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ASK REGINA! - Regina Rose Brings Home 2020 AERC Volunteer Service Award

March 22 2020
by Merri

The secret’s out: At this year’s AERC Virtual Unconventional Convention, the rest of the Endurance world discovered what we in the Northwest Region have known for a very long time: Regina Rose sets a very high standard as an all-around Ride Manager/assistant RM, and Endurance volunteer, and as crew person extraordinaire (particularly at the Big Horn 100). She was awarded AERC’s Volunteer Service Award in a surprise Zoom meeting that was recorded and presented during the Virtual Convention.

From the moment that began 14,830 AERC trail miles ago (at the 1971 Wyoming 50) Regina Rose found her sport in Endurance riding. And since 1982 when she and her friend Tom Goton first managed the Jackalope Endurance ride in Wyoming, she found her métier.

The Big Horn country of Wyoming is in Regina’s blood and plays a big part in her Endurance history. She helped her riding club mark trail for the Big Horn ride from 1971 to 1992. She earned 12 finishes on the Big Horn 100, and she can still tell you every single sagebrush she passed and every turn she ever took on every trail (and not just on the Big Horn 100).

When Regina moved back to Idaho in 1992, she started helping Steph Teeter with her Owyhee Endurance rides, and she took those over last year when Steph retired from Endurance. She’s helped with other rides around the Northwest and in the Mountain region the last two decades.

The Coronavirus was no match for Regina last year when all the early-season rides were cancelled; she put her mind to the task and came up with a Covid plan for the multi-day City of Rocks Pioneer in June, which was one of the first rides held during the pandemic with safety protocols in effect. That plan was subsequently adopted by many Ride Managers in the NW region, and paved the way for Endurance to continue in Idaho and other parts of the country during Covid.

Known for her dedication to the sport, her cheerfulness in even the most dismal situations, her profound knowledge, her unparalleled generosity, and her matchless work ethic, she’s encouraged many people not only to try Endurance riding, but she’s infected some of them with the Ride Managing bug. She’s also crew extraordinaire for the Big Horn if you can get her.

Despite all this (and much more), Regina was taken completely by surprise by her award. Northwest Regional Directors Naomi Preston and Jessica Cobbley, and the AERC office’s Kyra DeMartini told Regina they’d be recording a convention video about the Covid protocols. Instead, a number of Regina’s friends popped on the call when Naomi told her the real reason for the Zoom meeting.

“They were sneaky!” Regina said. She was delighted by her award, particularly because it represents so many volunteers at rides who don’t even ride horses. “Rides have to have volunteers - we can’t have rides without them.

“The best part of putting on rides and volunteering at them is seeing all the Juniors come out and ride. It’s fun seeing new riders try Endurance, and join local riding clubs and get recognition. It’s also rewarding seeing some of these newer riders take on the challenge of managing rides.”

Mountain region rider and volunteer Lauren Coziah said it best in her nomination letter:

Why should Regina receive this award? Simply put, the woman works her fingers to the bone to make sure every ride she attends (which includes every ride in Idaho, the Big Horn, and several in surrounding states) is a roaring success. She’s always smiling and always more than willing to help anyone who’s willing to listen. If you need a question answered, ask Regina. Need advice about an issue or problem you’re having? Ask Regina. Need someone to tell you to buck up and get back on? Go to Regina. Have an injury during a ride that you need to figure out how to manage? Ask Regina. Need someone to run your ride registration booth? Ask Regina. Need a pulse done on your horse? Ask Regina. New to the sport and unsure what happens next? Ask Regina. Want to ride the Big Horn 100 for the first time and need amazing crew? Ask Regina. Need placings and awards figured? Ask Regina. Need a shoe nailed back on? Ask Regina. Need a truck to haul water? Ask Regina. Need a laugh? Go to Regina. Need someone to encourage you? Ask Regina.

Seriously. Ask Regina. Even the wildest request she’ll fill and she’ll do it with a smile because she loves horses, she loves serving people and she loves this sport.

Now that the secret’s out, Regina’s Endurance dance book will be filled. But we all still get first dibs on her!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang Adds A New Family (Horse) Member - Full Article

MARCH 15, 2021

The Bold and the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang plays Brooke Logan Forrester, Ridge’s wife and matriarch of the Logan clan. Off-screen, Lang has a big family — one that recently gained a new addition.

“A new member of the family,” Lang shared on Instagram along with a photo of her latest family member — a horse! “Meet Al-Marah Tiffany, a beautiful Arabian horse. Looking forward to many adventures with her on the trail. She is a sweetheart! 😃 I stopped riding my horses 7 years ago when I got into Triathlon racing… but now going to give it a go with the endurance riding again. #enduranceriding #ilovehorses...”

Read more here:

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Robert "Archie" Bouttier, Drinkers of the Wind Arabians Founder: 1943-2021

March 15 2021
by Merri

Robert "Archie" Bouttier, founder of Drinkers of the Wind Arabians, passed away suddenly February 28, 2021. He will forever be remembered for his passionate devotion to breeding Arabian horses on his farm in Bellevue, Idaho.

Here's a look back at an article on "Archie" and his Arabians, from 2011.

Drinkers of the Wind Arabians: The Quest for the Perfect Horse:

Robert Bouttier (Archie) riding DWA French Kiss in 2004. DWA French Kiss was the Colorado Arabian Race Horse of the Year in 2003.

Making History on Horseback: A Pacific Crest Trail Triumph - Full Article

March 4, 2021 | By Mary Murphy

Gillian Larson’s short film ‘The Thru Rider’ is finally here. Watch one woman and her horse ride victorious over the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

The premise of “The Thru Rider” is simple: one woman, one horse, and 2,600 miles of trail. Created in partnership with Firestone Walker and directed by Dylan Lucas Gordon, the short film recounts Larson’s solo mission to ride the Pacific Crest Trail. She completed the entire PCT, from Mexico to Canada, on horseback...

Read more and watch video here:

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2021 March's Horses in the Morning - Listen

Trailer Safety, Dolly Still Riding at 84 and The Equilab App: Endurance for March 9, 2021 Mar 9, 2021

Endurance Episode: Dolly DeCair joins us, she is still doing endurance rides at age 84 and just won the AERC Pard’ners Award. Dwayne Russell gives us the important things we need to do to keep our horse trailers running safely. Plus, Karen tells us about The Equilab App. Listen in...

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2020 AERC Award Recipients

Sunday March 7 2021

From the AERC convention, 2020 recipients:

Hall of Fame Person: Connie Burns-Caudill
Hall of Fame Equine: Thunders Lightning Bar, owned by Pat Chappell
Pard’ners Award: Dolly DeCair and Wazirs Karahty
Volunteer Service Award: Regina Rose
Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award: Deirdre Monroe

All well deserved! A big thanks to Nick Kohut and Michael Campbell for hosting the online national celebration Sunday evening!

Friday, March 05, 2021

$5,000 reward offered for horse lost in Wickenburg - Full Article

By Stephanie Olmo
March 4 2021

Big reward offered for horse lost in Wickenburg

A woman who is visiting Arizona from Washington state is asking for help, after her horse, an Arabian Mare named Ameera, went missing following an accident in the Wickenburg area.

WICKENBURG, Ariz. - A woman who is visiting the Valley is pleading for help in finding her lost endurance horse, after it ran off following an accident. Now, a local man has stepped up by offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help bring this horse home.

Lori Van Zuyen, who is visiting from Washington state, says she's never had this happen to her before, and is hoping to get her horse, Ameera, back.

Van Zuyen was just a few miles into her endurance ride on Feb. 27 at Boyd Ranch in Wickenburg when her horse got spooked and bolted.

"I saw her run over the hill, and I got up," said Van Zuyen. "I got up right off the ground and pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Boyd management..."

Read more here:

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Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast Ep 104: An Unlikely Endurance Horse – Competing her Tennessee Walker in the Tevis Cup - Listen

March 3, 2021

In today’s episode, Ute talks with Susan Garlinghouse, DVM and Endurance Rider. Susan is on the AERC (American Endurance Riders Conference) board and lives in Tevis Country. She has competed in Endurance competitions all her life. After riding Arabians and Arabian crosses, she fell in love with a big, portly Tennessee Walking Horse called John Henry. John Henry was a trail turned Endurance horse and he was the most comfortable horse she ever rode. When her owner offered him to her for sale, she did not waste a minute and brought him home. Since then, she has trained him and ridden him in many Endurance competitions including the Tevis Cup. Both of them won three of his five Tevis Buckles together. Susan tells us all about training your non-Arabian endurance horse, why gaited horses are different and why she wants to stick with them for the rest of her riding career. So if you are interested in Endurance riding, this is going to be your episode!


Wednesday, March 03, 2021

US Equestrian Expands Eligibility for $1,000 Higher Education Equestrian Scholarships for High School Seniors

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Mar 3, 2021, 10:00 AM EST

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce that it has expanded the eligibility requirements for the Higher Education Equestrian Scholarship, which provides five $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors committed to continuing their involvement in equestrian sport while in college.

US Equestrian is now accepting applications for the scholarship. Applicants must be active US Equestrian competing or fan members preparing to enter any college or university full-time in fall 2021. The scholarship is open to all 29 recognized breeds and disciplines.

Previously, applicants were required to be enrolled in an equine-related degree or to participate on an intercollegiate equestrian team. Now, applicants can provide other forms of evidence that they will continue their involvement in equestrian-related experiences while in college. This can be through enrollment in an equestrian-related degree or classes, participation in an intercollegiate equestrian team or club, an equestrian-related internship, job, volunteer work, or other proven commitment to continued involvement in equestrian sport.

Funds awarded by the Higher Education Equestrian Scholarship will be issued directly to the recipients’ educational institutions to be applied to tuition costs.

To Apply, and for more information, see:

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Last Chance to Sign Up for AERC Convention

March 2 2021

Thinking about attending the Virtual AERC Convention? Last chance to sign up is noon (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, March 3, to be part of it!

Link to sign up:

Convention brochure: