Monday, October 18, 2021

Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100 to Earn 23rd Buckle

October 18 2021

Nicole Wertz and All For You crossed the finish line of the Virginia City 100 on Saturday night at 10:39 PM to win the ride, earning her 23rd VC buckle. Kassandra DiMaggio aboard One Sun finished second, also at 10:39, and earned next morning's Best Condition award.

Nicole also won the VC 100 in 2013 (in a tie with Diane Stevens riding Banderaz LC) riding her one-eyed Friesian cross Golden Knight.

36 started the 100, with 20 finishing.

More to come at:

Man and horse travel 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky - Article & Video

Dominik Fuhrmann
Oct 7, 2021 Updated Oct 8, 2021

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If anyone in Louisville saw a guy on a horse going across the Big Four Bridge this week, you weren't imagining things.

Patrick Sullivan is riding his horse, Gamilah, bareback and bridleless across country.

"We've traveled 2,400 miles from California to Kentucky here, and we're finishing at the Kentucky Horse Park," he said.

WDRB Photojournalist Dominik Fuhrmann caught up with Sullivan and his 9-year-old Egyptian Arabian mare while they were passing through Louisville.

Gamilah is a "liberty horse," which means Sullivan doesn't use ropes, reins, a saddle or a bridle. The horses are trained to choose to work with their rider, and it trains using positive reinforcement or clickers...

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Junior Olivia Valtierra Claims Idaho IronHorse Title

by Merri
October 15 2021

11-year-old Endurance rider Olivia Valtierra claimed the 2021 Junior division Idaho IronHorse LD last weekend. This title is awarded to the rider who completes at least nine days of the 3-day City of Rocks Pioneer ride in Almo in June, the 3-day Top o’ the World Pioneer ride near Spencer in July, the 3-day Old Selam Pioneer in Idaho City in August, and the 3-day Autumn Sun Pioneer near Gooding in October. Olivia rode all days of LDs except Old Selam.

Riding her 19-year-old trusty gelding Tai Bo, Olivia was sponsored on most of the rides by her mom Jessica Valtierra and grandmother Veronica Simpson (these 3 were on the cover of the June Endurance News magazine) and her aunt Lindsay Fisher. She also rode parts of the Top O’ the World trails with Steven Coziah, who, aboard his mustang The Duchess of Beatty’s Butte, earned the senior division title of Idaho IronHorse LD.

2021 was Olivia’s first year of Endurance riding, completing all 11 of her rides with Tai Bo - watch out for this Junior in the future!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Bernice Ende's Last Long Ride

October 7, 2021

On Saturday, October 2, Bernice passed away in New Mexico at her sister’s home, peacefully and quietly. Just how she wanted. Her two sisters were by her side and the horses close by.

Bernice stated often how she had lived an extraordinary life. She loved horses, adventures, being outside and meeting all of you who were part of her Lady Long Rider journey. Her family is so thankful for the encouragement, support and love you provided.

Bernice requested a small and private memorial with family only. If you would like to do something in Bernice’s memory please give to your favorite charity and continue to pass on the kindness and love you have shown Bernice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

2021 Autumn Sun Pioneer: A Fine Trial Run for Next Year's Distance Horse National Championships

by Merri
October 12 2021

A more welcoming and well-organized group of ride management family and friends and vets you won’t find than at the Autumn Sun Pioneer ride in southern Idaho. Put on by Jessica Huber and her family at 4500’ in the Gooding foothills out of a spacious and sheltered Ridecamp,

this year was the fourth year for this new(ish) Ride Manager, who next year will hold the The Distance Horse National Championships (50 and 100 miles), hosted by the Arabian Horse Association along with the usual Autumn Sun Pioneer.

The endurance of horses and riders were front and center, as Idaho presented all kinds of weather over this year’s 3-day event: sun, wind, rain, fog (trails were marked so well that nobody got lost in the fog!)

The ride had a bit of Endurance royalty in attendance: AERC Hall of Famer and highest-mileage-rider-ever Dave Rabe (73,000+ miles) and two of his rather famous horses, White Cloud and Cocamoe Joe, parked next to us in Ridecamp; AERC’s winningest rider Christoph Schork rode the 100; Suzie Hayes (AERC Pard’ners Award with Kootenai Zizzero in 1997 and Hall of Fame equine in 2011) rode the 100; Joyce Sousa (AERC Pard’ners Award with Jim Bob in 2001; Hall of Fame equines Jim Bob in 2005 and LV Integrity in 2015) rode with her daughter Jennifer Neihaus in the 100. And you couldn’t miss Piece of Perfection, aka Flash the Hackney pony, (Tevis Cup finisher this year), who carried Kyla’s little sister Layla on day 2’s 55-miler.

The 100-miler, run on Sunday, day 3, had 13 starters and 7 finishers. Tying for first place were Suzie Hayes and Al Marah Triple Speed, Christoph Schork and VA Blizzard of Oz, and Tom Currier and Zell the Bull in a ride time of 13:50. Al Marah Triple Speed earned the Best Condition award, and Suzie finished her 96th 100-miler. Finishing 6th and 7th were Joyce Sousa on Shahs Gold Nugget and Jennifer Neihaus on Bak Jabari, for Joyce’s 93rd 100-mile completion.

The Idaho IronHorse senior champion was The Duchess of Beatty’s Butte (Ness), ridden by Steven Coziah. This pair finished all 3 Limited Distance days at Idaho’s City of Rocks Pioneer, all 3 days of LDs at Top O’ The World, and all 3 days of LDs at Autumn Sun. Congrats to Steven and his super mustang mare!

And the Junior Idaho Ironhorse champion was Tai Juan ridden by Olivia Valtierra, finishing all 3 LD days at City of Rocks, Top O' the WOrld, and Autumn Sun. She's one of our Idaho Super Juniors!

Day 3’s 100 was the first 100-miler that Jessica Huber put on; with her test pilot riders this year, and their wise inputs, next year’s Championship ride trails will be dialed in to perfection. And the ride will be a weekend earlier in 2022, so you can *almost* guarantee the weather will be perfect!

More photos and stories from the ride at:

2021 USEF Endurance National Championships & North American Endurance Championships – Application Deadlines and Chefs d’Equipe and Team Veterinarians Interest Forms


by U.S. Equestrian Communications Department | Oct 8, 2021, 2:15 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. – The 2021 USEF Endurance National Championships & North American Endurance Championships will be held at Broxton Bridge in Ehrhardt, SC from November 10-14, 2021. More information for these Championships can be found on the US Equestrian website here as well as on the official competition website here.

National Championships Application of Intent
The USEF Endurance National Championships are open to all U.S. athletes and horses that have their relevant FEI qualifications and are in good standing with the FEI and USEF. The USEF Endurance National Championships have sections at the CEI1*, CEIYJ1*, CEI2*, and CEIYJ2* levels. Those interested in competing in the National Championships must submit their FEI Entry through the USEF website as well as submit an application of intent which can be found on the USEF website here by October 31st, 2021.

North American Endurance Championships Application of Intent
The U.S. Zone Teams at the North American Endurance Championships are open to the top 15 athletes in each Zone from the ranking list for the event per the qualifying requirements. In order to be listed on the ranking list, an athlete must have completed an FEI competition within the qualifying period. All athletes and horses must also have their relevant FEI qualifications and be in good standing with the FEI and USEF. The North American Endurance Championships have sections at the CEI1*, CEIYJ1*, CEI2*, and CEIYJ2* levels. Those interested in competing in the North American Endurance Championships must submit their FEI Entry through the USEF website as well as submit an application of intent which can be found on the USEF website here by October 31st, 2021.

Interest Form for Chefs d’Equipe and Team Veterinarians for the U.S. Zone Teams at the NAECs
Those interested in serving in the role of Chef d’Equipe or Team Veterinarian for one of the U.S. Zone Teams at the North American Endurance Championships should complete the form found here and submit to Steven Morrissey at by no later than October 25th, 2021.

One Team Chef d’Equipe and one Team Veterinarian will be recommended from each Zone by the USEF Endurance Sport Committee. The Zone Team Veterinarians must have an FEI Permitted Veterinarian card no later than the closing date for the FEI Definite Entry (per the FEI Definite Schedule). Every member of a U.S. Zone Team Staff, must successfully complete a criminal background check and Safe Sport training as required by the Safe Sport Policy prior to arrival to the North American Endurance Championships.

There will be no USEF funding or compensation for the Zone Team Chefs d’Equipe and Team Veterinarians.

Please contact Steven Morrissey, Project Director of High Performance Programs, at if you have any questions.

Follow USA Endurance
Stay up to date with U.S. Endurance by following USA Endurance on Facebook and US Equestrian on FacebookInstagramTikTok, and Twitter. Use #USAEndurance.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOPC, and USEF sponsors and members.


Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Local Idaho Endurance Riding Group Pitches in on National Public Lands Day

October 5 2021
by Merri

Joining a group of Backcountry Horsemen, members of SWITnDR, Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders, volunteered with projects on BLM land on September 25 National Public Lands Day.

Wilson Creek Trailhead in the BLM Owyhee Mountain foothills is a popular place for horseback riders, hikers and bikers, and several projects were attended to that were on a long To-Do list.

A much-needed gate was added to a fence line where a new cattle guard had been put in on the road and no other access was available for horse riders. Another sketchy gate was cleared for safe use. Trash was cleared from the area. Volunteers were enlisted for trail multi-use education (particularly for bikers and horse riders) for weekends, when this trailhead can be very busy. And led by the SWITnDR horseback riders, a couple of pack mules hauled safety signs that were installed on a dangerous sight-limited curve in a trail.

The Wilson Creek Trail Coalition sponsored the event with BLM. The Coalition is made up of representatives from each of the user groups and BLM land managers. The Idaho Horse Council initiated the forming of this coalition. Numerous horsemen groups, including Back Country Horsemen, TVBCH, SBBCH , Boise BCH, and Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders are representated. Mountain biking groups include Wilson Creek Mountain Biking and SWIMBA.

Though the biker groups who belong to the coalition weren’t present on this day, there were groups of bikers out riding, and the horse riders had some very positive discussions with them. BLM representatives made an appearance, and the present volunteers interacted with hunters and other members of the public during the morning.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast Ep. 50: Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear - Mustang Discovery Trail 5000 Mile, 5000 Mustangs

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Welcome to Episode 50 of Endurance Horse Podcast:
Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear

Created by: Christina Hyke

September 28th 2021

Hello & welcome to the 50th episode of Endurance Horse Podcast. Today on Endurance Horse Podcast we will be talking with Lisanne Fear and Hannah Catalino. Lisanne and Hannah are embarking on a wild ride across America to inspire adoptions of living legends. They began on the Delaware shores following along the American Discovery Trail Southern Route. Lisanne & Hannah plan to be at the Celebration of the Horse on October 2nd from 10am to 4pm in Queen Anne Maryland hosted at the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center.

It is their hope to help people discover how truly incredible these wild horses are, so Hannah and Lisanne are riding 5,000 miles across America to inspire the adoption of 5,000 mustangs.

We are celebrating the 50th episode of Endurance Horse Podcast, though also 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Velma B. Johnston, also known as “Wild Horse Annie, worked tirelessly to protect the Mustang, and now 50 years later we have two young riders on Endurance Horse Podcast carrying on the Legacy of Wild Horse Annie to protect and preserve America’s Horse on America’s Trail. Without further ado I bring to you episode 50 of Endurance Horse Podcast...

Read more and listen:

Selection Procedures Available for 2022 FEI Endurance World Championship

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Sep 29, 2021, 12:00 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian has published the Selection Procedures for the 2022 FEI Endurance World Championship, which is set to be held at Isola della Scala in Verona, Italy on October 22, 2022.

The Selection Procedures have been approved by an Ad Hoc of the USEF Board of Directors by recommendation of the USEF International Disciplines Council and USEF Endurance Sport Committee. These Selection Procedures and supporting documents can be found on the USEF website here.

Applications of intent for the Championship will open on October 1, 2021, at 12:00 AM ET. The early application deadline will be May 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET and the late application deadline will be August 20, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET. The application of intent will be made available here by October 1, 2021.

The ranking list used for selection will be posted in due course on the USEF website here. Following initial posting, the ranking list will be updated regularly to reflect new results throughout the qualifying period.

Please contact Steven Morrissey, Project Director of High Performance Programs, at if you have any questions.

Stay up to date with U.S. Endurance by following USA Endurance on Facebook and US Equestrian on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Use #USAEndurance.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOPC, and USEF sponsors and members.

For more information, see:

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast: Lisa Diersen - Mustang Discovery Foundation 5000 Miles 5000 Mustangs

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Created by: Christina Hyke
September 2021

JOIN the virtual! Mustang Discovery Trail 5000 Mile Challenge

Mustang Discovery Foundation is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Lisa Diersen is a published equine author with many articles to her credit and a book in development. Lisa Diersen is stepping into the role of Executive Director for the Mustang Discovery Foundation, coordinating ground logistics, press, documentary development, marketing, and sponsorships.

Lisa is an avid equestrian; she has spent her life in the company of horses. Riding since she could sit in a saddle. Lisa has a great appreciation for all types of equestrian disciplines. She is the Founder and Director of the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest. The fest empowers storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of horses in human culture through equestrian content, film, art, and literature.

More, and listen at:
< href="">

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2021 September's Horses in the Morning Podcast podcast - listen

Endurance: Green Beans, Biltmore Ride and Gallant for Sept 14, 2021

Sep 14, 2021

Griffin Keller joins us to talk about being a new Endurance rider and the Green Bean Program. Plus, author Claire Eckard joins us to talk about her new book called Gallant: The Call of the Trail loosely based on the childhood memories of Julie Suhr. Plus, Karen’s endurance tips and some cool hoof products from Distance Depot. Listen in...

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Virginia City 100 Moves 2021 Date to October 16

Due to the smoke and poor air quality, the Virginia City 100 Mile Ride will be changing dates to October 16, 2021.

In conjunction with this change, the Red Rock Rumble will be moving TO VIRGINIA CITY, and NASTR will be hosting the Really Rocky Rumble and offering a LD & 50-mile event in tandem with the traditional Virginia City 100.

Ride camp will be based from the VC Rodeo Grounds to accommodate the increased number of riders we are expecting with the pre-ride meeting, dinner, Calcutta and Sunday awards to still be hosted from the historic Ice House.

We hope you all can join us for this groundbreaking effort!

Entry for the combined Virginia City 100 and Really Rocky Rumble 55/25 is now available!

For those riders who ALREADY have entered the VC100 your entry is GOOD TO GO and already on file. Please note late fee goes into effect for any unpaid entries as of Oct 1st. Full refunds will be paid for cancellations received by Friday, October 8th. Cancellations after October 8th will be refunded minus a $35.00 administrative fee to cover some of the costs for already purchased food and awards.

We can hardly WAIT to see you all there!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Yukon: Major’s Promise Large Animal Rescue holds endurance race

Photo by Vince Fedoroff

PRE-RACE CHECK – Volunteer vet Paulina Gonzalez, right, checks Anam Cara while Lynn Cheverie holds her friend.

Major’s Promise Large Animal Rescue held its inaugural endurance race this past Saturday. - Full Article

By Morris Prokop on September 7, 2021

Major’s Promise Large Animal Rescue held its inaugural endurance race this past Saturday. It was held off of Cadet Road, where two 10-kilometre courses were set up.

Major’s Promise was established in 2017, and has helped 70 horses since then.

According to director Paula Dupuis, the name is based on a horse they once cared for.

“At the time I had a yearling that was super-sick, and we weren’t sure it was cancer or anything, and I just decided that Major would be the namesake, in case anything happened to him. He is now in Alaska, doing liberty, trick riding and everything else and is healthy as an ox.”

(A liberty horse is a horse that performs tricks in a group without a rider.)

Dupuis explains how the organization came about.

“I wasn’t doing anything with my health degrees in Animal Sciences, and I’ve always been big on horses, and we just decided to start helping them when we can...

Read more here:

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast: Susannah Jones & Snickers place 25th at Tevis 2021

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Welcome to Episode 48 of Endurance Horse Podcast: Susannah Jones & Snickers
Created by: Christina Hyke

More from Tevis 2021
Published August 2021

Today on Endurance Horse Podcast we are talking with Susannah Jones of California, USA who completed the 2021 Tevis Cup with Snickers. Susannah inspired with me what could have been two career ending accidents and her tenacity to continue to saddle up & ride! And not to just ride, to take on arguably one of the toughest rides in the world, Tevis.

Join me with welcoming Susannah Jones to episode 48 Endurance Horse Podcast!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

‘To finish is to win’: Penn Valley woman Nancy Martin, 66, completes Tevis Cup 100-mile ride in first attempt - Full Article

Martin had done a few endurance rides in her life, but nothing on the scale of the Tevis Cup.

August 28 2021
Walter Ford

Not every competition is about finishing first, or how well one fares in comparison to their peers. Some endeavors are more about the journey rather than the destination. Sometimes, simply finishing is winning.

“Our goal was to finish, have the horses look good and take as long as it took, and that’s what we did,” said Nancy Martin, a Penn Valley resident who took on the 100-mile Tevis Cup Endurance Ride for the first time in late July. “To finish is to win, and that is so true at Tevis.”

The Tevis Cup is a premiere equestrian event in which riders and horses navigate 100-miles of rough terrain that follows portions of the Western States Trail. Beginning at the Robie Equestrian Park, south of Truckee, riders have 24-hours to traverse the trail and reach the finish line at the Auburn Fairgrounds...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast - Natalie Law & Mo Motion Jack

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

August 20 2021

Welcome to Episode 47 of Endurance Horse Podcast: Natalie Law & Mo Motion Jack

Created by: Christina Hyke

More from Tevis 2021

Today on Endurance Horse Podcast we are talking with Natalie Law of Utah who completed the 2021 Tevis Cup with her 16.3 hh Saddlebred gelding, affectionately known as Brave, registered name, Mo Motion Jack. Natalie also rode along side her 12 year old daughter, Kyla Law who was riding one of the most recognizable equines at the 2021 Tevis Cup aboard her 11.2 hh Hackney Pony known world wide now as Flash, his registered name is Piece of Perfection.

This mother / daughter team finished a very respectable 36th and 37th in the 2021 Tevis Cup aboard what is arguably non traditional endurance horse and pony. Natalie will tell you that Flash was Brave’s emotional support pony and also share some excitement about a rattler that Flash encountered out on the trail pre ride!

Join me with welcoming Natalie Law to episode 47 Endurance Horse Podcast!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Endurance riders to give hope for horses a hand - Full Article

By Bob Cohen Special to The Mountaineer
Aug 22, 2021

Endurance rides have been held at the Biltmore Estate since 1994 and were suspended for COVID last year.

Next month, the property will mark the event’s return as the Biltmore Fall Endurance Ride to Benefit Hope for Horses will get underway on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24-25.

The event, to be held at the Biltmore Equestrian Center, will be staged as a fundraiser for Hope for Horses, whose farms are located in Buncombe County while the executive office is located in downtown Waynesville. Five different races are scheduled for the two-day event, ranging from 25- and 30-mile limited-distance races to 50- and 75-mile endurance runs...

Read more here:

2021 August's Horses in the Morning Podcast - Listen

Endurance: Tevis Star Kyla Law and Flash and USA Young Rider Team for Aug 10, 2021 by Horseware Aug 10, 2021

We speak with Tevis sensations Kyla about riding her Hackney Pony “Flash” (11.2h) and her Mom riding the tallest horse, a Saddlebred named Kyle (16.3h) and their completion of Tevis. Plus, we meet the 2021 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors US Team Charlene Dugan, Meghan Wert and Alex Shampoe. Listen in...

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Halliday, ND woman finishes in top 10 of world-class endurance event - Read more and see video here

By Jody Kerzman
Published: Aug. 19, 2021

HALLIDAY, N.D. - Dante LaPierre has lived all over the world.

She grew up in South Africa, trained horses in England and Dubai and competed around the world.

Now she calls Halliday, N.D., home.

Wherever she’s lived, horses have always been a big part of her life.

That’s no different now. In fact, she and her horse, Dennie, just competed in one of the most elite endurance races in the world...

Read more and see video here:

Friday, August 20, 2021

Endurance Fundraiser Gallops onto Biltmore Estate - Full Article

By Bob Cohen
Aug 19, 2021

Endurance rides have been held at the Biltmore Estate since 1994 and were suspended for COVID last year.

Next month, the property will mark the event’s return as the Biltmore Fall Endurance Ride to Benefit Hope for Horses will get underway on Friday and Saturday, 24-25.

The event, to be held at the Biltmore Equestrian Center, will be staged as a fundraiser for Hope for Horses, whose farms are located in Buncombe County while the Executive Office is located in downtown Waynesville. Five different races are scheduled for the two-day event, ranging from 25- and 30-mile limited-distance races to 50- and 75-mile endurance runs.

Approximately 150 equestrians are expected to participate. Typically, some riders enter both limited-distance events or mix the distances...

Read more here:

Little Horse, Big Heart: The Story of Nicole and Rescue Horse, Ali - Full Story

Kara Pinato Scro
Calendar IconAugust 16, 2021

Nicole Wiley is a lifelong horse lover and rider. For years, she rode an Andalusian mare of her own named Bella, but when the horse had to retire unexpectedly at the age of nine, Nicole’s riding took a backseat. Around that time, Nicole’s priorities had also changed with the adoption of her daughter with special needs. Though the combination of circumstances kept her out of the saddle, she was still surrounded by horses, taking her daughter to therapeutic riding lessons and caring for her mare near her home in Pennsylvania.

In 2019, Nicole decided to take a leap and move her family and her horse to a farmette in her hometown of Mt. Airy, Maryland. The new setup would enable Nicole to keep Bella at home and also allow her to find a new riding partner that could double as a herdmate for her mare. Set on adopting a rescue horse, Nicole turned to Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) in nearby Woodbine, Maryland, where her daughter had been enrolled in summer camp.

Nicole’s search for the perfect equine match, however, had very specific requirements.

Though she’s adventurous on horseback, Nicole is also severely epileptic and had recently found herself wheelchair bound. Paralysis and seizures caused by epilepsy mean Nicole can fall without much warning, so finding a horse that was small in stature, trustworthy, and also athletic was a must...

Read more here:

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Horse Illustrated Podcast #3: Interview with Dr Mike Tomlinson and More - Listen

By Horse Illustrated - July 27, 2021

Podcast Episode #3: Mary Phelps, Summer Horse Health Care, and Morgan Horse Breed for July 27, 2021; Sponsored by Straight Arrow Products

In this third podcast episode of The Horse Illustrated Episode of Horses in the Morning, sponsored by Title Sponsor Straight Arrow Products, hosts Glenn the Geek and Sarah Evers Conrad talk to Mary Phelps, an international combined driver, who won a Gold medal in Cones at the 2019 FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies. We also learn summer horse health care tips from international veterinarian, Dr. Mike Tomlinson. And Carrie Mortensen, executive director of the American Morgan Horse Association, shares the magic of the Morgan breed with podcast listeners.


Monday, August 16, 2021

Hazel M. Kalland 1948-2021

March 2, 1948 – August 2, 2021

Hugo, Colorado

Hazel Maude Kalland rode her final trail in Parker, Colorado on August 2, 2021. Like most of her trails, we aren’t sure how she got there, but she rode it her way and didn’t wait for anyone else to be ready. She was 73 years old at the time of her departure.

She was born in Burbank, California on March 2, 1948 to a true cowboy and cattleman and a woman who served as one of the first women in the US Marines and later became a nationally ranked endurance rider. The combination taught her to appreciate good horses, good horsemanship, and hard work. Her young years were spent riding and competing in rodeo and horse events as well as working on the ranch. The homesteading spirit of her grandparents stuck with her and she searched for new adventures all her life and she lived by the Cowboy Code.

She was most at home on the back of a horse. She rode more miles than she walked and loved the mountains of Colorado and the hills of California. That love for wide open spaces always drove her career choices, most aptly defined as “Do Whatever It Takes” to make a life for her and her four children. There was no job that she wasn’t proud of – from the medical profession where she was a medical, dental, and veterinarian assistant, archeology and paleontology, to vacuum cleaner salesman, hunting camp guide and cook, ski resort transit driver, special education assistant, and feedlot rider. When there were no jobs, she made her own, like the time she created a food truck to serve the wind farm workers or when she established a small business to harvest wild sage to create smudge sticks in honor of the native tradition. However, all of these were bridges so she could fulfil her true calling of being a Cowboy (or cowboygirl as she sometimes called it) before hanging up her saddle in 2017.

She rode pool for ranchers for more than 20 years, in a job that she loved and served with honor and integrity. She believed that you needed to work just as hard when no one was looking and to do things right. Responsible for range management and natural resource stewardship before it was popular, she managed up to 1,700 head of cattle on National Forest and BLM lands over thousands of acres in Norwood, Gunnison, Hotchkiss, Silt, and Paonia, Colorado. Her favorite of these was the Leroux Creek Pool in Hotchkiss where she rode for more than ten years, made lifelong friends, and showed doubters that yes, a woman can do this job and do it well. She did on her own, with a few loyal dogs and a long line of horses that she trained, and a few mules who let her pretend she was in charge. Her greatest pride was having her grandson and protégé Tyler ride with her during this time as he “learned more about cows before he was ten than most people do in their lives.”

A true competitor in her younger days, she enjoyed every type of horse contest. She produced and managed youth rodeos in the Montrose area for years, establishing the San Juan gymkhana club and and Cowgirl Days rodeos. She helped create and competed in the Norwood Roping Club, later winning a championship buckle in what was one of the highlights of her life. Once she mastered that she moved into endurance riding, competing in and winning several 25, 50, and 100-mile horse races. Her advice to her kids was instilled at an early age “whatever you do, do it well, do it right, and don’t look back.” She was also a realist, encouraging us to “know when you’re bucked off and get clear.”

She is survived by her children: James Waggoner of Tulare CA, Lea Anne Waggoner Russell (Rob) of Elizabeth CO, Danette Waggoner of Kit Carson CO, Shawn Pinnt (Stephanie) of Palisade CO – or collectively known when she was in a hurry as “JimmyLeaAnneDanetteShawnDammit!”

She took great pride in her grandchildren: Tyler Bettencourt (Landi), Logan Waggoner, Reese Waggoner, Kallie Russell, and Kenzie Waggoner. She is also survived by her sisters Erica Lewis (Spicer) and Phyllis DuVal, stepmom Janet Kalland, nephews Brandt Buffham (Debbie), Tater Sanders, Cody Buffham (Aliene), niece Raquel Buffham, and her little bugs Sage and Aspyn.

Her life was enriched by amazing friends who understood her and loved her. They called her a 24-7 friend and “one-of-a-kind,” but mostly, she is one they wanted to ride herd with. While she had a great deal of respect for those who serve, she wouldn’t have hesitated to hide any one of those friends from the law without asking why. That loyalty to her friends defined her character and when looking back on her life she said, “I had great loves and great friends that I loved, and that says a lot.”

She is preceded by her sisters Goodi Sanders, Norma Kalland, mother Bernice Kalland, and father Norman Kalland. There is no doubt in our minds that they were waiting for her with a string of exceedingly good horses and we that will continue to hear them as they ride the thunder before the rain.

We will miss her beyond measure.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Missouri: Competitive trail ride returns to Smithville Lake - Full Article

Aug 13, 2021 Updated Aug 13, 2021

SMITHVILLE — The North American Trail Ride Conference will be returning to Clay County Friday through Sunday, Aug. 27 to 29.

The Jesse James Rideout competitive trail ride will take place at Smithville Lake. The event goals are to increase awareness about NATRC and to showcase the equine camping facilities at Smithville Lake, according to a press release.

“NATRC is a nonprofit organization that provides distance competitive trail rides for riders of all equine breeds and from all disciplines. For 60 years, through these rides, we have been educating and informing horse people about how to care for and manage horses ridden over long distances. The competitors are friendly, welcoming, and helpful to new contestants," Ride co-manager John Zeliff said. "NATRC is also offering a new membership to all first-time members...”

Read more here:

Friday, August 13, 2021

Endurance Riders Rally to Raise Money for Stricken Child

August 13 2021
by Merri

Imagine if your connective tissue started calcifying, that you slowly lost your ability to move, to turn your head, to walk, to move.

Imagine if it happened to your young son as he was growing up.

In February 2020, Kim Hanf made her debut in Endurance riding, a sport she’d been looking forward to getting started in. She finished a 25-mile ride at Take No Prisoners in South Carolina.

Not long after, her family’s life turned upside down. They were crushed with the news that their then-12-year-old son Tyler was diagnosed with FOP, Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a very rare and incurable disease that causes bone to form in muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. Bridges of extra bone develop across joints, progressively restricting movement and forming a second skeleton that imprisons the body in bone.

Endurance was put on hold. Everything was put on hold but Tyler.

Kentucky Endurance rider Anita Rees stepped in to help. “Kim and I met at that ride. We were parked near each other and just kinda hit it off together. Then Tyler got diagnosed, and that’s been her whole life. It’s just not fair. He’s their only child too.”

Anita wanted to help out, so she became involved by organizing both an online auction, and a silent auction in conjunction with the Distance Horse National Championships in Big South Fork in Tennessee on September 10-12.

100% of funds raised will go directly towards helping Tyler Hanf.

Endurance riders and friends from around the country have donated items for both auctions.

Last day of the silent auction is Saturday the 14th at 6 PM Mountain; see the items up for bids here:

Many donated items will be available at Big South Fork during the ride to bid on.

If you’d like to make a donation in Tyler’s name to the International FOP Association the link is here:

Most of their money goes to funding much needed research; the rest goes to advocacy for patients and their families.

Kim will be at the Distance Horse National Championship at Big South Fork and she looks forward to meeting everyone there.

“He cannot turn his head to either side, he can barely raise his arms out in front of him or to the side and he struggles to bend over,” Kim wrote. “Tyler has always had this incredible resilience that has surprised and amazed me, and now is no different. He is still goofy, kind, gentle and inquisitive, and everyone who meets him adores him. I have no doubt that he will do great things for FOP awareness as he makes his story know[n].”

There is a slim hope on the horizon: “For the first time, a medication has been submitted to the FDA for approval of the treatment of FOP. Hopefully that drug will slow down the progression of bone growth in the muscles and connective tissue. But even if it is approved, we do not know how much the pharmaceutical company will charge for it, or whether insurance will cover it. Thankfully a good friend just gifted us a mobility scooter that her son can no longer use. We are looking at renovating parts of our home to make it more accessible, because little things like reaching the bathroom sink faucet are getting difficult for Tyler, and we want to keep him as independent as possible.”

What started out two years ago with an Endurance newbie meeting a group of riders at a first ride has become a big effort of Endurance riders, and more friends, around the country helping an Endurance family.

To bid or contribute, or to send well wishes, see

**Ipsen, the drug company that submitted the request for approval of a medication for FOP, has withdrawn their request so they can complete additional analysis that the FDA requested. More on that at:

Monday, August 09, 2021

Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast: The Endurance Riding Vet!

Equestriandventuresses Podcast - Listen

by Heather
August 9, 2021

We hit the jackpot endurance riders! Not only is our guest today an Endurance rider she is also a vet, who is giving us the inside scoop on what the vets are looking for during the rest stops. The Endurance riding vet goes into detail about what they’re looking at for heart rates, respiration rates, lameness and stresses the importance of having a good working relationship with your vet so you can stay ahead of the problems. As part of our ask the vet series, we are fortunate to have Trisha Dowling join us. She comes with an extensive resume She is a professor with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan, focusing on pharmacology. She is an experience Endurance rider and marathon runner as well. Enjoy the show..

Read more and listen at:

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Rural Arlee woman does it again, winning 100-mile horse race in dark of night - Full Article

Aug 7, 2021

MISSOULA — In the wee hours of the morning on a lonely trail in north central Wyoming, Suzanne Hayes let the tears flow.

She had just repeated as champion of the 51st annual Big Horn 100 horse endurance race near Shell, Wyoming. Once again her tender loving way of treating her horse had paid off handsomely in a treacherous, 17-plus-hour odyssey that finished with five hours of riding in the dead of night.

It wasn't the winning that made this evening in early July unique. Hayes has won many times in her life and logged over 25,000 miles of racing.

The reason she'll remember this race is the bond she formed with a young horse she likes to call Ace. Five hours of trusting one another in the dark can do that sometimes...

Read more here:

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Ticket the mule and her rider Shane Lesher (Road to the Tevis Cup # 49) - Full Story

by Jessica Black
August 6, 2021

When I shared my post about the 2021 Tevis Cup and asked for suggestions about further blog posts, many people wanted to hear more about Ticket the mule and her rider, Shane Lesher. (See their Tevis 2021 profile.) Shane isn’t on Facebook, nor a current member of AERC, but fortunately Garden Valley Feed & Hardware, the store his wife and he own, has a Facebook page. I left a message, and a manager was kind enough to reply and forward my phone number to Shane. He called me right away, on a Saturday morning, no less. I was riding at the time, and he was camping so I agreed to call back Monday.

By the time I was done riding and working Monday, it was late afternoon. Shane and I ended up talking the next day. This gave me a bit of time to prep for the interview, but I didn’t find much. Shane was not an AERC member. That made the story that much more interesting! Talking with Shane Lesher about Ticket and Tevis

I loved interviewing Shane. His enthusiasm for the sport and his love for Ticket shone so brightly I wanted to go out and get me a mule, preferably one bred for racing, like Ticket!...

Read more here:

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast: Marvin Brangman and The Kaolean Machine win BC at The AERC National 100 Mile Championship

Endurance Horse Podcast - Listen

Created by: Christina Hyke

July 29th 2021

In this episode of Endurance Horse Podcast we sit down to talk with Marvin Brangman. Marvin is a minister, devoted husband, horse trainer and endurance rider. This June at the AERC National 100 Mile Championship Marvin and his mount, The Kaolean Machine aka Percy, journeyed their way to a fourth place finish and Best Condition.

Listen in to this conversation as we chat about how he found horses, faith, endurance and his advise for conditioning not only your horse, though yourself also.

Without further ado, I bring to you, episode 46 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Thank you for sharing your time with us by tuning into this episode of Endurance Horse Podcast. Endurance Horse Podcast is free & commercial free! Though we would appreciate if you listen in on Apple Podcasts, if you would please take a moment to write a positive review and give us a 5 star rating! Until next time, Ride Far. Ride Well. Ride Often.


Monday, August 02, 2021

Endurance Horse Podcast: Dr. Jay Mero - Winner of the 2021 Haggin Cup

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Welcome to Episode 45 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Dr. Jay Mero- Winner of 2021 Haggin Cup

Created by Christina Hyke on July 28th 2021

Maybe you were one of the many people tracking the progress of the Tevis Cup that was this past weekend, July 24th 2021 under the last full moon of July? This moon is called the Rider’s moon and it is under this moon that the annual Tevis Cup was to be ridden. For the 66th annual riding of the Tevis Cup riders had to deal once again with smoke from wildfires. In the next few episodes of Endurance Horse Podcast we will be sharing short interviews with some of those brave soles who saddled up and faced what is arguably one of the toughest endurance events in the equestrian world. Tevis is often called the Grand Daddy of them all and has even inspired events as far as Australia and the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Tevis, unlike the Quilty historically is held at the same venue from year to year and although there maybe some slight changes in trail, many of the milestones have remained the same since 1955. Although many think of the Tevis of a climbing ride, likely due to the world famous Cougar Rock images, there is actually, by the numbers roughly 17,000 feet of elevation gain and over 21,000 feet of elevation loss. As you will hear mentioned in several of the interviews, some keys to conditioning for Tevis are hills, hills and hills.

In this episode of Endurance Horse podcast I am honored to bring to you an interview with the 2021 Haggin Cup winner Dr. Jay Mero. For those of you new to the podcast or new to endurance, the Haggin Cup is arguably the most prestigious of north american endurance. Riders from around the world travel to auburn, CA to tread along this historic and as some say, magical trail.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Episode 45 of Endurance Horse Podcast, Tevis 2021 Haggin Cup winner, Dr. Jay Mero.


Equestrian Adventuresses Horse Podcast Ep 156: Horse Riding Adventures – The @Thru_Rider from Mexico to Canada

EquestrianAdventuresses Podcast - Listen

by Heather
July 9, 2021

Just imagine, you, your horse, and 10,000 miles of backcountry. That’s just what today’s guest has accomplished so far. Heather is chatting with Gillian Larson the @Thru_Rider in today’s episode where they discuss the Pacific Crest trail, riding from Mexico to Canada not once but three times. Horse riding adventures from Mexico to Canada what a challenge to complete. Gillian shares with us how she has created workshops to share her knowledge with other long riders on her experiences of riding in the backcountry. We hear all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of riding alone in the backcountry. Make sure you share with your friends so they won’t miss out.


Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tevis Cup returns, 133 horses take on 100-mile ride - Full Article

July 30 2021
Justin Scacco

Since 1955, riders have taken their horses across 100 miles of terrain on a race from Olympic Valley to Auburn.

After being canceled a year ago due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Tevis Cup returned Saturday, bringing 133 horses to the start line for one of the premier endurance riding events in the nation.

Riders and horses left Olympic Valley at 5 a.m., and shortly after 10 p.m. Jeremy Reynolds, of Florida, crossed the finish line in Auburn, winning his fourth Tevis Cup...

Read more here:

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jeremy Reynolds Wins Fourth Tevis Cup - Full Article

Excessive heat and smoke from wildfires challenged participants in the 2021 ride.

Posted by Marsha Hayes | Jul 26, 2021

At 10:03 p.m. PDT, Saturday July 24, Jeremy Reynolds on his bay Arabian mare, Treasured Moments, crossed the finish line of the 65th Tevis Cup ride to claim his fourth victory. He finished an hour and 10 minutes before the second-place horse, VA Blizzard of Oz, ridden by Chistorph Schork.

“This win is special for me,” Reynolds said moments after Treasure successfully passed her final veterinary examination. “I’ve had her forever. She is a piece of me.”

Reynolds and Treasure ran near the front early in the race.

Reynolds arrived at Foresthill with Suzanne Huff on her bay Arabian mare, S D Expressa. Although Huff left the one-hour hold two minutes before Reynolds, during the last 32 miles, Reynolds pulled ahead. “Basically, ‘Treasure’ pulled on me all the way from Foresthill,” he said...

Read more here:

Monday, July 26, 2021

Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments Win 2021 Tevis Cup; Jeanette Mero and Ozark Kaolena SWA Win Haggin Cup

by Merri
July 26 2021

Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments finished first in the August 24th Tevis Cup. Riding at the front of the pack of 133 riders, the two enjoyed a comfortable margin of victory at the end, finishing the 100 miles in 14 hours 48 minutes.

Second place was a nail-biter, as 3 riders popped up trail out of the dark 1 hour and 10 minutes later, with Christoph Schork and VA Blizzard of Oz nipping Vicki Holzer and SW Majestica, with Susan Kramer and A Ali Aseel another length back in fourth.

Suzanne Ford Huff and S D Expressa had been running up front with Jeremy leaving the Foresthill vet check, but they dropped back to finish fifth.

Finishing sixth and seventh were the mother-daughter duo of Jeanette and Reyna Mero. Jeanette rode Ozark Kaolena SWA (Lena) and Reyna rode Chndakas Eklipse SWA, with Lena receiving the Haggin Cup the next morning.

Jeremy is now a 4-time Tevis Cup winner (he also won the Haggin Cup 3 times previously).

Treasured Moments is an 11-year-old mare by DA Adios X Hidden Treasure, by RD Five Star, who received her 4th Tevis Buckle (her first buckle was a 3rd place and Haggin cup with Jeremy). Eight weeks previously she’d been in Italy where she and Jeremy won the 100-mile Italian Championship.

Jeanette Mero received her 4th Tevis buckle and Lena received her second. The mare has completed all but 2 of her 34 starts and she’s earned 7 Best Condition awards, including the 2019 National Championship 100 in California.

This year's heat wasn't particularly awful, though some riders did have to contend with the usual Tevis Gremlins out on trail (and before the ride). The riders and horses did have to contend with smoke from the start to several miles past the first hour vet check at Robinson Flat (36) miles but a top rider didn't consider that a factor.

63 riders finished out of 133 starters for a completion rate of 47%, which is more or less average for the Tevis Cup.

More Tevis Cup Dispatches to come at:

Monday, July 19, 2021

Daylight in Vermont:The Covid Edition.

July 18 2021

The traditional Vermont 100 weekend hosted a 25 and 50 mile ride AERC endurance ride. WE had TWO amazing runners join us to celebrate how special and unique this event is. WE ARE THE last combined run and ride!. Thank you Krista and Guy. I spoke to them at the finish line and they were smiling and not even winded!! They ran to show the spirit of the Vermont 100 and to support VASS and to just be who they amazingly are!! You ROCK Krista and Guy. The REAL Vermont 100 will be back in 2022. Stay tuned!

Pamela J. Karner, V.M.D.

After helping prep Western States Trail, Auburn man will compete in Tevis Cup - Full Article

After helping prep the Western States Trail, Auburn's Greg Kimler will compete in the Tevis Cup

Bill Poindexter
July 18 2021

Greg Kimler pulls up a photo of a fallen tree on his cell phone. It’s in Volcano Canyon on the Western States Trail – a week before the Tevis Cup.

So if 163 teams (to this point) of horses and riders are to challenge “the world’s best-known and most difficult equestrian endurance ride,” according to the website, “I gotta hike in there and get it,” he says.

Kimler and his team at Echo Valley Ranch in Auburn will be doing much more than removing trees from the trail during a summer heavy in drought and beetles. Having been involved in the Tevis Cup for 38 years, the business will supply 80 100-gallon troughs for water on the course, certified weed-free hay, trucks. Echo Valley will make deliveries to the Gold Country Fairgrounds and provide information to the teams...

Read more here:

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Suzanne Hayes is Repeat Winner of the 2021 Big Horn 100 Endurance Ride

July 18 2021
by Merri

On July 10 (actually, the wee hours of July 11), the familiar face of Suzanne Hayes landed in this year’s Big Horn 100 winner’s circle again. But instead of riding one of her older, experienced campaigners (both Sanstormm, last year’s winner, and Greenbriar Al Jabal, 2012 winner, are headed to Tevis this year), she rode one of her young horses to the win.

Considered one of the toughest 100-mile endurance rides in the country, Suzie thinks the Big Horn, in the mountains above Shell, Wyoming, is just perfect for a horse’s first 100. She rode her 8-year-old Arabian gelding, Al-Marah Triple Speed ("Ace") in his first 100-mile ride. The win was just cake icing.

“It’s perfect because you have to go slow,” Suzie explains. “To me it’s a very metabolically kind course for a horse. Because of the footing - there’s a lot of rocks - you just can’t go very fast. And there’s tons and tons of grass for the horses to eat, so to me it’s a really good course for a first time. You can go to the flat 100-mile courses and you can you gallop the whole way, but to me those are way harder on a horse.”

Suzie didn’t set out to win; she just did her usual what’s-best-for-the-horse ride. “It was fun because the 50 started at the same time, so Lynn and I got to ride together on our two Al-Marah horses.” Lynn Lee is Suzie’s Arlee, Montana, neighbor and long-time friend who often crews for Suzie, when she’s not riding her own horses. The two geldings are half brothers, by the sire Al Marah Swift.

“We just trundled along. We didn’t set any speed records by any means, but everybody else I guess was just going slower. Most people were pretty close.”

After the 50s ended their ride (Lynn and Al-Marah Fastnfine won and got Best Condition on the 50) and the hundreds continued, for a while Suzie and Ace rode with Jerry from Illinois for another 20 miles. Then she rode the rest of the way, in the dark, by herself. Their winning time was around 18:40, and Ace got Best Condition.

“That’s pretty slow. It’s probably the slowest winning time ever on that course,” Suzie says. “This is just a course where you’ve got to be smart and ride it smart, and just take it easy over the bad footing. You just can’t go real fast on it. I don’t think they’ll ever win that course in 12 or 14 hours anymore like they used to. You just can’t do it. But it’s just so pretty, it doesn’t matter.”

All in all, it was a smooth ride. “It was really fun, the weather was good, the temperatures were moderate, there were no thunderstorms, and that’s my story!” What she doesn’t mention is that she also wasn’t riding - and winning - six weeks after breaking 10 ribs, cracking two vertebrae, and lacerating her liver, like she did last year riding Sanstormm.

Last year’s Big Horn 100 had an unusually high number of starters (79), because it was the 50th anniversary, and because COVID interfered with the entire first half of the ride season. This year, with ample rides everywhere, including  the National Championships in Montana four weeks earlier, and Tevis two weeks later, only 9 riders started the 100 (8 finished), and 5 started the 50 (4 finished).

“I just feel so bad because that trail is a tough trail to mark and to do all that work on. A lot of those little rides it’s not a big deal, but Big Horn, it is because it’s so much work. I hope they keep having it, and I hope people will come.”

Top photo, Suzie and Al-Marah Triple Speed at Antelope Island in Utah; bottom photo Suzie and Al-Marah Triple Speed, and Lynn Lee and Al-Marah Fastnfire at Antelope Island

Friday, July 16, 2021

2021 July's Horses in the Morning Podcast - Listen

Endurance: Tevis Cup: History, 1st Timer’s POV, and TWH John Henry for July 13, 2021 by Horseware

Jul 13, 2021

Tevis Cup Committee Erin McChesney joins us to explain the history and purpose of the Cup Committee and what it does in regards to the awarding of the Haggin Cup. First time Tevis rider Andy Botello shares what it’s like leading up to his first his first Tevis with his Alnglo Arab Aur Quick Chick. Susan Garlinghouse, DVM updates us on her TWH John Henry who is about to attempt his 6th completion. Listen in...

Thursday, July 15, 2021

2022 AERC National Championship announced

The Old Dominion Ride in Virginia will host the 2022 AERC National Championships, with the 55-mile competition on Thursday, June 9, and the 100 on Saturday, June 11. More details to come at

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Volunteers Needed at Tevis on July 24

Volunteers Needed at The Ride on July 24! 
Our horses and riders can’t do it without you!  

We especially need volunteers for late Saturday night/early Sunday morning at the Timed Finish and at the exciting McCann Stadium Vet Check in Auburn. The Tevis Cup needs your help. Please sign up now to Volunteer on the Tevis Cup website and complete the volunteer signup form.

Questions?  call Sesi Catalano at (775) 722-4661.

No experience necessary!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Behind the Lens: Get to know Endurance Ride Photographer Kitty Carlisle

by Merri

The Endurance Ride Photographers Guild, ERPG, was formed in 2019, and consists of a group of two dozen professional, skilled photographers from around the USA dedicated to documenting AERC endurance ride events in the USA.

"Behind the Lens" series is a snapshot for readers and riders of the ERPG photographers who capture your endurance moments on the trails and in camp.

Kitty Carlisle and her husband Scott Tully are originally from Texas. They own Projections Photography. Kitty has been a professional photographer for more than 40 years. Kitty’s website is

Where do you live?
Carson City, Nevada

How did you first get into photography?
I began my career as a sports photographer for our local newspaper.  I have always loved to shoot things that move!  

What equipment do you normally shoot with?
I am a Canon girl, and my lens of choice is my 70-200.

When did you start shooting endurance rides?
I first began photographing endurance for National Endurance Driving Association (NEDA) in 2009. I loved photographing carts flying through the desert over some intense terrain, and I was hooked!

Why do you like shooting endurance rides?
My two favorite things about endurance rides are the great people involved and the amazing scenery I get to see.

What are challenges you find in shooting endurance rides?
Hands down, the biggest challenge in shooting endurance is the weather! I have shot in weather so hot it melted the soles of my boots, and I have been knee deep in snow with my hands so cold I couldn’t feel the trigger.  Sometimes, we get both in the same week. Dust is my sworn enemy.  Not only does it leave you eating dirt, but the sand blasting has destroyed a few cameras.

Anything else you’d like to share?
When the day is done, I count my blessings that I have traveled to so many wonderful locations and met so many new friends along the way.

Below are couple of shots from Kitty’s favorite rides over the years.
"The last picture attached is of my horse Blaze," Kitty says. "He is not an endurance horse, but he is definitely my heart horse.  He is a rescue and  I couldn’t imagine him ever trusting anyone after what he had been through.  He is a therapy horse now.  He has come so far.  He is a true testament to spirit and a perfect example of just what we can endure."


Behind the Lens: Bill Gore profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Genie Stewart-Spears profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Susan Kordish profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Becky Pearman profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Dave Honan profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Linda Sherrill profile is here:

Behind the Lens: Steve Bradley profile is here: