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Huntington County resident, horse earn rare Century Club accolade

HuntingtonCountyTab.com - Full Article

By Rebecca Sandlin - Monday, August 13, 2018

The bond between horse and rider can be close, but when it encompasses a hundred years it is something special. One Huntington County resident, Janet Kirkpatrick and her Arabian steed, HA HI Fire, have made the century mark together in age.

Kirkpatrick, of Andrews, turned 80 years old on April 11, and her horse, known as Booker, is now 20. That’s a combination that few horses and riders have reached in the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), of which Kirkpatrick is a member. The organization, which boasts about 5,000 members, honors rider and equine teams who earn national recognition when they complete a ride once their ages total 100 or more. It’s a pretty big honor, says Kyra DeMartini, of AERC.

“We only have nine Century Club members that we’re aware of,” DeMartini says. “It’s very prestigious, because it demonstrates the longevity of their equine and their partnership with their equine.”

Kirkpatrick and Booker will be featured in the AERC’s monthly news publication in September, and she will receive a certificate recognizing the team as part of the Century Club...

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2018 August's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Horseradionetwork.com - Listen

Aug 10, 2016

On today’s Endurance Episode features reports on the Olympics, Mongol Derby and of course Tevis Cup with Darice Whyte and Wayne Woolway talks about the Tahoe Rim Trail. Listen in...

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2018 Distance Horse National Championship Entries are Open!

August 10 2018

Entries are Open for the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships, to be held at Bill Wilson's Farm in Henryville, In. The entry form can be found on the DNL web page under the "Forms" section.

*This is just a reminder that entries for the Breed National Championships must have current leveled membership and the horse must be registered. Qualification requirements can be found on the DNL web page under the "Qualifications" section.

If you are entering any one of the many Open AHA/AERC/SERA/OAATS Endurance Rides or the Open AHA CTR you do not need to have a registered horse or a membership with any breed organization and qualifications are not required. For more information on the ride please see the event flyer on the DNL web page.

All entries can be faxed, mailed or emailed directly to Paige Lockard at paige.lockard@arabianhorses.org. Entries must be hand carried to the event after October 12. Don't forget we have an early bird drawing every day at the ride for riders that submitted their entries to the office by October 1, so don't delay - get your entries in today!

New for 2018:
We have added the LD Challenge Event to the Distance Horse National Championships, which is open to any horse/rider combination that plans to ride all three days (25 miles a day) in the Open LD Rides.

The rider must pay the $20 entry fee for the LD Challenge indicated on the entry form before the start of the first day's ride. This is in addition to the entry fee for each individual open ride. Because we encourage the very best care of our horses, all the LD riders must reach a 56 for pulse down criteria and will have a CRI in the final Vet Check for each day.

On the third day, the entries in the LD Challenge will have a final Vet Check score. The placings and CRI heart rates for each of the three days and the Vet Check at the end of the third day will be converted into a points score. This score will determine the awards for first through fifth winners and all completion riders. All rules and point schedule are available on the AHA Distance National web page under "Exhibitor Information."

This is an exciting year with all our partnered breeds National Championships and our sanctioned Open Ride Organizations!

Partnered Breeds: Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA), Performance Shagya-Arabian Horse Registry (PShR), American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA), Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA)

Open Ride Sanctioning:
Arabian Horse Association (AHA), American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), Southeast Endurance Riders Association (SERA), Ohio Arabian and All Breed Trail Riding Society (OAATS)

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Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 8

Endurancehorsepodcast - Listen


Hello and Welcome to Endurance Horse Podcast!

I’m Christina Hyke, an equine photographer in Southern Wisconsin!

Episode 8 of the Endurance Horse Podcast is being published the 7th of August 2018.

While I have been promising you an all Tevis episode, this one, is not quite it yet! We are waiting another week or two to be sure we have gathered all the audios and then will create the podcast. The good news is that this will likely be TWO episodes all from Tevis riders and crew. I promise, it is worth the wait!

Meanwhile- we WILL be starting out this episode with an audio file from Tevis rider, Erin Glassman. Erin was kind enough to send audios about her journey to and prep for the Tevis. The first audio you will hear on episode 8 will be from Erin, and one more on her journey will we near the end of the podcast.

I realize the audio said to stick around until the end & I would share some updates from my story as well. That did not happen- and what did happen was that after I had the WHOLE podcast done, the software had issues & it took me a few hours to sort it out…. And I just wanted to wrap things up.

The updates I can share is that Jim & I have been doing our 5k runs and even got in an 8k VERY HILLY trail run this past weekend! We are enjoying them very much!

I am planning on camping and going to my first LD in two years- updates on that when I do the next episode. The short & sweet of it is that I’m bringing a horse back that has been out of the loop like I have for about 2 years. Wish us luck, send good vibes, prayers etc…I’m hoping to turtle!

To all the riders who take the time to record and send in, THANK YOU SO MUCH, because without you- there is no podcast.

Without further ado- I am happy to bring to you, Episode 8 of the Endurance Horse Podcast

Please check the show notes for links to websites and also to blogs.

Without further ado, I am happy to bring to you, Episode 8, of the Endurance Horse Podcast.


Does a Retired Arabian Racehorse Make a Good Endurance Horse?

Horsereporter.com - Full Article

by Pamela Burton

Riding in the Full Buck Moon

3 August 2018, USA ~ The answer is YES. On 28 July 2018, Heather Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida, riding the retired Arabian racehorse, ten-year-old, Cayucos (Virgule Al Maury x Tikis Wing Beat) was first across the finish line in Auburn, California, at 10 PM, to claim her third Tevis Cup victory.

By all accounts, the 2018, 100 Mile Tevis Cup was a tough race, made tougher by extreme heat on the trail and treacherous air quality from a number of devastating Northern California fires.

Out of 153 horse registered to start the race, only 64 finished, the last being McCamey Kimbler who came in on HV Cimmarons Goliath at 5:09 am.

Helen Shelley has been training race horses in California since 1995 with a record of over 308 race starts. Cayucos was bred by Betty Jo and Paul Richards and was sent to Shelley for his early training...

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Five Times Charmed: Diane Stevens and Banderaz LC10 Complete Fifth Tevis Cup

Absolute Trust in a Once-Dangerous Gelding Leads to Fifth Tevis Buckle

by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
August 6 2018

Most other sensible people would have sent this horse packing long ago - if not to the knackers.

In the beginning, Banderaz LC10 (aka "Titan") caused a serious wreck with Diane. Her husband John told her to get rid of the horse. Friends told her she was crazy to keep him.

Banderaz was a free horse for the Stevens, back in 2006 as an untrained 4-year-old, from RheaNell Roberts. "He was supposed to be John's horse, but he was in the Navy, and had back issues. John did a few training rides with me but his back really bothered him. He didn't enjoy it."

Diane hadn't gotten on Banderaz more than a few times before he went up and over on her, shattering her collarbone into seven pieces. She can still show you the protruding edge of a metal plate. John told her to get rid of the horse before he came home from his tour in Iraq.

But, dangerous as she knew he was, Diane just could not let the horse go. She sent him to two trainers, with inadequate results. It was the third trainer, Jessica Goheen, who discovered the key to bringing Banderaz around. "He'd never had foundation work of someone showing him 'You're looking at #1, YOU are #2," Diane recalled.

When Goheen felt the horse was ready, she encouraged Diane to get on him. That
first ride on him - right after her shoulder had healed up - was at once "terrifying and amazing." Banderaz never put a foot wrong, and he just wanted to go and go. And once Diane was able to let go and decide to trust in him and give him a loose rein, the magical partnership had already begun. That's when Titan earned his nickname, "because it was a new beginning for him," Diane said.

"And when my husband got back from Iraq, there Titan still was in the pasture. He said 'Why would you want to keep this horse!' He thought I was crazy. I told him, 'This horse is going to get me through Tevis one day.'

"It wasn't one thing that made me keep him. It was more a feeling I had about him that he had greatness inside him."

It was actually Goheen that planted the Tevis idea in Diane's head. "On my last ride with Jessica I told her about my dream of one day doing Tevis. I was very surprised when she looked at me and said, 'Titan is your Tevis horse.'"

Shortly after turning Titan back over to Diane, Goheen was tragically killed in a car accident. She was only 23.

"It’s a day I think of often," Diane said. "I don’t have a ride where I don’t think of her, and when a breeze picks up I always get choked up and tell Titan, 'There's Jess watching over us.'

"She’s a big part of why I didn’t let my fear win. Also why I’ve turned down every offer to sell Titan."

That greatness Diane felt about her horse was in evidence on July 29th, when Banderaz LC10 and Diane Stevens crossed the finish line of the Tevis Cup at 11:49 PM, in 6th place, for their fifth Tevis Cup completion. "It’s always amazing to take that victory lap on a horse that you have ridden for years and worked hard to manage. Titan felt alert and strong. His level of strength throughout the day really kept my energy high," she wrote afterwards.

The 2018 Tevis Cup was 16-year-old Titan's 11th 100-mile completion. Over 10 endurance seasons, the gelding by Jazzman DGL x Zordosa, by *Bandos PASB now has 2890 miles, 49 of 54 completions, and 8 Best Conditions.

But the broken human bones, the healing, the trust and partnership, the successful ongoing endurance career, and the five Tevis buckles are only part of the story.

In July of 2015, Titan almost killed himself. He'd somehow impaled his groin on a metal T-post in his pasture, and when veterinarian Karen Hassan arrived, she confirmed it was very bad. "She told me she might not be able to save him," Diane recalled, "that I probably wouldn't be able to ride him again, and of course I wouldn't do endurance. I said 'I want you to save him.'"

It was almost as if the horse willed himself to get better. Within 3 weeks he'd shown "amazing healing," so much that Diane told her husband that she thought Titan had a shot at coming back to endurance.

And eventually, he came back, and in a big way. Diane pulled him as a rider option in his first post-accident ride, a 55-miler in November of that year, but only because Diane forgot her half chaps and rubbed her knees bloody, and she didn’t want to risk making him work too hard because she wasn’t riding balanced. But since then Titan has competed for 3 more (ongoing) seasons, with 15 completions in 17 starts, which includes 5 first-place finishes and 3 second-place finishes in 50- and 100-mile rides, and 2 top-Tens in the Tevis Cup - last year (10th place) and this year.

"My husband says, 'One thing for sure, when you talk about you and Titan, you don't give up and that horse doesn't give up.' Every ride that I do on Titan and he finishes, it feels like a gift.

"This horse has continued to amaze me. He's pretty incredible. He really is a Titan!!"

*Top photo, Diane and Titan out of Deadwood at 55 miles on the Tevis trail, photo by Kimberly Naugle
*Bottom photo, Diane and Titan with his Top Ten Tevis blanket, photo by John Stevens

Montana woman shares stories about travels on horseback

KRTV.com - Article and video

Aug 06, 2018 3:38 AM PDT
By Jonathon Ambarian - MTN News

HELENA - A Northwest Montana woman who has spent more than a decade riding around the U.S. on horseback shared stories from her travels in Helena.

Bernice Ende gave a presentation Saturday at the Lewis and Clark Library. She is the author of the book “Lady Long Rider,” about her experiences on her long journeys.

In 2005, Ende first decided to ride from her home near Trego to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“When I first started, I rode into a nightmare,” she said. “It was awful. I was so totally unprepared for what I encountered. I think it was simply my ego and my inability to turn around and say I was defeated by something that keeps me going.”

Despite the difficulties, she says she fell in love with the experience. Since then, she and her horses have covered more than 30,000 miles...

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27-Year-Old ‘Merc’ Becomes Oldest Horse to Complete Tevis Cup

Thehorse.com - Full Article

Find out how Claire Godwin, DVM, keeps her 27-year-old endurance horse PL Mercury in elite condition, from joint support to conditioning tactics.

By Marsha Hayes | Aug 3, 2018

When Claire Godwin, DVM, of Laytonsville, Maryland, responded to an ad in a local horse magazine offering an Arabian for sale some years ago, she thought she was buying a 4-H pony for her kids. She had no idea that the 14-hand gray gelding would eventually carry her and more than a dozen other riders down some of the toughest endurance trails in the U.S.

On Saturday, Godwin and that gelding PL Mercury, now 27.5-year-old, crossed the finish line at the 100-mile Tevis Cup, held annually in California. With this completion, “Merc” broke his own record as the oldest equine Tevis Cup finisher.

What’s more, the pair finished just outside the Top 10 in 13th place from a field of 149 starters, of which only 64 completed. Their ride time of 17 hours, 18 minutes was just two hours, 33 minutes behind the winners, Heather Reynolds and the 10-year-old Arabian gelding Cayucos...

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Napa's Fisher looks to join Tevis Cup elite aboard horse Monk

NapaValleyRegister.com - Full Article

ANDY WILCOX awilcox@napanews.com
Aug 2, 2018

Once again, Lindsay Fisher was not the bride at the Tevis Cup Western States Trail 100-Miles-One-Day Ride.

Riding trusty horse Monk, the Napa veterinarian wasn’t even the bridesmaid this time.

But she and the 16-year-old gelding were in the wedding party for the fourth year in a row, placing fourth out of 153 entrants in the grueling ride from Squaw Valley to Auburn.

She also kept herself in the running to achieve something unprecedented in the 63-year history of the ride, a chance to notch five top-10 finishes at Tevis aboard the same horse. She plans to do that next year, or to at least join the dozen or so who have five Tevis completions on the same horse...

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Mustang MM Cody Wins 2018 Haggin Cup at Tevis

Thehorse.com - Full Article

MM Cody, a 10-year-old gelding, is the first Mustang to earn the award, presented to the horse deemed to be in superior condition after completing the 100-mile endurance ride.

By Marsha Hayes | Jul 31, 2018

MM Cody, a 10-year-old chestnut Mustang gelding, and his rider Mykayla Corgnell received the 2018 Haggin Cup at the Tevis Cup awards banquet, held July 29 in Auburn, California. He is the first Mustang to earn the coveted title.

The annual award is presented to the horse deemed in superior condition after completing the 100-mile journey over the Western State Trail from near Lake Tahoe to Auburn. The award also takes horsemanship into consideration.

“Cody was in incredible shape,” said Tevis head veterinarian Mike Peralez, DVM. “He was head and shoulders above the competition...”

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Reynolds claims third Tevis Cup victory

AuburnJournal.com - Full Article

By: Nick Pecoraro
July 29 2018

The 63rd annual Tevis Cup is officially in the books.

Sixty-four riders in total completed the Western States Trail Ride by early Sunday morning. Hundreds of riders, crew members, board members and supporters gathered Sunday afternoon at the Placer County Fairgrounds for an awards luncheon, presenting the best of the best from the 2018 Tevis Cup.

Heather Reynolds of Florida added a third Tevis Cup victory to her resume, finishing at 10 p.m. exactly – a trip that took her and her horse, Cayu, just under 17 hours to complete.

“I typed into my GPS, ‘Cayu, get me to Auburn,’ and he did the rest,” laughed Reynolds as she was announced to the crowd Sunday.

Reynolds had a seven-minute advantage coming out of the final veterinary checkpoint at Lower Quarry. Forty-four minutes later, she finished with 18 minutes separating her from the next rider for her seventh career Tevis completion.

“Each time is different because each horse is different. It was definitely hotter this year,” said, Reynolds, whose previous victories came in 2003 and 2014...

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Reynolds and Cayucos Win 2018 Tevis Cup

Thehorse.com - Full Article

Reynolds and Cayucos, a 10-year-old 15.1 hand chestnut Arabian gelding, crossed the finish line at 10:00 p.m. on July 28 to claim her third Tevis Cup victory.

By Marsha Hayes | Jul 29, 2018

Heather Reynolds, of Dunnellon, Florida, crossed the finish line at 10:00 p.m. on July 28 to claim her third Tevis Cup victory. Riding Cayucos, a 10-year-old 15.1 hand chestnut Arabian gelding owned by Hillorie Farace Di Villaforesta, Reynolds finished 18 minutes before second place Wasch Blakeley.

The Blakeleys, from Terrebonne, Oregon, captured three of the coveted top ten slots with Gabriela Blakekley finishing a minute behind her husband, and their son, Barrack claiming fifth place at 10:49 p.m. Lindsay Fisher and Monk—who led most of the course and vetted through first at both major checkpoints, Robinson Flat (Mile 36) and Foresthill (Mile 68)—placed fourth...

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mustang MM Cody and Mykayla Corgnell Win 2018 Haggin Cup

July 29 2018

2018 eighth place Tevis Cup finisher, MM Cody, ridden by Mykayla Corgnell, was named the Haggin Cup winner. The mustang is owned by Mark Montgomery.

MM Cody and Cornell crossed the finish line with ninth place Montgomery and MM Woodrow at 12:22 AM.

Full results of the Tevis Cup can be seen here:

Heather Reynolds and Cayucos Win 2018 Tevis Cup

July 29 2018

Heather Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida, and Hillorie Farace Di Villaforesta's 10-year-old Arabian gelding Cayucos won the 63rd edition of the 100-mile Tevis Cup, crossing the finish line in Auburn, California, at 10:00 PM. This was Heather's third Tevis Cup win

Finishing second and third 18 minutes later were the husband-wife duo of Wasch and Gabriela Blakeley from Terrebonne, Oregon. Wasch rode their 9-year-old Arabian gelding RA Ares Bey, and Gabriela rode their 9-year-old gelding LLC Pyros Choice. The Blakely's son Barrak (Haggin Cup winner in 2014 as a Junior) finished in 5th place at 10:49 PM aboard his 7-year-old mare OMR Quick San.

Fourth place went to Lindsay Fisher and the 16-year-old gelding Monk; the duo finished second in last year's Tevis.

Haggin Cup judging will be this morning and will be announced this afternoon.

64 riders completed out of 150 starters.

Friday, July 27, 2018

WARHorses’ Interview – The Oldest Horse to Finish Tevis

WomenOfAgeRidingHorses.com - Full Article

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman–everyone loves a super hero. They possess extraordinary traits, aspire to do good, apply their strengths to help others and are reliable, trustworthy stalwarts that inspire and comfort the rest of us. Endurance rider, Claire Godwin, knows something about super heroes. She has one living in her pasture.

Godwin, 59, is a Companion Animal Veterinarian and Practice Owner at Laytonsville Veterinary Practice, Laytonsville, MD. Like many WARHorses, Godwin grew up loving horses but put them aside to attend college, establish a veterinary practice, and start a family. Inspired by a dinner conversation about endurance, Godwin purchased an Arab and began competing in her 30’s.

Years later, PL Mercury, or Merc as he’s known, came into Godwin’s life quietly. At 15 years old his job was to merely be a horse for the kids to ride, but soon he began revealing his super powers to Godwin. Turns out the mild mannered kid’s horse possessed a talent for distance. As recently as June this super horse carried Godwin 100 miles in the Old Dominion, defeating “the Beast of the East” as the race is dubbed and finishing sixth! And this super horse is not done yet. On July 28th, Godwin and Mercury will tackle Tevis, one of the toughest endurance events in the world. Godwin hopes they can break Mercury’s current record as the oldest horse to complete Tevis (the Ride). This year Merc is 27-1/2 years old!...

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2018 Tevis Cup Provides Equine Research Opportunities

Thehorse.com - Full Article

The 100-mile ride has long provided a unique opportunity to conduct research on well-conditioned endurance horses working in extreme conditions and this year is no exception.

By Marsha Hayes | Jul 26, 2018

When the 63rd Tevis Cup event kicks off at 5:15 a.m. on Saturday July 28, 156 of the top endurance horse and rider teams are slated to start the cross-country quest to cover 100 miles within 24 hours. This event has long provided a unique opportunity to conduct research on well-conditioned endurance horses working in extreme conditions, and this year is no exception.

Researchers studying this year’s Tevis field will include David Horohov, PhD veterinary science chairman and director of the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center, in Lexington, and Allen Page, DVM, PhD, a veterinarian and scientist at the Gluck Center. They plan to continue their research started in racehorses and look at links between exercise and inflammation in equine athletes...

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Endurance Horse Podcast Episode 7 - Potato Richardson-Tevis

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

July 23rd, 2018

Hello from Wisconsin & Welcome to Endurance Horse Podcast!

Episode 7 is being published on the 23rd of July 2018

I am your host, Christina Hyke- a Wisconsin based Equine photographer who also happens to love the trails and distance riding enough to create a podcast about it to share stories with other riders from around the world.

Here, we gather to cheer each other on, share stories and to make connections with riders from around the world. It is, in a sense, a virtual ride camp. I once had a friend ask me, “What does this podcast give to me that facebook doesn’t?” And my simplest answer was this, ‘Your hands, eyes and feet.” You don’t need any of them to listen in to the podcast, all you need is your ears.

I’m happy to bring to you a special treat in Episode 7, really it is Jenny Chandler who has taken the time to create a special file with an icon of the Endurance world, Potato Richardson. It is this file that spurred on an additional call for more audio files to create yet another episode in July- we wanted to share the audio sent in from Jenny and Potato before Tevis.

We are also going to, for the first time - hear from/about Ride and Tie competitors, we are going to hear updates from the Midwest and Coolich Endurance, the Southwest from Keisha, a great update from Marvel Endurance at the State Championships Down Under and we will be welcoming another rider to the podcast- Erin Glassman.

Please check the show notes for links to websites and also to blogs.

Without further ado, I am happy to bring to you, Episode 7, of the Endurance Horse Podcast.


New Tevis 'Mediators of Inflammation' Research Study for 2018

July 24 2018

Mediators of inflammation in endurance horses attempting a 100-mile ride.

The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center will be on-site with a study looking at mediators of inflammation in endurance horses. Thoroughbred race horses have been studied with findings that revealed the levels of these mediators correlated with levels of fitness and exertion. Drs. Page and Horohov from the University want to see what influence intense and prolonged exercise would have on the same markers.

The study is **ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY** but the results will be shared with the riders who participate after the ride and may provide valuable insight into a horse’s ability and success at endurance. We also have a thank you gift for all participating.

The study involves blood draws at the vet-in at Robie Park, at Robinson Flat, Foresthill, and the finish. Pulled horses will be tested at the earliest time after their pull either at Robinson, Foresthill, or the Fairgrounds. Similar to the blood draws for electrolyte levels done over the past five years, the procedure should take less than a minute and cause no delay.

Riders can register for the study on-line:

Research done at the Tevis Cup Ride has been crucial to the understanding of the physical and metabolic stresses put on these incredible athletes. It is part of our mission to allow and to fund on-going research that will better the lives of our equine partners.

We encourage your participation in this important study.

Jeff Herten
Vet Committee Chair

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Mix of Equines Set for Tevis

July 21, 2018

A variety of 157 equines* are set to take the stage over the 100 miles of the 64th annual Tevis Cup on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

A few equine stats:
There are Arabians and part Arabians galore, 1 Hanoverian, 6 mustangs, 5 mules, 1 Rocky Mountain horse, 1 Missouri Foxtrotter, 1 Quarter horse, a few Quarabs, 1 Saddlebred, 1 Shagya, 1 Standardbred and a couple of Standie crosses, 1 Morgan, 1 Tennessee Walker.

The youngest is 6 years old; 6 horses are over 20, including one 27-year-old gelding.

21-year-old SMR Fifi d'Or won the Tevis Cup in 2005 with Cathy Richardson; she'll be ridden by Potato Richardson this year.

The start will be at 5:15 AM on July 28 at Robie Park above Lake Tahoe, and end in Auburn, California, 24 hours later.

Current entries can be seen here:

*sign-up as of July 20

Thursday, July 19, 2018

AERC International Youth Exchange in the Works


YOUNG RIDERS EXCHANGE! Attention young riders between the ages of 13 and 20: We are in the early planning stages of the AERC International Youth Exchange. We will be going to a safe country in 2019 but have yet to make final plans on the location. We will be taking up to 4 young riders. In 2016 we took 4 young riders to Australia for a trip of a lifetime (see photos)! 

Qualifications in order to apply: 
1. Must have 500 AERC endurance miles 
2. Must have ridden more than one horse in competition 

Online application: https://aerc.org/2019exchange
Application deadline: August 31, 2018 

This is still a pilot program of AERC. The funding has been obtained from the Gator Run Benefit rides, veterinarians who have worked these rides, silent auctions and also sponsors. If anyone would like to help out with funding please contact either the AERC Office or Connie Burns-Caudill. Looking forward to another exciting trip with our young riders.

Follow the Live Tevis Webcast

The Western States Trail Foundation (Tevis Cup Ride) has a loyal group of volunteers that will be working hard to bring you up to date information during the ride weekend. When the ride starts, there will be a link on the main website http://www.teviscup.org/ to the LIVE WEBCAST. That link will allow you to search the progress of a specific rider, information status by checkpoint, current leaders, and a list of pulled riders. You can even save a list of Favorites to make checking on their progress throughout the day more streamlined!

You can also find updates, live streaming videos and photos during the course of the ride on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TevisCup/ We have webcast photographers and crew at MORE checkpoints than ever this year. We will be doing our best to provide continual coverage, upload pictures and video live during the event. Live streaming was a big hit last year. We plan to have even more if possible this year!

Additionally, this year we have a totally new feature of optional live GPS tracking for riders! For an additional fee, riders can elect to carry a live tracker, which will send pings to update the riders’ status on the trail every 5 minutes. There may be locations on the trail where GPS signal is too weak to successfully send a ping, the unit will try three times before waiting for the next 5 minute interval. You can follow along with those riders who have elected this service here: http://trackleaders.com/teviscup18 Individual riders GPS units should also be linked to their “Where’s My Rider” webcast page.

All of the people helping to man our EIGHTEEN various checkpoints are volunteers, typically working long hours for nothing more than the love of the event and a spiffy Tshirt. They do their best. Several new innovations have been introduced to provide updates as quickly and error-free as possible. Most stops are either direct internet uploading from the check point or through technology called Winlink which enables emails to be sent over short wave radio. These two things allow us to be more accurate than in the past. We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on their rider.

You can imagine how hard it is to not transpose numbers, either verbally when reading/calling them out (especially for tired riders), or while writing them down/typing them in (think of 3-4 people having to hear/write the number for each instance), especially when you've been awake 20+ hours. Keep in mind it's possible to miss a rider # if they all come in in a big group. If your rider shows up pulled or in a strange place - check again later and don't automatically take it as gospel. There are automated tools to help the webcast volunteers find and correct a mistake at the next update. With the batch uploading process, and some of the remote locations, they may take up to an hour to fully upload.

Also just because your rider stops at a particular location for longer than usual/planned, it's not necessarily significant. It could be that the spotters missed their number going out, or perhaps they stayed longer than planned to let their horse eat or rest for the upcoming trail segment. There will be volunteers in Foresthill with computers if you need assistance in looking up a rider.

Summary of how to follow us online:

Main Tevis Website:

Official Tevis Facebook page:

Event GPS tracking:

Twitter Account:

Flickr Photos:


~ Crysta Turnage
Webcast Volunteer

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tevis Cup 100-Mile Endurance Ride time

Auburnjournal.com - Full Article

Saturday Jul 14 2018
By: Julie Miller, Design and Content Manager

Last month for the Endurance Capital of the World, runners near and far conquered Western States 100. This month, it’s Tevis Cup’s turn to take to the Western States trail.

Around 200 horses and riders will take on the 100-mile race from Truckee to Auburn. Last year, the weather was cool with a bit a of rain and 56 percent of entrants finished the race. That’s about typical, generally 50 percent will finish the race.
It begins at Robie Equestrian park at 7,000 feet elevation south of Truckee goes through rugged miles of ascending and descending before reaching Old Town Auburn.

“Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the trail, the Tevis Cup Ride differs substantially from other organized endurance riding events,” said the Tevis Cup website. “Adequate physical training and preparation for both horse and rider are of the utmost importance. The mountains, although beautiful, are relentless in their challenge and unforgiving to the ill-prepared...”

Read more here:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

US Equestrian Names U.S. Endurance Squad for FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian has announced four athlete-and-horse combinations for the U.S. Endurance Squad for the FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) Tryon 2018, which takes place Sept. 11-23 in Mill Spring, N.C. Following the 2016-2018 selection period, the US Equestrian Board of Directors approved the following combinations for the U.S. Endurance Squad to be named to the FEI Nominated Entry List.

The following combinations have been named to the U.S. Endurance Squad for the WEG (in alphabetical order):

Danielle Crouse (Lexington, Ohio) and AM Mysterious Mopsa, Wendy MacCoubrey’s 11-year-old Arabian mare

Gwen Hall (Woodland Park, Colo.) and SizeDoesntMatter, her 12-year-old Arabian gelding

Kelsey Russell (Williston, Fla.) and Fireman Gold, Wendy MacCoubrey and Valerie Kanavy’s eight-year-old Arabian gelding

Rae Shumate-Tysor (Cumming, Ga.) and DM Michaelangelo, her nine-year-old Arabian gelding

Erin Champion (Clinton, Tenn.) and Kongtiki, her own 15-year-old Arabian stallion, will serve as the traveling reserve combination.

Additionally, the following three combinations have been named to the reserve list for the U.S. Endurance Squad for the WEG (in alphabetical order):

Cameron Holzer (Houston, Texas) and Kong, her nine-year-old Shagya Sporthorse gelding

Erin Lemmons-Innes (Hico, Texas) and Tuscarora John, her 12-year-old Arabian gelding

Cheryl Van Deusen (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) and Hoover the Mover, her 14-year-old Arabian gelding

For more information about the WEG U.S. Endurance selection process, view the U.S. Endurance team selection procedures.

For more information about FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018, visit Tryon2018.com.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOC, and USEF Sponsors and Members.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

2018 July's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Horsesinthemorning.com - Listen

Tevis, Tevis and MORE Tevis with Lora, Kellie and Natalie – Endurance Day for 07-10-18
Jul 10, 2018

On today’s endurance episode its all about Tevis, and we’re joined by Lara Wereb who is riding her gaited horse Spin Out Merlin this year, Tevis first timer Kellie Moore Fryman, and Natalie Sundstrom wraps up the show with some Tevis Gremlin stories.

Listen in:

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast Episode 6 - Rider Option Pulls

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

July 7 2018

Hello & welcome to Endurance Horse Podcast!

This episode is the first topic specific episode of the Endurance Horse Podcast. In this episode riders are sharing stories on the topic of what we call here in the US, a Rider Option pull. A Rider Option pull is when your horse has successfully gone through the vetting process, though you feel that for some reason, you should not go on. In other countries this is called a ‘Withdrawl’.

At the end of the podcast I will share about two times when I decided to Rider Option, once on Faith in 2016 and once on Mandate for Gold in 2011.

Sometimes the stories we share on the podcast are fun and uplifting, so it did give me a bit of a pause to decide to tackle a not so uplifting aspect of Endurance riding, stories about the days when things did not go as planned.

We share the Rider Option stories in Episode 6 in hopes that we will give courage to someone who in the future who maybe faced with that feeling that something just isn’t right with their horse in hopes that the stories you hear here today will help you make that choice if there is ever a day when you are faced with that nagging feeling in your gut, even though all seems to be okay on the outside. I also hope that this episode will lend peace of mind to some of you who had decided to withdraw, or not start a ride- that you made the right decision.

In any case, at some point or another- if you ride long enough- there is a chance there will be a day when you just are not sure. Yes, to finish is to win, though somedays it is best to stop, play it safe and follow your gut instinct.

Thank you to the riders who were willing to share your stories that were difficult to share.

Without further ado, I bring to you episode 6 of the Endurance Horse podcast.

To send in your story to Endurance Horse Podcast please send an email to:

Owen “Jake” Jacobs 1947-2018


Owen “Jake” Jacobs died suddenly at his home in Wild River Ranches (in Evanston) on Friday, June 29. He was born May 20, 1947, in Baker City, Oregon, the son of Clarence LeRoy Jacobs and Mildred Helen Burnett Jacobs.

Jake’s early years were spent on the family ranch in Oregon. He enlisted in the Navy in 1967, and he was honorably discharged in 1970. During his naval career, he was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska, and at Miramar Naval Station in southern California. While at Miramar, he was an air traffic controller.

After leaving the Navy, he went on to college and graduated from Oregon State University. After graduation he went into the cattle business. In the early ’80s, he moved to Evanston and went to work in the oil and gas industry with Amoco. Later, he and Eileen opened the Book Nook in the Blyth & Fargo building until 1996 when he left to work in the oil and gas industry as an independent contractor.

While living in Evanston, Jake was very active in the community and Catholic church. He was a volunteer at YAHA and received the volunteer of the year award. He was also one of the people instrumental in organizing the re-enactment of the Great Endurance Horse Race from Evanston to Denver in the early 1990s. Jake eventually moved to Denver, where he went to work for Encana until his retirement in June of 2013...

Read more here:

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Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 5.0

Endurancehorsepodcast - Listen

July 4 2018

Welcome to Episode 5 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Hosted by Christina Hyke
Sponsored by Christina Hyke Photography, LLC

Welcome to Episode 5! Today is July 4th 2018. In the United States it is a time for family and friends to get together, cook out and celebrate. There will be parades, festivals and fireworks. Today we are heading to a race to cheer on two of our older sons in the Whippet City Mile run that is right before the start of the 4th of July Parade, then out to the lake to enjoy a barbecue with my brother and family. Though, since many of you maybe traveling this weekend, I thought it a good day to get episode 5 galloping out onto the airwaves. So, here you go and I hope you enjoy the audios, I hope you find inspiration, laughter, joy, encouragement, empathy and most of all a feeling of all being a part of the same journey and the most I wish for you is that you enjoy the ride.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for this episode to be pulled together, and especially to two wonderful midwestern women, Laurie and Beth. Both ladies ride in the Midwest region of the US, both are from WI and I have had the privilege of chatting with both of them on the trails. When I needed two more files to complete this episode it was Beth that was first to answer the call, and then she suggested Laurie, whom I have met on the trail- and she is truly a ray of sunshine. I am so glad that I waited and got the audios from these two midwestern treasures.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in. To all of you who send files in, I know how busy everyone is- thank you for helping me create this podcast and share the world of endurance riding and bringing together riders from across the globe.

When I started this podcast I had the idea that it would be a positive in the endurance world, focusing us on what brings us together- the love of a good horse and a beautiful trail, the challenges we face, the goals we set and maybe above all- that we see that, as riders, and really, as people, we all have a lot more in common than not. And just maybe, this podcast would even bring some of us closer together online & in real life.

On June 8th, my mother’s birthday, I saw a share worthy post and shared it. The post was from Potato Richardson, and that he had a horse available for Tevis- I shared the post on the Endurance Horse Podcast.

One of the riders in the Endurance Horse Podcast group saw the opportunity and landed the ride on the horse. I know several of you are going to Tevis and it would be amazing if some of you got together around an actual campfire or met each other at the ride meetings.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

AERC Award Nominations are due July 16!

Current AERC members are invited to nominate worthy recipients for the following year-end awards.

Awards descriptions:

HALL OF FAME, PERSON AND EQUINE. The Hall of Fame award, presented at the AERC convention national awards banquet, honors lifetime achievements by recognizing outstanding performances or outstanding contributions to the sport or to AERC.

PARD'NERS AWARD. Rider and horse perform together as a mutually bonded team. Rider and horse engender a spirit of friendship, enthusiasm and championship that makes those around them glad to have attended the ride. However competitive they may be, good sportsmanship remains their first priority. Horse and rider take care of each other. Together horse and rider personify the prevailing and abiding goal of AERC: "To finish is to win." This award was established in honor of the late Mae Schlegel. The recipient receives a keepsake plaque and the names of the "pard'ners" are engraved onto a perpetual trophy.

ANN PARR TRAILS PRESERVATION AWARD. This award, named after trails volunteer Ann Parr, was first given in 2012, and honors the member who has worked tirelessly for equine trails. Ann supported the Trails and Land Management Committee with her time, effort and knowledge. She worked with state count and city political offices from her home in Draper, Utah, to promote trail easement preservation and urban trails development. Ann led a campaign to enable the city of Draper to purchase an area previously slated for residential development for use as a public outdoor recreation area. Her trail advocacy and committee work are an inspiration for those who care for and work to preserve and expand equestrian trails across the country. Sharon Ballard proposed this award on the death of her beloved friend in 2011.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD. This award is established to honor an AERC member who has devoted an extraordinary amount of volunteer effort, time and service on behalf of the AERC for many years.

To nominate, use this form:

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Melissa Margetts remembered 1957-2018

Telluridenews.com - Full Article

July 1 2018
By Sophie Stuber, Planet Contributor

The Telluride community lost one of its most beloved characters Monday, June 25, when Melissa “Lissa” Margetts passed away. She was 60. Margetts was born Sept. 3, 1957, in Vallejo, California, and moved to Telluride as a child. Her father, Dr. Gardiner Pier, was the only town doctor and, by default, the town veterinarian. Her parents founded the Telluride Mountain Center. From childhood, Margetts shared a strong connection with animals and her community.

Margetts’ “friend in crime” for over 20 years, Susannah Smith, described Margetts’ intimate connection with wildlife in a recent interview with the Daily Planet.

“She was an animal whisperer. She could work with almost any animal,” Smith said.

Margetts connected with animals on a deep level. “She was half wild and not to be contained, just like the animals she worked with,” Smith added.

Her son, Jake Burns, said his mother was “a quintessentially Telluride figure.”

After working for several large corporations in Minnesota, Margetts decided to return to her mountain community, where she founded the Rocky Mountain Ark Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Wilson Mesa. The Ark was an internationally known institution that sheltered and rehabilitated injured animals on a 14-acre preserve. For animals that were not able to return to the wild, the Ark became a permanent home. At its peak, the Rocky Mountain Ark housed 165 animals.

“She was a walking encyclopedia on wildlife. She had so many certifications that we couldn’t find anyone to replace her when I was trying to help her sell it, or hand it over,” Smith said...

Read more here:

Friday, June 29, 2018

Interview with Tevis Cup Ride Director Chuck Stalley

Tevis Cup Ride Director Chuck Stalley is interviewed by Matt Scribner for episode #9 of Tales from the Tevis Trail.

Watch the video here:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tevis "Keep Your Dreams Alive" Contest Winner Announced


The Keep Your Dreams Alive Contest winner is, drum roll please,.... Terrie LaPorte of Delta, British Columbia!

Her story tugs at the heartstrings of any horse lover. After the sudden and tragic loss of her first Tevis prospect, Terrie acquired Magnum El Shah and worried it was a mistake. He was a very challenging horse. She explained that it took two years for horse and rider to form the strong bond they have today.

Now at 67 years young, she and her horse Magnum have completed nine endurance rides and earned seven top ten finishes in 2018 alone She is thrilled to have won and sees this as "a sign to continue doing my best, being a good teammate to Magnum and smiling all the way as I do my thing, living the dream."

Congratulations to this Canadian and the best of luck on July 28!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mark Your Calendars for Distance Nationals!


Mark your calendars for the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships at the Spook Run Site in Henryville, Ind., running October 26-28. We welcome back our returning partners, the Appaloosa Horse Club and the Paso Fino Horse Association, and our 2018 additions, the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry, the American Morgan Horse Association and the Akhal-Teke Association of America! We are very excited to have all of these great organizations on with us and hope to see all breeds there!

Don't forget we also have several AHA/AERC/SERA/OAATS recognized Open Rides running each day that do not require breed membership(s) and have no qualification requirements. To check out the qualification requirements for the National Rides click here!

The LD Challenge is a new event this year, which is open to any horse/rider combination that plans to ride all three days (25 miles a day) in the Open LD Rides.

The rider must pay the $20 entry fee for the LD Challenge indicated on the Entry Form before the start of the first day's ride. This is in addition to the entry fee for each individual open ride. Because we encourage the very best care of our horses, all the LD riders must reach a 56 for pulse down criteria and will have a CRI in the final Vet Check for each day.

On the third day, the entries in the LD Challenge will have a final Vet Check score. The placings and CRI heart rates for each of the three days and the Vet Check at the end of the third day will be converted into a points score. This score will determine the awards for the 1st-5th winners and all completion riders. All rules and point schedule are available on the AHA Distance National web page under Exhibitor Information.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Volunteers Needed for Tevis!


June 24 2018

Want to help with Tevis in a unique and special way? We are still looking for volunteers. Volunteering is an interesting way to get a true "behind the scenes" look at the event and assist horses and riders at checkpoints which are not open to the general public and crews. You can sign up using the link below:

Friday, June 22, 2018

Marion Inez (Robie) Arnold Passes Away


Marion Inez (Robie) Arnold

Marion Inez (Robie) Arnold, age 72, of Newcastle, California passed away peacefully in the early hours of Friday, June 15, 2018. Marion was a noted horsewoman and pioneer in the sport of endurance riding.

Services will be held at Chapel of the Hills in Auburn on Saturday, June 23, 2018, at 10 a.m. Burial, with military honors, will immediately follow at the New Auburn Cemetery. Visitation will take place just before the services at Chapel of the Hills.

Marion was born on August 8, 1945 to John and Elizabeth (Kangas) Robie in Sacramento.

Marion is survived by her loving son, Wendell C. Arnold of Newark, Calif, her beloved grandchildren Emma, Lilla, and Samuel Arnold, her devoted sisters Wendy Robie of Chicago, and Marcie Chester of Lithia, Fla, her loving nephew Xo Larimer of Berkeley, Calif, cousin Suann Stone of Tahoe, Calif, and many lifelong friends.

Inspired by her grandfather, Wendell T. Robie, Marion learned to ride before she could walk. Arabian horses, trail riding and endurance racing became her life's passions. In 1958, at the age of 12, Marion finished the (now) historic 100-Miles-One-Day Western States Trail Ride (colloquially called the Tevis Cup) that was founded by her grandfather. She would go on to finish the ride 10 more times, winning in 1969. Her eleventh and final completion was in 1994 with her son. Shortly after her final Western States Trail Ride, she transitioned to NATRC where she rode and worked tirelessly. She will especially be remembered for a NATRC event that she co-chaired out of Robie Park in Truckee. She was one of the founding members of the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and was elected to their Hall of Fame in 1982. She was also a founding member, and former president, of the Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation.

After graduating from Placer High School, class of 1963, as a National Merit Scholar, Marion attended Wellesley College and California State University Hayward, graduating with a major in mathematics, teaching math shortly thereafter. Marion enlisted in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War and cared for newborns at the base hospital at Travis Air Force Base.
Marion's family is very proud of her military service. But it was in promoting and celebrating endurance riding and conserving the historic emigrant trails of the High Sierra mountains where she made her mark. Marion will be sorely missed by all who love the mountains and who know we love them best from atop a horse.

Published in Auburn Journal on June 21, 2018

For more information see:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018 June's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Horsesiinthemorning.com - Listen

Endurance for Clueless Equestrian, Accardo’s Mongol Derby Prep – Endurance Day for 06-12-18

Karen Chaton is joined by Patti Stedman to tell us just about everything we need to know to get through our first Endurance ride. Heather ‘Flash’ Accardo talks about her preparations for the Mongul Derby and common Endurance acronyms are deciphered, plus we make up a few new ones.

Listen in:

Tevis Cup Late Fee is July 1


June 12 2018

Enter Before It's Too Late!

The late fee for entering the July 28, 2018 Tevis Cup is quickly approaching. Be sure your ride entry arrives at the Tevis office on or before July 1, 2018 to enter without a late fee.

You can fill out your application here:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sousa's LV Integrity +/ is Newest Endurance Breyer Model

June 12 2018
by Merri Melde-Endurance.net

Joyce and Dennis Sousa's LV Integrity +\, (LV Cartell x Rivaska) joined the ranks of a few elite endurance horses to become a Breyer horse model.

The now-25-year-old gelding has accomplished some amazing feats over his 20 year endurance career, which continues in 2018!

With 10,555 AERC mies, "Ritz" became a "Perfect Ten Equine" in 2016 - 10 years of competition, 10,000 miles, 10 first place finishes and 10 best condition awards. Additionally, the gelding became an AERC Hall of Fame Equine in 2015.

The LV Integrity +/ Breyer model will be in Kentucky for the BreyerFest the second week of July. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

You Can Ride Historic Immigrant Trails: at City of Rocks Pioneer Endurance Ride

May 24 2018

Oh, those hardy pioneers, all quarter million of them. Between 1841 and 1869, they headed West, seeking new opportunities, Manifest Destiny, gold, adventure, and more.

The California Trail - some 2-3000 miles long - was one route some of them trod, on horseback, on foot, and with their covered wagons from Missouri River towns to Northern California.

The Boise-Kelton Stage route started in Kelton, Utah, north of the Great Salt Lake, (the closest stop in southern Idaho) and ran up to Boise. It followed Ben Holladay’s 1864 mail route and became the preferred road between Kelton and Boise for stagecoaches and freight wagons.

Today, the California Trail and Boise-Kelton stage routes run right smack through City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho. The latter runs through Emigrant Canyon

and crosses the California Trail near the landmark Twin Sisters peaks.

You can still see the remains of a stage stop on the Boise-Kelton trail - and you'll ride right past it on Days 1 and 2 on the 50-mile trails. All distances, all days of the City of Rocks endurance ride, will trod over at least a small portion of the California Trail, and will pass by Register Rock, where immigrants' signatures can still be seen today scrawled in wagon axle grease.

So saddle up, come ride a bit of history at the 3-day City of Rocks Pioneer endurance ride on June 7, 8, and 9: distances of 25 or 50 miles, plus trail rides.

More information at:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast, Episode 4

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Endurance Horse Podcast Episode 4 is on the air!

Sponsored by Christina Hyke Photography, LLC

In Episode 4 we are going to hear from fascinating riders from across the globe. We are going to hear Daryl Owen’s National Championships ride report from New Zealand. Also from New Zealand, Jenny Chandler’s first time sending in an audio file, another wonderful Marvel rider from down under, Kat & her musical ways (thanks to Kat, I had several songs stuck in my head for days). We will also hear from the land of Billy the Kid, thanks to our wonderful south west rider, Keisha Wood, be sure to check out Keisha’s blog for more updates, stories and photographs on her journeys.

We will also hear from Tennessee Lane, be sure to check out her SoCo Endurance page & links listed here. Also, I had reached out to several ride managers to send in an audio telling us about their ride, and I heard back from a rider to tell us all about the great Shore to Shore Ride in Michigan. This is the first of what I hope to be more, if you would like to feature your favorite endurance ride on the podcast, please email me and I will send you the interview guide for the ride management.

All of this and so much more, including an update from one of our precious young riders, and also an intro/first time file from Karly, down under. We would also like to welcome Amanda from Virgina with her three horses, Candy (POA), 1/2 Arabian son of Candy & Oliver who was recently pulled from a feedlot. Oliver is an Egyptian Arabian. We will hear from FEI Endurance rider Melissa Coolich of Coolich Endurance. She has an amazing story of overcoming a health crisis to be able to compete. Thank you to Melissa for her inspiring story of healing and sharing your passion for endurance. I’d also like to welcome Lindy Griffith of Florida, and her Rocky MTN Maxwell and Chief (Arab/Rocky MTN). These sound like wonderful horses to ride.


Tevis: Signature Rider Spots Going Fast!


Are you a Signature Rider at Heart?

It is neck and neck for the Signature and International rider sign-ups with five of each. We have heard rumors of more of both getting ready to enter!

So all of you Tevis lovers, please feel free to help us with the costs of maintaining this famous ride by becoming a Signature Rider. You will not be disappointed!

Our goal is to have 20 Signature Riders this year, so please open your heart and pocketbook for the world famous Tevis Cup.

We have also had in the past our International riders sign up to become Signature riders and take lots of goodies back to their home country. We are all inclusive in this program!!! Waiting hear from you next lucky 15 that are signing up!

Entry form and more information here:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


May 16 2018

There's still time to sign up! This is a great NW ride to fill the void that the cancelled Klickitat Trek left.

Uncle Sam (and Steph, Regina, Merri, Connie, Almo, the Idaho State Park Service) wants you to come to the City of Rocks Pioneer endurance ride June 7-8-9 in Almo, Idaho. Show your patriotism and show you're a proud American endurance rider! Or just have fun, but come!

This is your chance to experience 3 days of Trail Rides, LDs, or 50-mile rides in City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park in (we are planning for) perfect early summer weather. Ride over old emigrant trails (California Trail, Boise-Kelton Stage route), and see pioneers' names scrawled in wagon axle grease on Register Rock. If you're not too tired after riding 50 miles a day, or if your partner doesn't ride, you can hike, bike, or climb in the parks.

Basecamp is a spacious private field just below City of Rocks, and trails run through one or both parks each day. It's a good challenging ride: basecamp is at over 5000', and trails climb up to around 7000 feet each day.

Non-amenities will be: no meals this year: Two Trees Catering cook Wynne is off gallivanting around Europe, so bring your own food or plan to eat in Almo.

Amenities include great awards, a good time, a probable bluegrass jam or two (bring your instruments!), a possible Lemonaid stand by local kids on the trail to Castle Rocks State Park, the best pizza in Idaho or possibly the USA at Rock City in Almo (which also has a fine, large selection of gourmet beer), or the Almo Steakhouse, and, of course, Durfee Hot Springs. If you show up late to register one night and we are gone and you don't see our swimsuits hanging out to dry, that's where we probably are!

If you plan to come to the ride, help us by preregistering. Any questions, and for more information, see:

Still on the fence? Watch some of these videos to whet your appetite:

(or link: https://youtu.be/ZHckkzcbHbQ )

(or link: https://youtu.be/jieI0UMnB7A )

(or link: https://youtu.be/FffBioq5p5I )

(or link: https://youtu.be/KZx8Kuknpao )

(or link: https://youtu.be/DzhYamZc4Wo )

(or link: https://youtu.be/6r8iC0c7EYQ )

Friday, May 11, 2018

Devan Horn Guest on Hiking Podcast

MightyBlueOnTheAT Podcast - Listen

Episode #86 – Devan Horn (Shawty)

For a hiking show, Devan Horn wouldn’t normally belong. Yet this extraordinary woman, a long-distance runner and rider, chose to hike the Colorado Trail while her party of five other women did it on horseback. She was able to draw distinctions and comparisons between the two modes of transport and provides great insights.

She also took part in two Mongol Derbys, with a third coming this year. Click on the link to see more details and wild video of this amazing race.

When our conversation turned back to long-distance running she even mulled over the idea of an attempt at an FKT of the Appalachian Trail. I wouldn’t put that remarkable feat out of her range.

You can connect with Devan through her Facebook page, at texantemujin.

Listen to the podcast here:

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Recognizing Missouri Fox Trotting Horses Competing in AERC Competition


May 7 2018

From its beginnings in the American West, the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) has spread roots both nationally and internationally. The AERC sanctions more than 700 rides each year throughout North America. In 1978 the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) recognized endurance riding as an international sport, and since that date the U.S. and Canada have regularly swept the team and individual medals. In 1993 Endurance became the fifth discipline under the United States Equestrian Team, now known as the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

In addition to promoting the sport of endurance riding, the AERC encourages the use, protection, and development of equestrian trails, especially those with historic significance. Many special events of four to six consecutive days take place over historic trails, such as the Pony Express Trail, the Outlaw Trail, the Chief Joseph Trail, and the Lewis and Clark Trail. The founding ride of endurance riding, the Western States Trail Ride or “Tevis Cup,” covers 100 miles of the famous Western States and Immigrant Trails over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These rides promote awareness of the importance of trail preservation for future generations and foster an appreciation of our American heritage.

The number of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses competing in AERC competition continues to grow. To support the efforts of the AERC and recognize the registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses competing in AERC events, the MFTHBA has developed a recognition program.

To be eligible for yearend Missouri Fox Trotting Horse awards, horses must be registered with the MFTHBA; and the horse’s owner(s) must be members in good standing of the MFTHBA and AERC during the competition year the miles are earned. Awards are based on mileage of the horse. Horses may accumulate mileage in multiple categories. AERC endurance and Limited Distance (LD) miles count toward the award. The MFTHBA will recognize a Top 5 in the following categories:

* High Mileage, Limited Distance, by a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Top 5 recognized

* High Mileage, Endurance Distance, by a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Top 5 recognized

Ties will be broken using completion percentage for the year. Prize will be custom jacket with MFTHBA and AERC logo. Award will go to the owner of the horse.

The AERC’s competition year began December 1 and will run through November. Winners are recognized the December following the close of the competition year.

To learn more about AERC and their upcoming events, visit https://aerc.org/

2018 May's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Horsesinthemorning.com - Listen

May 8, 2018

On this month’s Endurance episode Karen Chaton talks about the Relive App, the Stalley family who organizes the Cache Creek Ridge Ride talks about what it takes to put on a great ride, and Diane Stevens has some great conditioning tips for Endurance horses.

Listen in:

Friday, May 04, 2018


May 4 2018

Uncle Sam (and Steph, Regina, Merri, Connie, Almo, the Idaho State Park Service) wants you to come to the City of Rocks Pioneer endurance ride June 7-8-9 in Almo, Idaho. Show your patriotism and show you're a proud American endurance rider! Or just have fun, but come!

This is your chance to experience 3 days of Trail Rides, LDs, or 50-mile rides in City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park in (we are planning for) perfect early summer weather. Ride over old emigrant trails (California Trail, Boise-Kelton Stage route), and see pioneers' names scrawled in wagon axle grease on Register Rock. If you're not too tired after riding 50 miles a day, or if your partner doesn't ride, you can hike, bike, or climb in the parks.

Basecamp is a spacious private field just below City of Rocks, and trails run through one or both parks each day. It's a good challenging ride: basecamp is at over 5000', and trails climb up to around 7000 feet each day.

Non-amenities will be: no meals this year: Two Trees Catering cook Wynne is off gallivanting around Europe, so bring your own food or plan to eat in Almo.

Amenities include great awards, a good time, a probable bluegrass jam or two (bring your instruments!), a possible Lemonaid stand by local kids on the trail to Castle Rocks State Park, the best pizza in Idaho or possibly the USA at Rock City in Almo (which also has a fine, large selection of gourmet beer), or the Almo Steakhouse, and, of course, Durfee Hot Springs. If you show up late to register one night and we are gone and you don't see our swimsuits hanging out to dry, that's where we probably are!

If you plan to come to the ride, help us by preregistering. Any questions, and for more information, see:

To whet your appetite, here's one of our favorite and popular video previews:

(or link:)

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

2018 AERC Award Nominations Now Open

AERC Hall of Fame, Pard'ners Award, Volunteer Service Award, Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award nominations are now open!

If you wish to make nominations for the 2018 awards, go to: https://aerc.org/static/2018nomination.aspx

PLEASE be as detailed and specific as you can to let the committee know about your nominee's qualifications for the award. The members of the Hall of Fame Committee may not know the person/equine or their accomplishments. Be sure to encourage your fellow AERC members to nominate too.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Pacific South: Descanso Endurance Ride Cancelled

Dear Riders: 

It is necessary for me to cancel the Descanso Endurance Ride and the Descanso Ride and Tie which has been scheduled for the 
weekend of May 19/20, 2018.

The Cuyamaca State Park has set the cost for the permit for using the public trails at more than $3,400. There has not been sufficient interest in the ride to generate enough entries to cover the costs for the permit fees, basecamp, vets, etc. These rides never make money, and it is always necessary to add money to pay for the extras, but David and I are unwilling to cover the several thousand dollars that would be required to go forward when there appears to be so little interest in the ride this year.

I have only received 63 entries for Saturday and 31 entries for Sunday and only 4 ride and tie teams have entered. While it may seem that this is a premature decision because it is still 3 weeks away, but I am at the point where awards need to be ordered and deposits placed, veterinarians need to be released and riders who use these rides for conditioning, need to plan for a replacement ride. 

I want to thank the loyal riders and new riders who did enter the ride. I appreciate their support. I especially want to thank 
Challenge Ranch who had 19 entries and two ride and tie teams. I know that Challenge Ranch’s kids have been working very hard to get their horses ready for this event, and I know that they will be very disappointed that it is necessary for me to cancel the ride. 

I have identified a possible site for a new ride in Campo and hope to possibly get this scheduled before the end of this year. 

Terry Woolley Howe

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Keep Your (Tevis) Dreams Alive Essay Contest


April 19, 2018 5:04pm

In 2017 an anonymous donor stepped up with an idea to sponsor an entry for someone who had a dream to ride Tevis but the years got away from them. The contest is reborn in 2018!

The essay contest is limited to people that have never ridden the Tevis Cup ride before, who are qualified to enter the Ride as of May 13 and they must be at least 60 years of age on the day of the ride.

The essay requirements are: To enter the contest, in 500 words or less tell us about yourself, your horse and your journey together as a team. Please share the experiences that you feel have prepared you for this challenge. Let us know the impact this entry will have on reaching your dream of participating in the legendary Tevis Cup. Entries are to be mailed to the WSTF Office indicated below and must be postmarked by May 18th. A winner will be selected during the first week of June.

Last year's winner Lorna Christopherson of Salem, Oregon completed the ride in 49th place.

The Western States Trail Foundation
Attn: Dreams Essay
150 A Gum Lane, #103
Auburn, CA, 95603 U.S.A.

For more information, see:

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast, Episode 3


April 25 2018

I’m so glad you could join us!

In Episode 3 we are going to hear some updates, meet some riders we have not heard from before including a Buckskin Mustang that found his way to Germany. We have two ride managers in episode 3 as well as a few walks down memory lane. We will also hear an update from one adorable, very young rider that I hope will continue to send in files throughout the season! And, I have a quick intro, special outro for you.

Spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin, so I’m so happy to feel free to start conditioning. We seem to have a bumper crop of frogs & mosquitos already! May the frogs win!

Email your audio stories to endurancehorsepodcast@gmail.com Ideally the files should be from two to 7 minutes in length.

Your host is Christina Hyke wife, mom, friend, equine photographer and life long horsewoman, ride far, ride well, ride often.


Listen, read more at:

Monday, April 23, 2018

Canada: 2017 Endurance Year-End Award Recipients Announced

Equestrian.ca - Full Article

Ottawa, ON, April 23, 2018 – The Equestrian Canada (EC) Endurance Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Endurance Year-End Awards. These awards recognize individuals and equines that have put countless hours and tireless effort towards the pursuit of personal excellence in endurance, and the sport’s growth in Canada.

The 2017 recipients are as follows:

Hall of Fame Award
Arthur B. King, DVM – Fort Erie, ON

Ron Janzen Memorial Award
Wendy MacCoubrey – Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC

Best Condition Scores High Point Award
Horse / Owner
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON

Junior Riders – Canadian Rides

Jessica Zwaan - St. Denis, SK
Saylor Mayer – Kamloops, BC
Ruby Dinn – Pritchard, BC
Anya Levermann – 100 Mile House, BC
Ella Grimeau – Regina, SK

Junior Riders – Overall Rides

Anya Levermann – 100 Mile House, BC
Jessica Zwaan – St. Denis, SK
Saylor Mayer – Kamloops, BC
Ruby Dinn – Pritchard, BC
Ella Grimeau – Regina, SK
Stephanie Mcleod – Oka, QC
Solstice Pecile – Bailieboro, ON

Senior Riders – Canadian Rides

Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
Leanna Marchant – Foothills, AB
Terrie Laporte – Delta, BC
Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Ariel Macleod – Montney, BC
Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Christy Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB
Tara Macleod - Montney, BC
Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
Solstice Pecile - Bailieboro, ON

Senior Riders – Overall Rides

Robert Gielen - Flesherton, ON
Wendy MacCoubrey - Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC
Lexi Vollman – Regina, SK
Jaylene Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB
Leanna Marchant – Foothills, AB
Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Terrie Laporte - Delta, BC
Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Ariel Macleod - Montney, BC
Christy Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB

Top Ten Horses – Canadian Rides
Horse / Owner

HJ Magnum El Shah / Terrie LaPorte – Delta, BC
B Impulsive Spice It Up / Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Nightwind’s Indigo Bey / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
NightWind’s Bey Infiniti / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Canadian Jaylene / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
JV Brooklyn Bay / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
The X-factor RF / Wendy Carnegie – Dugald, MB
Driftwoods Lancelot / Ariel MacLeod – Montney, BC
Xtremely Irresistable / Solstice Pecile – Bailieboro, ON

Top Ten Horses – Overall Rides
Horse / Owner

More Bang For Your Buck / Robert Gielen – Flesherton, ON
Black Bart’s Lolita / Wendy MacCoubrey - Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC
B Impulsive Spice It Up / Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
HJ Magnum El Shah / Terrie LaPorte – Delta, BC
Nightwind’s Indigo Bey / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
NightWind’s Bey Infiniti / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Canadian Jaylene / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
The X-factor RF / Wendy Carnegie – Dugald, MB
ZF Nadia / Patricia Dowling – St. Denis, SK

Horse / Owner
Koszaar / Terre O’Brennan – Delta, BC
Sakic / Christy Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
FC Galaxy / Robert Gielen – Flesherton, ON
Teese / Yvette Vinton – Morriston, FL

For more information on the 2017 award recipients, please click here.

About the Endurance Awards
The EC Endurance Committee provides a variety of awards programs for the endurance community in order to recognize outstanding athletes, owners, horses, volunteers and more. To learn more about available endurance award programs and view lists of past winners, visit www.equestrian.ca/sport/endurance/awards.