our hope is that riders already entered will still join us in July instead of June. We are disappointed too! A full refund will be given to entered riders who must cancel. For riders who haven't entered yet, there are still openings. Please enter soon!! 
If you have questions or comments please contact us: Email: wstf@teviscup.org Phone: 530-823-7282
Thank you.

Please note this announcement is regarding the EDUCATIONAL two-day ride event only. The 100-miles in One-Day Traditional Ride will be held on August 17, 2019.

For more information see

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A horse named Takoda

LeesvilleDailyLeader.com - Full Article

By O. CHIP ROBINSON | Staff Reporter | orobinson@beauregarddailynews.net
Posted Mar 12, 2019

Why would anyone hop on a horse and ride 100 miles in less than 24 hours across all imaginable terrains, in every weather condition possible when there is absolutely zero financial incentive for doing so?

For Anacoco resident Kerry Lowery it’s because she likes a challenge and she gets to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the country that most people never will.

She also said it was because of the bond it establishes between her and Takoda.

“Being with your horse is one thing, but being on your horse when you’re 80 miles in to a 100 mile ride is something completely different. It’s like being on a team, you’re together and it’s teamwork, we are partners. There’s no other feeling like it.” Lowery said...

Read more here:

US Equestrian Announces New Appointees to International Disciplines Council and Endurance Sport Committee


by US Equestrian Communications Department | Mar 13, 2019, 10:02 AM EST

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian (USEF) has announced the approval of the appointment of Jan Stevens (Ashland, Mont.) to the International Disciplines Council (IDC), and Cheryl Newman (Candler, N.C.), Natalie Muzzio (Clifton, Va.), Lisanne Dorion (Williston, Fla.), Meg Sleeper (Frenchtown, N.J.), and Carolyn Hock (Riverside, Calif.) to the Endurance Sport Committee (ESC). These appointments will remain in place until, or if, a new endurance affiliate is approved by the US Equestrian Board of Directors, at which point the appointments would revert to the affiliate.

Positive changes are on the horizon for U.S. endurance as the ESC works closely with U.S. Endurance Technical Advisor and Chef d’Equipe Mark Dial and USEF Director of Endurance Kristen Brett. Areas of focus for the ESC include clearly defining pathways for athletes within the sport, growing the sport of endurance within the U.S., and building a strong base at the national level for endurance athletes to expand into international levels of competition.

As a part of these efforts, USEF recently announced that it will host its inaugural Endurance National Championships at the 2019 North American Endurance Championship, held from November 14-16, 2019, at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C. Hosted by Central Florida Horse Shows, top U.S. endurance combinations will vie for USEF National Champion and Reserve National Champion honors at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels.

For more information on the ESC, please contact Kristen Brett at kbrett@usef.org.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOC, and USEF Sponsors and Members.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Endurance.net's Between The Ears Photo Contest!

March 11 2019


You send us your photos, you vote on them!

Email us your favorite Between the Ears photos to contests@endurance.net. Include a few short details - your name, horse's name, and where the photo was taken. We'll upload them to a page on Endurance.net , and post updates on Facebook, where everybody will be able to choose their favorite and vote via email.

"First place" will be determined by the sheer number of votes. "Best Condition" and "Middle of the Pack" prizes will be chosen at digital random.

First Place will receive a small painted portrait of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter ( www.idaho.com/StephTeeterArt/consignment/ ).

Other prizes will include: a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’, an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective', plus  $50 gift certificates from Riding Warehouse…. and more!

Once we open the voting, you can vote for your favorite photo by emailing contests@endurance.net . Only one vote per email address per day.

After the contest we'll post your photos in an album on our EnduranceNet Facebook page to ogle in perpetuity

#BetweenTheEars #PhotoContest

**Photos can be taken anywhere around the world, but USA addresses only are eligible for prizes, unless you want to pay postage and insurance**

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Newest AERC Hall of Famers

March 10 2019

At last night's American Endurance Ride Conference Banquet and Awards newly-minted Hall of Famers were honored, among many other stellar year-end award winners.

AERC Pard'ners Award went to Nick Warhol and Forever Dawn GA.

AERC Hall of Fame Horse is Count Shiloh owned by Mary Howell.

AERC Hall of Fame Person is Dr Jim Baldwin.

Congratulations to everybody!

Friday, March 08, 2019

US Equestrian Announces Inaugural Endurance National Championships at the 2019 North American Endurance Championship


by US Equestrian Communications Department | Mar 7, 2019, 9:06 AM EST

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian (USEF) is pleased to announce that it will host its inaugural Endurance National Championships at the 2019 North American Endurance Championship, held from November 14-16, 2019, at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C. Hosted by Central Florida Horse Shows, top U.S. endurance combinations will vie for USEF National Champion and Reserve National Champion honors at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels.

The 2019 North American Endurance Championship CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* is an unofficial FEI team competition, with a similar competition format to that of FEI Nations Cups™, open to teams from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The FEI will recognize the overall order of finish. All entries must be qualified to compete in a CEI1*, CEIYJ1*, CEI2*, or CEIYJ2* according to the FEI Rules for Endurance, effective January 1, 2019.

Additionally, USEF national and reserve national champion titles will be awarded to the two highest-placed competitors in each senior and young rider competition.

Find full details about the championship here.

Keep up with U.S. endurance by following USA Endurance on Facebook and US Equestrian on Twitter and Instagram. Use #USAEndurance.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOC, and USEF sponsors and members.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Dr Kathleen Crandell To Be Guest Speaker at Antelope Island Endurance Ride, Utah

Camille Champagne photo

March 7 2019

"Some exciting news about the upcoming 2019 Antelope Island endurance ride," said ride manager Jeff Stuart. "Dr. Kathleen Crandell from Kentucky Equine Research has graciously agreed to come and speak about Endurance horse nutrition. We are so excited to have her come and share a career worth of knowledge with us. She will be riding the 25 mile ride on Saturday 13 April and speaking later that evening. You don't want to miss it."

Antelope Island will be held April 13 and 14.

For more information and to pre-register, see

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

2019 Tevis Cup Ride Date Change



The Western States Trail Foundation Executive Committee, the Tevis Ride Director, along with other key Ride personnel have had discussions over the past week to evaluate the current snow and weather impacts to the 2019 Tevis Cup Ride. Based on the snowfall water content, and comparing current conditions and forecasts to past historical records, the decision was made to postpone the 2019 ride date from July 20 to August 17, 2019. We expect changing to this later date will allow us to use our traditional trail and make the necessary improvements and annual seasonal cleanup efforts before the ride. We appreciate the support and understanding of our riders, volunteers, sponsors, and the Tevis community as we move forward with this new date.


Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Ralph Smith - 1928-2019

Ralph Smith and Gigi - 1970 Virginia City 100

Kathleen Smith Plambeck: "Gigi was Dad's first horse. Hard to believe he had never ridden before we moved to Washoe Valley!"


Ralph Smith was the longest active member of NASTR from 1969 to 2016. He and his wife Lorraine joined the club in 1969. They and their daughters Becky and Kathleen rode many of the Club rides including the Virginia City 100 multiple times.

After riding for many years, Ralph continued to support the Club by volunteering on the Triple Crown rides. Very few years did he miss helping at the Virginia City 100. Ralph also kept the record for the Derby Ditch 50 Mile ride, compiling and updating all the riders and the years they finished the ride until the ride was moved from Fernley, Nevada in 2004.

Ralph completed the Virginia City 100 twelve times. His horse Beansprout, a 1/2 Arabian gelding, was a 1000 mile Virginia City horse, completing it 10 times. He and Ralph completed the ride in 10 consecutive years without a pull from 1978 through 1987. Ralph and Beansprout were also the very first NASTR Triple Crown Winners with the fastest time in 1985. At that time the Triple Crown consisted of the Derby Ditch 50, NASTR 50 and Virginia City 100.

A Memorial Service for Ralph was held on February 16, 2019 at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 3835 Lakeside Drive in Reno. In lieu of flowers, the family requested donations be made to the Honor Flight Network.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Janet Tipton's Mustang Lady Jasmine (aka Ladybug) Elected to Mountain Region Endurance Riders Hall of Fame

by Janet Tipton

Our MRER Hall of Fame horse was born and raised on the deserts of Nevada in the Antelope HMA near Ely. She was gathered as a 2 year old in December of 1998 and adopted in 1999. And so her story begins.

She began her endurance career in April, 2004 at the Color Country ride in Hurricane, UT. For the next couple of years she completed more rides adding miles each year. She wasn’t fast but she was steady she and her partner were loving their time together exploring new places. They also competed in Extreme Cowboy races and even managed to garner the Extreme Horseman’s Challenge Open Champion title in 2011, as well as traveling the state showing in parades and events with the Aces Wild – An all Mustang Drill team.

In 2009 she received 3rd place National LD Champion. And then in 2011 she placed 2nd Place National LD Champion. However, disaster struck that year and she experienced a devastating injury that cut her season short . Multiple veterinarians said that her career was over and that she would be lucky to be pasture sound . However, with diligent rehab and a little luck thrown in she returned to the trail and showed everyone she wasn’t finished yet. Not by a long shot.

In 2013 the team received the MRER Partners Award and in 2015, at the ripe old age of 19 she had her best year ever. She completed 34 LD rides and 1 Endurance ride garnering her the title of National LD champion. She also surpassed the 5,000 LD mile mark making her the first horse in the history of AERC to do so. This amazing little horse (13.2 hands) has carried a heavy weight rider through it all. She has completed rides in 11 states.

To date her record stands at: 231 ride starts with 229 completions (1 over time and 1 rider option), She has never been pulled from a ride. She has 6045 LD miles, 410 endurance miles and 28 Best Conditions, 12 first place finishes and 91 top ten finishes.
The little horse with the big heart.


2018 AERC National Championships

January 23 2019

Article in Arabian Horse World

The 50- and 100-Mile Championships celebrate and honor the top endurance riders in their respective weight divisions, by Genie Stewart-Spears

Read the article here.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Julie Suhr to Speak at Harvey Bear Introduction to Endurance Clinic

March 3 2019

The second annual Harvey Bear Introduction to Endurance Clinic that will be held May 18th and 19th, 2019, Harvey Bear park in San Martin, California (just south of San Jose) has an elite lineup of speakers.

The 'grand dame of endurance,' and AERC Hall of Famer Julie Suhr will join Head Veterinarian Susan McCartney, and 3-time World Endurance world Champion and Hall of Famer, Becky Hart as speakers during the clinic. Long time and highly respected AERC head veterinarian Melissa Ribley will be the head vet for the weekend.

The clinic is for for people who are interested in learning about Endurance riding, as well as for beginners who have some Endurance experience but would like to learn more. Bring a horse or just yourself. 6 hours of lecture, Truck and Trailer sessions, Pot luck ride dinner, ride meeting, camp overnight, and on Sunday- two fun rides- 7 and 15 miles, with real vet checks, awards, and experienced Endurance riders as trial guides.

When you leave on Sunday you will know all you need to know to enter your first ride, or be better prepared to continue your Endurance career! It is literally an endurance ride for first timers that any horse that can walk 7 miles can do.

Helmets are required by all participants, and the ride pace is controlled.

Don't miss the Trailer backing clinic on saturday morning taught by Gretchen Montgomery. Learn how to back up your trailer by someone other than a spouse or significant other. It was a hit last year!

For more information or to register, see

Friday, March 01, 2019

Podcast: 2x ANCER Champion & 4x Appaloosa National Mileage Champion Kerry Lowrey

Player.fm - Listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast interview with two-time ANCER Champion and four-time Appaloosa National Mileage Champion, Kerry Lowrey

Thursday, February 28, 2019

World-renowned horse trainer to hold Leesburg, Georgia clinic

AlbanyHerald.com - Full Article

Michael Gascon recognized as No. 1 horse trainer, clinician in the world
By Tammy Fletcher


Feb 26, 2019

LEESBURG — The winter weather breaks and there is a hint of cool spring in the air. There is that smell that only horse lovers really know: fresh shavings in the barn and the fragrance of sweet hay that exudes from the beautiful creatures, creatures that are in many ways like people. They have distinct personalities, unique behaviors and habits.

Sometimes the horses behave mysteriously or mischievously or just badly.

Enter Michael Gascon, The Horse Guru. He has been called “a true Mississippi original” from Poplarville, Miss. On March 9-10 Gascon, The Horse Guru, will be in Leesburg.

Gascon is a fifth-generation horse whisperer. He has been riding “since before I can even remember.” He’s studied at The School of Equestrian Arts in Spain and traveled extensively to England, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Canada, Mongolia and Australia, learning, competing and training horses. He says he wants to learn about other countries and their cultures as related to their horsemanship.

Gascon was one of 14 U.S. riders in a group of 44 worldwide riders to compete in the 2018 Mongol Derby...

Read more here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

40th Anniversary of the 20 Mule Team in Ridgecrest, California

February 25 2019

The 40th anniversary of the 20 Mule Team ride took place in near-perfect weather in Ridgecrest, California, on February 23, 2019 with distances of 35, 65, and 100 miles. The trails were the same that will be covered in the AERC National Championship rides on October 31-November 3.

Chris Martin's Monk, ridden by Ann Hall, was third cross the finish line but ended up the winner, in a ride time of 13:09, when the first 2 finishers were pulled. Second place went to Melissa Montgomery aboard West Winds Dragon in 13:52. Justin Loewen and Par Devant finished third in 15:35. Fifth place Susie Kramer and A Ali Aseel took Best Condition. It was the gelding's first 100 mile ride. 36 started the 100, with 22 finishing.

Dominique Freeman and Rising Heat won the 65 miler - and got Best Condition - in a ride time of 7:15. Sheri Weast and AA Arikhem finished second in 7:17, and Allan Horn and Shez Mostly Zipped finished third in 7:45. 24 started the 65, with 23 finishing.

Lauren Horn and her mustang Midnight Special won the 35-mile ride in a ride time of 4:25, and got Best Condition. Carolyn Hock and SX Whisper finished second, and Alissa Stephan and Limited Edition finished third. 19 riders started the 35-mile ride, with 18 finishing.

Photos from the ride by official ride photographers William Gore and Rene Baylor can be seen at

**Unofficial results until posted on AERC website**

US Equestrian Announces U.S. Endurance Team Staff for 2019


by US Equestrian Communications Department | Feb 25, 2019, 2:00 PM EST

US Equestrian Announces U.S. Endurance Team Staff for 2019

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce the members of the team staff for U.S. Endurance for 2019. Mark Dial (Aubrey, Texas) will continue to serve in his role as Chef d’Equipe and Technical Advisor for the Young Rider and Senior teams.

The following individuals will serve as the 2019-2020 Veterinary Advisory Group:

Dr. Ian Harrison (Berryville, Va.)

Dr. Todd Holbrook (Stillwater, Okla.)

Dr. Ken Marcella (Canton, Ga.)

Dr. Olivia Rudolphi (Noble, Ill.)

Dr. Ann Stuart (Weaverville, N.C.)

The following individuals will serve as the 2019-2022 Selectors Group:

Carol Giles (Prineville, Ore.)

Becky Hart (San Juan Bautista, Calif.)

Linda Howard (Park City, Utah)

Stay up to date on U.S. Endurance by following USA Endurance on Facebook and US Equestrian on Instagram and Twitter. Use #USAEndurance.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Safety improvements coming to No Hands Bridge


For Release: June 28, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Bureau of Reclamation, in coordination with California State Department of Parks and Recreation, will add railing-safety improvements at No Hands Bridge in Auburn.

Work is expected to begin in August and continue through fall 2018. The bridge will remain open to pedestrian and equestrian traffic during work activity, scheduled from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., weekdays only.

Reclamation contractors will attach chain link fencing to the railing interior using metal fasteners that could be easily reversed in the future.

No Hands Bridge, also known as Mountain Quarries Bridge, was constructed in 1912 and is part of a popular hiking trail along the American River’s North Fork, located within the Auburn State Recreation Area. State Parks manages recreation at the ASRA under an agreement with Reclamation.

(UPDATE: chain link fence is up on no hands bridge!)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Broxton Bridge Plantation hosted observation event for the 2019 World Young Rider Championship

Endurance-world.com - Full Article

17th February 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Cheryl Van Deusen

Broxton Bridge Plantation, USA SE Fundraisers. Ehrhardt, SC. 25 and 26 January 2019. Broxton Bridge Plantation was pleased to host one of two observation events for the 2019 World Young Rider Championships which will be held in Italy in September of this year.

There were a total of 10 young riders over the two days of CEI 1, 2, 3* races. Kate Bishop from North Carolina on LR April Breeze, owned by Lisa Green, were the dominant pair earning a COC in a ride time of 8:00:42 on day 1 more than one hour ahead of the next pair Annie Whelan of Kentucky on her horse Wallace Hill Sundance and Mollie Quiroz from California on Tracy Vollman’s horse RA Karim. Kate was the only YR to earn a COC over the two days.

Kimberly Loutzenheiser from Georgia on Christo Dinklemann’s DCL Mooi Penny won Best Condition on the ride on day 2, 120 JYR event, in a ride time of 9:06:31, followed by Mollie Quoroz those being the only two of six starters to complete the course. Although Mollie did not earn a COC, she was the only YR to complete both days working towards her qualifications for World YR Championships...

Read more here:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

2019 February's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Horsesinthemorning.com - Listen

Idaho, Nevada New Pioneer Rides, Importance of Ride Strategy, Endurance Day for Feb. 12, 2019
Feb 12, 2019

We talk about three new endurance rides in the NW Region and ride strategy to make sure you and your horse complete your ride. Guests include Erin Riley, manager for Torre Creek Pioneer ride in Eureka, NV and Jessica Huber with the Idaho Ironhorse rides.

Listen in:

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Set to Showcase History and Diversity of Arabian and Half-Arabian Horses


Scottsdale, Ariz. – The legendary and culturally famed Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is set to begin on Thursday, February 14, through Sunday, February 24. The 64th edition of the event is an 11-day showcase of the beauty and diversity of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. Hosted by US Equestrian affiliate, the Arabian Horse Association’s (AHA) club, the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona (AHAA), the show is held on the WestWorld show grounds, with over 2,000 horses and nearly 10,000 entries set to exhibit.

Approximately 1,200 classes for youth, amateur, and professional exhibitors will put the athleticism of these desert-bred horses on full display. Six show rings will run throughout the week, hosting Western and hunter pleasure classes, native costume, driving, jumping, dressage, sport horse under saddle, halter, reining, and more.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show also caters to spectators and visitors of all ages with a full program of activities and special events running throughout the week. “Meet an Arabian Horse” meet-and-greets will be held at specified times found on the schedule of education and entertainment events. Other special activities include behind-the-scenes barn tours, an ice cream social, paint-a-pony, the Liberty Wildlife Life Animal and Educational Display, and Military Appreciation Day held on Tuesday, February 19, with free admission to all veterans and their families...

Read more here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Endurance Legend Auli Farwa to Appear at Scottsdale Arabian Show

February 13 2019

Arabian endurance legend Auli Farwa (aka "Far") will appear at a meet and greet at the Scottsdale Arabian show on Wednesday, February 20th in Scottsdale, Arizona. The gelding will be in the Family Fun Zone Tent from 3-4 PM.

This coming 19-year-old gelding has made an impressive mark on the sport of endurance with an outstanding record: 100% completions in AERC endurance ride starts (77 for 77), 4735 miles, and 16 100-mile completions including 8 finishes in the renowned Tevis Cup. Far won the Tevis Cup's Haggin Cup (Best Condition award) in 2015 with rider Jenni Smith, and he won the 2017 Tevis Cup with rider Tennessee Lane.

Accompanying Far will be accompanied by his favorite humans, Smith, Lane, and owner Rusty James Toth.

Mark your calendars to meet the Endurance legend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ride. Integrity. Determination. Education. SIgn up for the AERC Convention!


March 8 and 9, 2019 - Grand Sierra Resort – Reno, Nevada


1. The first 200 people to sign up will receive a hand-made ceramic horse magnet, courtesy of Adventures In Clay Ceramics

2. Drawing #1 – sign up by 2/10/19 – $50 Riding Warehouse gift card and 10 AERC raffle tickets

3. Drawing #2 – sign up by 2/10/19 – handmade platter by Anne York of Starfire Design Studio (see her booth at convention!) and 25 AERC raffle tickets

We're heading back to Reno for the 2019 AERC convention. AERC's convention is the most fun you can have without your horse! Two days of informative and thought-provoking seminars on Friday and Saturday, shopping galore, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, awards presentations, Hot Topics seminars, plus fun Friday night entertainment and the awards banquet on Saturday night.

Sign up for the 2019 AERC Convention online! You're also welcome to call the AERC office to register: 866-271-2372.

Link to 2019 Convention Schedule. This will give you an idea of who is speaking, and when. We are so excited about this fantastic speaker lineup.

Register by February 22, 2019, to receive discounted seminar pricing!

Trade Show! A highlight of the convention is the trade show, where you can find great products for distance riders! Check out the latest 2019 Vendor List. All are welcome; no charge to visit the trade show!

HOTEL: A favorite of AERC members, the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino at 2500 E 2nd Street in Reno, Nevada 89595 has everything all in one spot, so it's a great place to stay, and eat, and shop -- all under one roof.

And more information at:

Monday, February 11, 2019

A Very Special Thanks to Endurance.net Advertisers

February 4 2019

Endurance.net would like to extend a special thank you to our advertisers.

At Endurance.net we strive to provide timely local and world-wide endurance riding news, stories, profiles, and educational material to keep our readers and subscribers up to date with the sport of endurance.

We are happy that you have chosen to be a part of our effort. We recognize and appreciate all you do to support the sport of endurance riding with us!

So thanks to each of you.

May we all have a great many trail miles in 2019.

For information regarding advertising on Endurance.Net, please contact Steph Teeter, steph@endurance.net.

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Idaho Grass Roots Endurance Club SWITnDR Holds Annual Awards Banquet

February 11 2019
by Merri Melde-Endurance.net

Years ago on the National political stage, one might recall a couple of politicians making snarky fun of a Presidential nominee's local grassroots community organizing.

With roughly 90 members from Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming, SWITnDR - Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders - is a grassroots endurance and trail riding club. Incorporated 40 years ago in 1979, the organization sponsors competitive 25, 50, 75 and 100-mile endurance rides and trail rides in Idaho. SWITnDR is one of numerous small, local endurance riding community organizations around the United States that work underneath the national AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) organization, which governs endurance riding on the National stage.

SWITnDR held its annual banquet and awards over the weekend in Boise, Idaho. The gathering recognizes member riders and horses who have achieved special milestones over the previous year. It provides members an opportunity to actually hang out and mingle, in normal attire, which is not always possible at the endurance rides when one dedicates most of their time to riding and horse care while sporting dusty riding clothes and helmet hair. SWITnDR is like a big extended family, and the awards banquet its annual family reunion.

During the awards, in addition to many fine riders and horses being acknowledged, Naomi Preston (new AERC Board member) recognized Oreana, Idaho, resident and long-time SWITnDR member Steph Teeter for her 13 years of dedicated service on the national AERC Board, as well as her decades of acting as a SWITnDR ride manager.

SWITnDR President Debbie Grose presented the President's Award to the current Vice President, Ann Kuck, for her tireless and unstinting volunteer work and support for the club and its members throughout the years.

While AERC governs endurance riding on the National stage, it's these smaller, local endurance organizations that help bring diverse groups of "ordinary" people with eclectic horses face to face, to train, mentor, compete, and have fun together, on a first name basis.

Want to only ride 12 miles at a SWITnDR event? Great. Come do the Introductory trail ride on a Quarter horse, and we'll put you to work afterwards, and feed you a meal, and make room for your chair around the evening campfire's music jam. Are you one of those die-hard 100-mile riders on a seasoned Arab? We'll hand you a hot dog at lunch on the trail, and keep your breakfast warm for you the next morning after the finish line. Want to just come and volunteer with our group at rides? We love having you! SWITnDR welcomes the short and long distance riders, any age, and any horse breed, any size - and everybody two- and four-legged in between.

The SWITnDR community organization is run entirely by hard-working volunteers. You'd be silly to make fun of our local riders and club officers who are dedicated to the endurance community, because you never know what they will achieve. Numerous local SWITnDR members have served, and are serving, on the national AERC Board. We smaller grassroots members are the foundation of the larger sport of endurance riding. Oh, and that previously mentioned ridiculed community organizer? He went on to become President of the United States.

Join and ride with and volunteer with your local endurance ride group! A list is here:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Paradise lost: A woman struggles to reclaim her life after the Camp fire

DailyBreeze.com - Full Article

By KEITH SHARON | ksharon@scng.com | Orange County Register
PUBLISHED: February 10, 2019

Dippi taught her to push harder, to fight through.

When JayaMae Gregory was down, she loved to head out on Dippi, over the trails outside Paradise, where she had moved to start a new life. JayaMae trained Dippi to be an endurance horse. The plan was for JayaMae’s teenage son Jakob to compete with Dippi in 100-mile races.

Dippi was a grey mare, half Arab, a horse with the countenance of a freight train. Huge strides on the trail. Dippi’s given name was DC Reindeer Dippin, shortened to Dippi because it fit her personality. The DC stood for “dream catcher” and Reindeer Dippin is a famous bull.

Dippi would let strangers rub her ears. The kids dressed her up for Halloween. JayaMae wrote that Dippi didn’t understand why she couldn’t just jump in your lap for a snuggle.

On a recent Friday, JayaMae, 36, and mother of three, talked about Dippi and the impact that horse had on her family. The conversation shifted to fear, devastation and, ultimately, hope.

She was staying in Southern California with her father because there is nothing left in Paradise.

The Camp fire, which began Nov. 8 and became the deadliest fire in California history, took nearly everything from JayaMae Gregory.


Read more here:

Thursday, February 07, 2019

The 2018 AERC High Point Arabian Horses are In!


AHA Communications

AURORA, CO – February 1, 2019 – The Arabian Horse Association recognizes high point earning Arabians and Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians in AERC 100 mile rides and middle distance rides from 50-99 miles.

Congratulations to the 2018 Arabian AERC 100 Mile High Point winner, KOURAGEUS HOPE!

KOURAGEUS HOPE, a 2005 stallion, earned a total of 1,582 points for completing five 100 mile rides with owner and rider Hannah Johnson. The pair completed a total of 2,295 total miles since 2010 with 600 miles in the 2018 season.

The AERC Middle Distance High Point is a nomination-based annual award given to the Arabian and Half-Arabian/AngloArabian with the highest AERC points accumulated in the year through 50-99 mile Endurance rides.

The 2018 AERC High Point Middle Distance Endurance winners are KEEPING FAITH in the Arabian Division and SHEZ MOSTLY ZIPPED+/ in the HalfArabian/Anglo-Arabian Division.

KEEPING FAITH, a 2007 Arabian mare owned and ridden by Melinda Wolfe, completed 14 Endurance rides totaling 740 miles and 1,160.88 points. Since 2013 the pair has completed a total of 1,605 miles together.

Lauren & Allan Horn are the owners of the Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian winner, SHEZ MOSTLY ZIPPED+/ ridden by Allan Horn. In 2018, they finished 1,075 miles and earned 2,640.75 points. The pair have managed to complete 1,825 total miles since they started competing together in 2015.

Congratulations to these four wonderful horses and owners for their accomplishments in 2018! If you would like to learn more about the AERC High Point Award, please see the Distance Riding page. The AERC Middle Distance High Point Endurance Horse requires an application that can be found here.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Idaho Ironhorse Endurance Challenge: Juniors Ride Free!

FB: IdIronHorse

February 5 2019

Do you ride an Ironhorse? Are you an Ironhorse rider?

New this season, the ultimate Idaho Ironhorse Challenge consists of all 3 days of City of Rocks Pioneer June 6-8 in Almo, Idaho; all 3 days of Top O The World Pioneer July 26-28 near Spencer, Idaho; and all 3 days of the Autumn Sun Pioneer near Gooding, Idaho. It will test your horse's ability and your management skill as a rider.

At City of Rocks, you'll ride the historic California Trail through the scenic City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park. At Top O The World, you'll ride on the Continental Divide in the Targhee National Forest and get a glimpse of the Grand Tetons in the distance. The third leg of the Ironhorse offers late season riding overlooking beautiful Magic Valley and Camas Prairie in southern Idaho.

Complete all 9 days of the Idaho Ironhorse and you and your horse will receive some fabulous prizes and terrific fame, and you'll both go down in the Idaho endurance history books!

And Juniors ride free! Saddle up and bring the whole family.

More information at:

and at:

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Applications Welcomed for 2019-21 Equestrian Canada Endurance Committee


Ottawa, ON, Feb. 1, 2019 - Individuals interested in volunteering on the 2019-21 Equestrian Canada (EC) Endurance Committee are encouraged to apply by the deadline of Feb. 20, 2019.

As an operational committee of EC, the Endurance Committee is responsible for providing strategic guidance and counsel to EC management to support the development of endurance in Canada. The Committee works in collaboration with other EC committees, task forces and national office staff, to provide assistance in implementation of the respective mandates.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include:

Advising management on the annual operational priorities, strategies, and performance targets for the ongoing development of endurance in Canada.
Reviewing and reporting on the achievement of its annual operational priorities and performance targets and identifying key areas for improvement.
Providing input and feedback to management concerning policies, programs, rules, regulations, and services related to the development of endurance in Canada.
Supporting management in dealing with appeals related to endurance.
Interfacing as a unit with the endurance community in partnership with management on key developments, issues, challenges, and achievements within endurance.
Providing strategic counsel to EC management on matters concerning endurance high performance programs and services.
Nominating endurance representatives to various EC committees as required.
Appointing ad-hoc endurance committees in accordance with management-approved terms of references as required.
Liaising with Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) in order to further the effectiveness of endurance programs and services.

Committee members will be appointed by the EC senior leadership upon recommendation of the Committee for a term of three (3) years. Each member is eligible to serve up to two (2) terms. In appointing the members of the Committee, consideration is given to diversity, including without limitation, national/international experience and competency in the sport discipline, as well as gender, regional, technical, and linguistic balance.

Members of the Committee must be in good standing with EC and hold a valid EC Sport Licence (Bronze). In addition to being in compliance with EC’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures, Committee members must sign the EC Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement and file it annually at the EC office.
How to Apply

Individuals are invited to submit an expression of interest highlighting their unique qualifications, along with a resume, to:

EC Endurance Committee

The applicant’s full name and EC Sport Licence number (if applicable at time of submission) must be included in the application.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 20, 2019. The vacancy will be filled and announced on Feb. 28, 2019.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Endurance Riding Convention Set for March 8 and 9 in Reno

Endurance competitors and enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada will gather for the annual American Endurance Ride Conference convention March 8-9, 2019, in Reno, Nevada, at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. This year AERC will be joined by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) and will welcome all distance riders to attend.
Education is a main component of AERC, a 46-year-old nonprofit organization which sanctions rides ranging from 25 to 100 miles in one day, and the convention’s nine seminars will provide cutting-edge knowledge for current and prospective endurance riders.
Seminars at the 2019 AERC convention:
• “When Do Metabolic Problems Begin?” with Langdon Fielding, DVM, DACVECC, DACVSMR, of Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center in Northern California
• “Gait Assessment” with Yvette Nout-Lomas, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVECC, an assistant professor of equine internal medicine at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary and Medical Science 
• “Pacing in Segments of an Endurance Competition” with Jerry Gillespie, DVM, PhD, a longtime endurance veterinarian and chair of AERC’s Research Committee
• “Endurance Clinics and Fun Rides: The Do’s and Don’ts” with Nick Warhol, a  veteran endurance competitor who has conducted many successful endurance clinics
• “How To’s for the ‘Perfect’ Ride” with Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, AERC Ride Managers Committee Chair
• “Equine Regenerative Medicine–Beyond the Hype” with Kenneth L Marcella, DVM, DACT, of KLM Equine in Canton, Georgia
• “Best Condition–A Veterinary Viewpoint” with Nick Kohut, DVM, chair of AERC’s Welfare of the Horse Committee  
• “Comparative Endurance Medicine: What We Can Learn from Current Research in Humans and Other Species” with Margaret Brosnahan, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Midwestern University Animal Health Institute Clinical Assistant Professor, Equine Internal Medicine
• Safe Sport Discussion with Monica Chapman, AERC Acting President
But the convention isn’t all serious education. It’s also a celebration of accomplishments, with both regional and national award ceremonies. There is also a Friday night dance hosted by NATRC with The Country Kickers—sure to get people out on the dance floor.
All visitors are welcome at the trade show, which features a wide variety of vendors from around the world offering endurance gear—everything from tack and saddles to heart rate monitors and rider clothing. The trade show is free and open to the public. Hours are 8:00-6:00 on Friday, March 8, and 8:00-5:00 on Saturday, March 9. If you enjoy horses, this is a great opportunity to come and shop.
In addition, conference attendees always enjoy the popular annual Tack Swap that allows riders to pick up tack and related items at bargain prices, with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting AERC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Located a quick shuttle ride away from the Reno-International Airport, the Grand Sierra Resort (775-789-2000) is a spectacular site for the midsize convention, with plentiful public and private hotel space, dining options, movie theater, bowling center and gym. Special AERC convention rates are limited so early reservations are a must.
For more information, and to register and receive the best pricing on conference seminars, please visit aerc.org/convention.

2019 Distance Horse National Championships Headed to Oklahoma

Distance Nationals is heading back to Alanna & Gunnar Franks Ranch in Vinita, OK, from October 25-27.

The American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) has joined our growing list of partnered breeds, which include: the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA), Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry (PShR), American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA), and the Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA).

Remember that along with all of the National Championships offered, there are multiple Open Owl Hoot Spook 25 Mile LD’s and 50 Mile rides along with an Open Owl Hoot Spook 100 Mile ride and an Open CTR. These Open rides do not require qualifications or membership and are open to any breed.

The LD Challenge was added in 2018, also Open to all breeds with no membership or qualification requirements. All LD riders will have a pulse down requirement of 60, which is new this year.

Find more information regarding the LD Challenge event.

See you in Oklahoma!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

U.S. Endurance in Limbo After Governing Bodies Split

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January 21, 2019
by: Pippa Cuckson

American endurance riders planning to compete internationally this year may have some gaps in their schedules. Following the overnight severance of their national body from the US Equestrian Federation, competitors have been left wondering if there will be any FEI rides on home soil this season.

At this time, both parties – the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and USEF – are discussing emergency plans for scheduled rides, while USEF makes longer-term arrangements with ride organizers and finds a replacement for national body for endurance. It is a potential minefield, as FEI General Regulations require all national federations to ensure FEI rules are upheld at FEI rides. This, obviously, is not enforceable with non-affiliated organizations.

During a 48-hour hiatus last week, AERC advised USEF it would be disaffiliating in December 2019. But USEF wrong-footed AERC, announcing that it was going to terminate their association anyway, and suspended AERC immediately.

In the U.S., it is normal to run FEI rides in conjunction with AERC national rides, rather than stand-alone international fixtures. Seven FEI dates were scheduled for 2019.

USEF is setting up a task force and has invited AERC members to apply to sit on the USEF sport committee, subject to completing Safe Sport Training and refraining “from participating in gossip, blaming, or other negative types of communication,” among other conditions...

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