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Pagosa Springs Endurance Horse Ride praised, results announced - Full Article

By Kirsten Le Roux
Special to The SUN

“I would have paid double and driven twice as far to ride this event,” enthused Dawn Dobbs at the final vet check of Saturday’s inaugural Pagosa Springs Endurance Horse Ride. Dobbs finished after 13 hours in the saddle in the 75-mile distance.

Horses and riders braved a scorching 88-degree day to ride in Saturday’s inaugural Pagosa Springs Endurance Horse Ride. GECKO (Giving Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) hosted the event as a fundraiser...

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Kiona man to compete in upcoming Ride & Tie - Full Article

Tri-City HeraldJune 25, 2015

Dick Root knows how complex a horse’s personality can be.

The 71-year-old Kiona man has worked with horses big and small, in his career as a veterinarian and pursuing his hobby on the ride-and-tie competition circuit.

“They’re just like people: different body types, different minds,” he said.

Ride and tie is a relatively unknown sport that combines horse riding with trail running.

In a competition, two runners and a horse team up to complete a cross-country course of 20 to 100 miles. The final time for a team is given when all three members have crossed the finish line.

Root will participate in the 45th annual Ride & Tie World Championship on June 27 in Klamath Falls, Ore. He will run with his partner, Jen Titus, of Grants Pass, Ore., and his horse, Ali...

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Heraldic and Marcia Hefker Win the Old Dominion 100 Riding the "Heraldic" Lightweight Endurance Saddle by RP

(Oakland, CA) June 24, 2015 - World-class endurance horse "Heraldic" made a remarkable "three-peat" in winning this year's Old Dominion 100, widely considered to be the toughest endurance ride on the East Coast, adding to his wins in 2006 and 2010.
Heraldic's 2015 win with new rider Marcia Hefker, in addition to his prior wins with longtime owner John Crandell III, only enhances his reputation as "a freak of nature" - as Crandell once admiringly described his now 17-year-old horse.
"Our entire company is thrilled to congratulate Heraldic again, and welcome Marcia to the family," said The ReactorPanel Saddle Company president and CEO Carmi Weininger.
Heraldic was the inspiration and model for his namesake the Heraldic Lightweight Endurance Saddle by RP, which has become the saddle of choice for many top endurance athletes and other riders who are particular about saddle fit and function.
"Heraldic is one of those legendary athletes that changes the stats. To be able to win the Old Dominion, Tevis and AERC National Championship in a single season, as Heraldic did in 2010, is almost unimaginable. Five years later, to come back from layup and win the OD 100 yet again is staggering. We're looking forward to seeing what this great horse will continue to accomplish," said Weininger.
Preparation Meets Opportunity

Marcia Hefker came to endurance via barrel racing and team roping in the ranch and rodeo world of her native New Mexico. She rode her first endurance race by accident, after seeing a flyer for what she thought was just a trail ride that sounded like fun.
            "I watched horses fly by me," she remembered, "and I decided, this is the sport for me! Endurance is my golfing: pleasure, relaxation, vacation. The competition is just another great aspect of it." Through the sport of endurance, she met great friends and mentors - among them Susan Norris, Susie Jones, Anna Wolfe - who still ride together whenever they can.
            A nurse practitioner by profession, and now also a nursing home administrator, Marcia is rapidly making her mark in her chosen sport. She top tenned and has twice completed the Tevis on her 2001 grey Arabian mare, Hindi Bint Samia, or "Cita", among other notable achievements in the endurance world, including a 2013 ranking among the top 25 FEI (International Equestrian Federation) endurance riders.
During Marcia's quest to qualify for the 2014 World Equestrian Games, Cita sustained an injury that put them out of contention, but Marcia stayed on at the Florida qualifier to volunteer. That's where she was introduced by the US Chef d'Equipe to another volunteer, John Crandell.
"We talked about our horses, how we trained them, and then we didn't talk again until this January, when John called out of the blue to ask about my plans for the year. I told him I had three younger horses in training, and he asked if I would be interested in riding Heraldic this year. How could I say anything but yes?" Marcia flew back and forth from her home in New Mexico to ride and train with John, who winters in Florida and summers in Virginia.
Marcia, Meet Heraldic

On her first trip to Florida, Marcia just got to know Heraldic, riding but not competing. On her second trip and first race with Heraldic, they won the February 2015 Far Out Forest 50-miler in the Ocala National Forest, where she met the intense competitor Heraldic becomes on course.
"Heraldic is unlike any horse I've ever ridden," Marcia said. "He's a perfect gentleman in the dressage ring and hacking on the trail, but in the race I discovered I had zero control. I sweated through three layers of clothes! We must have done more miles on the first loop than in the entire race, just circling and circling. After that, we got along great. He showed me how fast he could blow by everybody."
The next day, she offered to ride another of John's horses in the 25, where she finished second "without even trying" with Cody, an 11-year-old gelding John's mother had bred but who had always been "on the back burner" and never raced. Not surprisingly, Cody has now joined Heraldic on the front burners.
A month before the Old Dominion 100, Marcia and her husband Mark Miles flew to Virginia to prepare. "I did a pre-ride of the Old Dominion trail on Heraldic, over three days, with John riding Cody. It was a great time to strategize and develop my plan for the race. Originally John was just going to crew at the OD, but Cody did so well on the pre-ride that John decided to enter him." A good decision as it turned out: John and Cody finished second to Marcia and Heraldic on race day, and Cody won the AERC Best Condition award.
Winning the Old Dominion 100

Marcia's plan going into the race was to go steady for the first 80 miles, where five climbs in intense heat and humidity would test competitors, and then kick into racing mode.
            "In the high heat and humidity, it's important to get off and walk the steeps, and run downhills to save your horse's shoulders. We lucked out early in the day, which was cooler than expected, and some rain along the ridges was pleasantly cool, then as we descended, we hit pockets of humidity.
            "We kept a steady pace ascending, going over the rocky areas and saving our energy. In the last 20 miles, we did exactly what we planned, and let Heraldic be Heraldic. He was amazing.
            "He pulsed down rapidly at the first three vet checks, which gave us a few minutes lead time. After the fourth vet check, we had a two minute lead and we maintained that. I opened him up on what was essentially a road, into the pouring rain that cooled us off into another vet check. The rain continued to cool us off as we lengthened our lead through the last two vet checks, and we were rested by the time we finished.
"It was just his day," she said admiringly of Heraldic. "My goal was just to complete, but he had other plans. At age 17, Heraldic is a champion who has raced hard, and that takes extra care. Months before, his nutrition, his health, and our preparations were very focused on this race, and we took nothing lightly. It was very much a group effort, including my husband Mark Miles and stepdaughter Kaitlyn; and John's family including his son Yancy, parents John and Linda, brother Jeff, and nephew Josh. I appreciate everything they did for us as they were as focused as we were in this endeavor."
The Heraldic Lightweight Endurance Saddle by RP

"We understand that the endurance trail heightens problems due to stress over time," explained RP's Weininger. "If the horse has a physical issue, the trail will reveal it. Problems with saddle fit are magnified." With the proprietary ReactorPanel® technology, RP saddles respond to the moving horse's body by flexing and self-adjusting with every stride. Riders report longer, freer strides, better recoveries, and even lower heart rates.
"When John first challenged us to make a lighter-weight version of the RP endurance saddle back in 2012, I knew from our first discussion that this is a man who is all about the details. He makes the supreme accomplishments - like winning and BC at the most prestigious rides in the US - look like an afterthought; all of his time and energy is focused on the day-to-day details it takes to turn out a world-class performance."
Crandell has a lifetime of experience in the sport of endurance, and he approaches each element of training and gear selection analytically. When he began using ReactorPanel saddles in training rides in 2011, he learned first-hand how this unique saddle system helps horses comfortably carry the rider's weight mile after mile. But he needed a lighter-weight saddle to make weight in FEI competition, and Heraldic - the saddle - was born.
             That's something Marcia appreciated. "I rode Heraldic in the saddle RP made for him and John.  I enjoyed the functionality of it - it's beautiful, lightweight, and felt like it was perfectly made for Heraldic."
To customize Heraldic's Heraldic especially for her, Marcia called RP for advice. "Riding in his saddle for three days as we prepared for the race, I discovered things that I never noticed before. I called RP, and they couldn't have been more helpful. I ordered fleece fenders to protect my legs over the rigging, and then thought I'd be even more comfortable with a fleece seat cover, so I ordered that, too. Comfortable and functional - it worked out great!"
There's a ReactorPanel Saddle System for Every Ride
RP has been saddling top trail and endurance horses since the 1990s. Its flexible panel system is tried and tested at the top levels of the sport, with RP saddles going down the trail under every level of rider for more than 20 years, from XP to LD to FEI.
RP's proven flexible weight-bearing system ensures long hours in the saddle with equal comfort for horse and rider. For top endurance riders like John Crandell and Marcia Hefker, or for casual weekend riders, there's an RP saddle to suit.
"RP saddles are a unique and entirely different way to comfortably put weight on the horse's back, with a 20-year history of performing at the highest levels of sport," explains The ReactorPanel Saddle Company CEO Carmi Weininger.
"Our saddles are popular with top endurance riders from many countries, including some of the most successful riders in the world. These riders, who could have literally any saddle, choose RP because we give their horses a winning edge in competition. Our saddles are equally popular with pleasure riders who demand a pain-free experience for their horse and themselves, even after many hours on extreme terrain."

About The ReactorPanel Saddle Company
Since 1993, The ReactorPanel Saddle Company has produced the innovative and user-adjustable ReactorPanel Saddling System, the only saddle you cannot buy without a two-week FREE trial. RP makes this unique saddling system in models for dressage, endurance, hunter/jumper, eventing, fox hunting and pleasure riding. Based in Oakland, CA, RP's industry-leading programs reflect the company's commitment to providing saddles that are good for horse and rider, and in delighting customers with exemplary service, integrity and fair policies. Join the legions of RP fans by trying one yourself on the only proving ground that counts: your horse! Visit .

Contact Us                                                            
The ReactorPanel Saddle Company
414 Lesser Street
Oakland, CA 94601

For more information contact                              

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2016 AERC Convention in Reno

Mark it on your calendar now! The 2016 AERC Convention dates are set! It will be held February 19 and 20, 2016, back at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. It's sure to be another great convention, so plan to come! If you have any suggestions for speakers or convention happenings, email:

See for more info.

No Trails Means No Endurance Riding

June 23 2015

Information via the Back Country Horsemen of America ( and the American Trails Symposium have made clear that proposed federal legislation (called "land transfer") may mean that federal public lands may be sold to individual states.

Monica Chapman, AERC's Trails Committee Chair, says, "Half of the federal budget for public lands which is billions of dollars is spent on fighting wildfires. Do you think your states or counties can afford that? I don’t." Please read up on the issue at

Monica also urges you to join BCHA. Their website does have an easy link that can help you contact your legislators. No trails means no endurance riding.

Friday, June 19, 2015

6 Weeks till 60th Tevis Cup

June 19 2015

With 6 weeks left till the Tevis Cup on August 1, 129 riders have pre-entered the 60th anniversary edition. So far, 7 are Juniors (including last year's Haggin Cup winner, Barrak Blakeley). There are 18 Signature Riders. Foreign riders signed up are from Australia, Chile, Canada, the Netherlands, Wales, Israel, Guatemala, and Germany.

Entry forms are here:

For more information, see

Gayle Ecker Receives Prestigious 2015 Equine Industry Vision Award

June 19, 2015

Lifelong equine wellness educator honored for leadership and innovation

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., June 19, 2015 — Today, Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph, was named the recipient of the 14th annual Equine Industry Vision Award. Zoetis, in partnership with American Horse Publications (AHP), presented the award to Ecker at the AHP Seminar in San Antonio, Texas.
The Equine Industry Vision Award is the first major award to showcase innovation across the equine industry. Established and sponsored by Zoetis, the prestigious award recognizes ingenuity and service, and it serves to inspire those qualities in others.
“We are proud to recognize Gayle for her heartfelt work in connecting people, especially youth, with horses,” said Kate Russo, equine biologicals marketing manager, Zoetis. “Gayle’s passion for utilizing science-based knowledge to educate people on the health of horses is unmatched. Zoetis is proud to present her with an award to recognize her lifelong commitment to advancing the equine industry.”

Ecker is director of Equine Guelph, which she has led since its inception in 2003. The center at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, supports the health and well-being of horses through education, research, health care promotion and industry development. It is supported and overseen by equine industry groups.

Ecker was instrumental in the creation of the center by writing the grant that led to the development of its education and communications programs. She was a pioneer in online education. In 2002, she established a first-of-its kind educational approach that provides virtual learning pathways for career development in the equine industry. She also serves as an instructor for the program.

She also led the development of Equine Guelph’s youth exhibit, EquiMania!, which features interactive stations that teach young horse enthusiasts about equine safety and wellness. The exhibit first appeared at the 2005 Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo and also has traveled to the 2010 World Equestrian Games™ in Lexington, Kentucky, and the Minnesota State Fair. Each year, Ecker and her team improve the exhibit with up to 25% new materials based on attendee feedback.
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be recognized,” Ecker said. “My passion is truly my students — seeing their thirst for knowledge and knowing the time I invest will be tenfold when they go out and make a difference.”
As a former researcher, Ecker’s expertise is in exercise physiology. She has been the assistant chef d’equipe for the Canadian Endurance Team, traveling around the globe to support the team at international events, such as the Pan American Games, the World Equestrian Games and World Endurance Championships. These days, Ecker enjoys trail riding aboard her two quarter horses.
Ecker also was named to the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo Hall of Fame in 2014, when she received the Builder Award. In 2010, she received the Readers’ Choice Award in the exceptional equestrian category from the Horse Journal. Ecker also was named one of the top 15 horse people of the year by Western Horse Review in 2008.

Download a photo of Ecker here.

Other finalists for this year’s Equine Industry Vision Award included: the EQUUS Foundation, a charitable foundation that provides financial support and service to equine charities across the United States; Jim McGarvey, chairman of the board for Back Country Horsemen of America; and Juli S. Thorson, editor-at-large for Horse & Rider.
Previous recipients of the award are:
·       Patti Colbert (2014)
·       The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int’l) (2013)
·       Equine Land Conservation Resource (2012)
·       Robert Cacchione (2011)
·       John Nicholson (2010)
·       Charlotte Brailey Kneeland (2009)
·       Sally Swift (2008)
·       David O'Connor (2007)
·       Stanley F. Bergstein (2006)
·       John Ryan Gaines (2005)
·       The American Quarter Horse Association (2004)
·       Don Burt (2003)
·       Alexander Mackay-Smith (2002)
About American Horse Publications

American Horse Publications is a nonprofit professional association dedicated to promoting excellence in equine media and better understanding and communication within the equine publishing industry. For more information on the association, please contact: Chris Brune, American Horse Publications, at or 386-760-7743, or visit the AHP website at
About Zoetis

Zoetis (zō-EH-tis) is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 60 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services. In 2014, the company generated annual revenue of $4.8 billion. With approximately 10,000 employees worldwide at the beginning of 2015, Zoetis serves veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals with sales of its products in 120 countries. For more information, visit

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AERC: Nominations open!

HALL OF FAME, PARD'NERS NOMINATIONS OPEN! Nominate a worthy candidate for the 2015 Pardners Award, Hall of Fame Person, Hall of Fame Equine, Volunteer of the Year, the Ann Parr Trails Award -- here is the Nomination Form. All nomination statements must be received by
July 31, 2015. Recipients will be announced at the 2015 AERC Convention held February 19 & 20 in Reno, Nevada.

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Arabian horse racing has small but dedicated group at Arapahoe Park - Full Article

Arapahoe Park is one of a handful of U.S. tracks that run Arabian races

By Terry Frei
The Denver Post


AURORA — When Arabian horse owner and trainer Scott Powell hustled to the winner's circle Sunday at Arapahoe Park, his neck brace was evidence of a recent training accident at his Quarter Moon Ranch in southwestern New Mexico.

"I was running downhill on a horse as fast as he could go, about 40 miles an hour, and we went through a fence," he said. "It almost killed me. I was really lucky."

Powell, 50, got to his phone and called his wife, Lori, and she came and found him. She rushed him to the Silver City hospital, and then he was transported via air ambulance across the Texas border to El Paso.

"They feared there was bruising and swelling in the inner core, and I could have been paralyzed," he said.

How long was he in the hospital after suffering fractured neck vertebrae?

"A day," he said...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pagosa Springs to host an AERC Endurance Horse Ride - Full Article

By Kirsten Le Roux
Special to The SUN

Saturday, June 20, is the date set for the Pagosa Springs Endurance Horse Ride hosted by GECKO (Giving Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) as a fundraiser. GECKO Race Director Mike Le Roux is staging the inaugural horse race as an extension of GECKO summer racing...

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Miles of smiles for endurance rider - Full Article

By Karen Griffiths
PDN Equestrian Columnist

Upon meeting my mild-mannered and friendly neighbor, one wouldn’t know she’s a fiercely competitive woman who, I think, excels at everything sports — be it running, racquetball, swimming, rowing or endurance trail riding.

Almost daily, I see Lisa Preston pass by my house to either run or ride throughout the state’s Cassidy Creek trail system.

I recently joined her on a leisurely trail ride during which she shared one of her current passions: taking part in the Washington Trail Riders Distance Derby.

The group uses GPS devices to track miles ridden each year.

Lisa is rider No. 24, and her team is called Two Half-Tekes.

“It’s really great,” she said, “because I can use either of my horses. The three of us are considered one team...”

Read more here:

Friday, June 12, 2015


AQHA is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s North American Junior and Young Rider Championships July 14-19 in Lexington Kentucky.

The American Quarter Horse Association
June 11, 2015

The American Quarter Horse Association is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 Adequan/Federation Equestre Internationale North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, presented by Gotham North July 14-19 in Lexington, Kentucky.

At the NAJYRC, riders ages 14-21 vie for team and individual FEI medals in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines of show jumping, dressage, eventing, the Para-Olympic discipline of para-dressage and the FEI World Equestrian Games disciplines of reining and endurance. The competition is run under rules of the FEI, the international governing body for equestrian sport. It is the only FEI championship held annually on this continent.

Many of North America’s best equestrians who represent their country on Olympic, world championship and Nations Cup teams got their first taste of international experience at NAJYRC. Some of these gold medalists include Greg Best, Karen O’Connor, Chris Kappler and McLain Ward.

“Young Riders was an incredible experience,” said Saer Colter, member of the Zone 10 riding team 2007, 2009 and 2010. “I loved being a part of a team, and it was a really great stepping stone to move on to the next level.”

If you’re an equestrian between the ages of 14 and 21 who competes in dressage, endurance, show jumping, eventing or reining, you could be a part of this international event.

Watch this video to learn more about the NAJYRC.

Visit today to learn if you’re eligible for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships.


The NAJYRC began in 1974 as an eventing challenge between the United States and Canada. A dressage championship was added in 1981 and show jumping was added in 1982. The first complete Young Riders championship was held in British Columbia in 1982. The Championships were expanded to officially include a championship division for juniors in 2006. The discipline of reining was added to the official schedule in 2008, endurance joined in 2011 and para-dressage will join NAJYRC this year.

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June's Endurance Day on Horses In The Morning with Karen Chaton

Endurance Day with Karen Chaton on the Dream 100 Races, The Quilty and the Big Horn 100

June 9, 2015

Endurance Day with Karen Chaton opens with a chat about Redmond Equine's Daily Gold, a chat with Aussie Rider Adeline Gibson about the amazing Tom Quilty Gold Cup and Cindy Collins on the Big Horn 100. Plus, Distance Depot on supplements for Endurance Riders. Listen in...

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Time to Ride Challenge Kicks Off with 40% Increase in Contestants

Stables, clubs, and businesses open their doors to new horse enthusiasts.
Washington, D.C., June 4, 2015 - The 2015 Time to Ride Challenge began Saturday, May 30th as stables, clubs, and businesses hosted events welcoming new people to riding and other horse activities. In its second year, 992 “Hosts” from 49 states signed up; a 40% increase over 702 hosts in 2014. Every state except North Dakota is represented. Riding instructors, trainers, clubs, retailers, dude ranches, veterinarians, event managers, rescues, therapeutic riding programs, and other horse industry providers are competing for $100,000 cash and prizes by introducing newcomers to horses through fun, beginner-friendly activities.
The 2015 Challenge takes place May 30th through September 30th, offering a few more weeks than 2014 for Hosts to hold events. So far, Hosts have scheduled over 275 events, such as open houses, demonstrations, and trail rides. A horse decorating contest, reading group event at a local library, and “Meet a Unicorn” event offer fun and variety. Some have even planned dedicated “Ladies’ Night” events and days to host Girl Scout troops. DreamCatcher Horse Ranch & Rescue of Clermont, Florida has invited a group of local school teachers who will learn about horse involvement opportunities and share the fun with their classes. Competing hosts have access to free marketing tools and “best practices,” plus ideas to plan fun and creative events.
Several events include screenings of the new Dove Foundation-approved family film Spirit Riders, starring Disney star Allie DeBerry. Spirit Riders is an inspiring drama about a troubled teen who finds healing through a connection with horses at an equine therapy ranch. Hosts are also gearing up to participate in National Meet-a-Horse Day on July 25th by offering a free opportunity to meet a horse. Time to Ride hopes to feature hundreds of events nationwide, inviting families to connect with a horse in their community for the first time.  
A complete list of all the events is available on the Time to Ride website, where users can find free, fun horse events happening nearby; events will also be featured on the Time to Ride Facebook page. Registration for the Challenge is now closed, but to receive updates about other initiatives and future Time to Ride programs, please visit
The American Horse Council’s Marketing Alliance
Time to Ride is an initiative of the American Horse Council’s marketing alliance, formed to connect people with horses. It is designed to encourage horse-interested consumers to enjoy the benefits of horse activities. The AHC marketing alliance is made up of the following organizations: the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Active Interest Media, the American Quarter Horse Association, Dover Saddlery, Farnam, Merck, Merial, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, Platinum Performance, SmartPak, United States Equestrian Federation, and Zoetis. Program Partners are Absorbine, the American Paint Horse Association, Morris Media Network Equine Group, the National Cutting Horse Association, the National Reining Horse Association, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, and the Texas A&M University Equine Initiative.
About the American Horse Council
The American Horse Council is a non-profit organization that includes all segments of the horse industry. While its primary mission is to represent the industry before Congress and the federal regulatory agencies in Washington, DC, it also undertakes national initiatives for the horse industry. Time to Ride, the AHC’s marketing alliance to connect horses and people, is such an effort. The American Horse Council hopes that Time to Ride will encourage people and businesses to participate in the industry, enjoy our horses, and support our equine activities and events. The AHC believes a healthy horse industry contributes to the health of Americans and America in many ways.

Contact: Christie Schulte - or 512-591-7811

Monday, June 08, 2015

Multiple Options for Trail Riding - Full Article

Saturday, June 6, 2015 1:59 pm

By Diane McKay Stephens
Equestrian Correspondent

What do TREC, ACTHA, NATRAC, TRC, AERC, EXCA and USRHA have in common?
They all pertain to the love of trail riding, negotiating obstacles and the bond you develop between you and your equine partner. These sports have become more and more popular and now with seven organizations, you can choose which one to excel in or cross train and compete in more than one...

Read more here:

Scholarship Applications Available for Endurance Riding High School Seniors

Any H.S. seniors who are active in endurance riding and USEF: Scholarship applications are due by July 1:

The American Endurance Ride Conference Unveils New Website

 AUBURN, California – June 8, 2015 –

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) today unveiled a sleek new Web site at The updated site features an intuitive and modern design with streamlined navigation to improve usability and showcase frequently accessed content areas. Users will enjoy the refreshed look and feel and an optimized content delivery platform that allows for access from computers, tablets and mobile devices.
The not-for-profit relied on a member committee who joined together in researching, planning, designing and testing the new site, which is also linked to an extensive member database of Horse Histories, Rider Histories and Ride Results. Site usage patterns were researched to determine which areas of the site were accessed most frequently, such as Ride Calendar, and those areas were targeted for overhaul first.  They improved navigation and flow, moving frequently accessed areas such as Ride Calendar to the forefront and highlighting areas such as Education, so that new and prospective members could find information more easily.
“The AERC is responsible for managing and disseminating a huge amount of information and data,” said Lisa Schneider, AERC Vice President and Chairman of the Web Site Committee. “In this age of online self service, our Web site serves a central role for our members and potential members.  It was critical with this redesign that we got it right from a user perspective and I think we achieved that goal.”
About the AERC

In addition to promoting the sport of endurance riding, the AERC encourages the use, protection, and development of equestrian trails, especially those with historic significance. Many special events of four to six consecutive days take place over historic trails, such as the Pony Express Trail, the Outlaw Trail, the Chief Joseph Trail, and the Lewis and Clark Trail. The founding ride of endurance riding, the Western States Trail Ride or Tevis Cup, covers 100 miles of the famous Western States and Immigrant Trails over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These rides promote awareness of the importance of trail preservation for future generations and foster an appreciation of our American heritage.

The American Endurance Ride Conference, established in 1972, is headquartered in Auburn, California, “The Endurance Capital of the World.” For more information please visit us at

Media Contact:
Candace FitzGerald

Dobbin Group