Saturday, July 25, 2020

Appaloosa Endurance and Competitive Trail Championships Cancelled

July 24 2020

MOSCOW, IDAHO — Scheduled to be held September 25-27 in La Pine, OR at the Lava Cast Forest Site, the Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Rides (50-mile and 100-mile) and the National Championship Competitive Trail Ride have both been canceled for 2020. The Appaloosa Horse Club has partnered with the Arabian Horse Association for several years to offer a National Championship Endurance Ride. The event has grown to include six breed association championships including the Appaloosa Championship Competitive Trail Ride, and 2020 would have been the ApHC’s first-annual 100-mile championship ride. After much discussion with all breed groups, a decision was made to cancel the 2020 ride because of ongoing safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Reluctantly, we agree that it has become necessary to cancel this much-anticipated and prestigious event because of ongoing COVID-19 concerns,” ApHC President Ken Johnson said. “While not everyone will agree with this decision, the health, safety and well-being of all participants is our primary concern. We look forward to working with all parties involved to provide expanded opportunities in the future for our competitive trail and endurance riders.”

The ApHC would like to recognize and thank our event sponsors including Tioga Territory, the Equine Distance Riding Association, Schneider’s Saddlery, and the Western Washington Regional Appaloosa Club for their ongoing support of these events. We’d also like to thank those sponsors who were in the process of signing on for the 2020 event. The ApHC and our distance riding enthusiasts appreciate the support and passion of these individuals and businesses.

More information from the Arabian Horse Association can be found here:

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) was established in 1938 with a mission of preserving, promoting and enhancing the Appaloosa breed. The ApHC has since registered more than 700,000 Appaloosas, which are known for their distinctive color, intelligence and even temperament. True to their reputation as an extremely versatile breed, Appaloosas can be found in nearly every discipline including racing, endurance riding and serving as reliable family horses. The international breed registry is headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, the heart of the Palouse region—the Appaloosa breed’s namesake and point of origin.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Night racing at Ehrhardt SC to handle weather conditions - Full Article
23rd July 2020

Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina, USA. Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July 2020.

This event was originally scheduled for May and postponed due to Covid 19. When the USA NF and FEI resumed the ability to hold CEI events, it was very challenging for the OC and Ride management to host the event with face coverings, social distancing, and no group meetings or meals! In addition, it was summertime and the heat index was well over 100 Fahrenheit (39 Celsius). Thus, the start times were late afternoon 17:00 -18:00 to ride through the night. The course was in great shape on one side of the Plantation, but the Bear Bay side was very wet and saturated from all of the summer rains and thunderstorms. Around 100 riders overall participated in the CEI and national distances. It was a great venue for night rides and for young novice horses. Distances offered included the 40, 80, 100, 120 and 160km events over three days.

In the 100 km, young rider Alex Shampoe, won the event along with Best Condition on her own Arabian gelding, TA Kwik Dance...

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Riverside Rescue: Pulling an Endurance Mare to Safety on the Deschutes - Full Article

What started as a pleasant day on the trail could have turned deadly when the riverbank failed as riders watered their horses. Thankfully, the area has a team of trained responders. This is how they helped.

Posted by Tracy Gantz | Jul 20, 2020

On July 16, a group of people in Central Oregon from all walks of life coordinated to save a trail horse, proving that pulling together can save lives.

Endurance rider Kris Olin and two friends were trail riding, Kris aboard Dixie, her 24-year-old Arabian who had logged more than 2,000 miles during her endurance career. They came to the Deschutes River and looked for a likely spot where they could water the horses.

“It looked like solid ground,” said Olin. “The water appeared to be shallow. We took a step or two in, and as soon as we did, we went down about three feet.”

Olin was able to dismount Dixie safely, but the mare became stuck in mud and water up to her back and could not extricate herself...

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New Castle college student wins endurance ride in South Carolina - Full Article

July 21 2020
by Marjorie Lewter

On July 10, Laurel Pollock of Craig County tied for first place in the AERC endurance ride at Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina.

Laurel is a dean's list student studying equine science and sociology at Emory and Henry College. This summer she has been working two jobs in the agricultural field and training for her first 25-mile American Endurance Ride Conference event. She and good friend Mikayla Nunn trailered their horses to the "Moonlight Madness" competition. The riders took off at 7:30 p.m., riding through the night hours on separate courses. Laurel crossed her 25-mile finish line on her Arabian, R-Kons Able, with fellow competitor Brooks Prater at 1 a.m. It is not unusual for riders to team up on the trail and finish together, sharing the top honors. Mikayla and her racking horse, Denver, crossed the 50-mile finish line at 6 a.m...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Distance Nationals Suspended for 2020

July 21 2020

After careful consideration by the Arabian Horse Association and the Distance Nationals Show Commission, Distance Nationals has been suspended for the year 2020. The DHNC were to be held September 25 - 27, 2020 near La Pine, Oregon in conjunction with the Lava Cast Forest Memorial Endurance rides sanctioned by American Endurance Conference (AERC). This decision was made first and foremost with the health and safety of our competitors in mind.

Although AHA will not be involved with the ride, competitors can contact ride managers Paula and Suzy for information regarding the Lava Cast Memorial Endurance Ride.
For questions about refunds, please contact Rebecca Hankey at Any entries for the Arabian Horse Association, Appaloosa Horse Club, Paso Fino Horse Association, Performance Shagya Registry, Akhal-Teke Association of America, American Morgan Horse Association and American Saddlebred Registry affiliated rides will be refunded. 

Please find the press release here.

Friday, July 17, 2020

2020 July's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning

Endurance Day Emergency Preparedness, Melinda Guice and Diets for July 14, 2020

Jul 14, 2020
Glenn is joined by On this Endurance Riding Episode Victoria Beelik discusses the most important things to do to plan now for an emergency with your animals. Rider Melinda Guice stops by to tell us about her recent ride at the Bandit Springs Endurance ride in Oregon and Karen offers some good resources for exercise and diet programs. Listen in...

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The 2020 Virtual Tevis Cup!

2020 Tevis Cup - Virtual Western States Trail - 100 Miles in 100 Days

Sat August 1 - Mon November 9, 2020

Virtually travel along the Tevis Cup (Western States) Trail - Robie Park (Truckee, CA) to Auburn, CA
Your Trails, Your Location


About the Event

The Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event of its kind in the world. It is seen by many as the pinnacle of the sport of equestrian endurance and is a "bucket list" item for many riders. The magic of the trail is strong and special, and like a siren calls those to come and take on its challenge. Therein lies the essence of the Tevis Cup Ride and the historic Western States Trail.
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Western States Trail Foundation Board of Governors voted for the first time in history to cancel the annual Tevis Cup Ride. But we want to offer a way for our riders, crews, volunteers, supporters and lovers of the trail to still be able to participate. Thus the creation of this virtual event.
You can complete the 100-miles in as many smaller excursions as you choose to finish the goal. We absolutely recommend NOT riding the 100-miles all at once unless you are participating at an actual sanctioned event with veterinary controls. As you log your completed miles, you will receive updates of where you now are on OUR historic Western States Trail. 

So pick your equine partner, or register for our non-riding division, and join us for 100-miles, on YOUR own trails at your own pace.

Description and Dates

The "Ride" will start on our original planned date of August 1, 2020.  Riders and their mounts (or those joining us without a horse) will have 100 Days to complete their 100-miles.  All miles must be completed by November 9, 2020 and results submitted by November 11, 2020.  Miles are ON YOUR HONOR.  We are not validating or requiring proof of completion, this event is for fun and to help support the Western States Trail Foundation.  The only person you would be cheating is yourself.

Riding Division

Riders MUST complete the challenge on ONE horse - just like the real ride - one rider, one horse, one hundred miles.  Riders are allowed to enter more than one equine and complete 100 miles on multiple horses if desired (one horse per entry please).  

Non-Riding Division

Want to participate but don't have a horse?  This is the division for you!!  We appreciate your support of this event.  Complete your 100 miles any way you choose under your own personal power (no motorized vehicles) - run, walk, bike, swim, crawl, shuffle, do the boogie, however you feel like getting it done!

International Participants

We welcome participants from ALL locations.  Feel free to sign up in either or both divisions!  Please note, due to the cost of shipping internationally, finishers from outside of the US will receive the bandana and sticker rather than a Tshirt.


All who complete the full 100-mile Challenge will receive a Tevis Cup Sticker and Finisher T-Shirt or Bandana.  Please be sure to specify your size when registering. You will also receive virtual milestones along the way in recognition of your ongoing achievement and quest to complete the trail. Please note in the interest of safety, there will be NO awards offered based on speed or for achieving greater than 100 miles within this time frame.  There may be other awards offered from our Sponsors, which will all be based on having participated in the challenge in either division.  Awards will be mailed at the conclusion of the EVENT, rather than when participants finish individually (sorry to make you wait, but its easier on our volunteers).

For more information, see!_Copy&utm_medium=email

Friday, July 10, 2020

100 Milers Back on AERC Calendar

July 10 2020

This weekend the Broxton Bridge Plantation Moonlight Madness ride in the Southeast region (South Carolina) will be the first 100-miler approved under the new AERC/COVID-19 regulations.

The Northwest region has the Top O' The World 100-miler approved for July 24 near Spencer, Idaho, (part of the 3-day Pioneer ride). Pre-entry is required for this ride

The Mountain region's Big Horn ride in Wyoming is approved for August 1. Entries and the wait list are closed due to the large numbers already entered, and Covid restrictions.

Good luck to all, be patient, be humorful, and enjoy the rides!

Friday, July 03, 2020

Talkin' Trot Podcast - Episode 10

Talkin' Trot Podcast - Listen

Episode 10 - Talkin about City of Rocks & an Interview with POTATO RICHARDSON!

We are so excited to bring you Episode 10!

We talked to riders from the City of Rocks ride in Idaho, one of the first rides to be held under the new guidelines.

Then we interview 3 time Tevis Cup winner Potato Richardson!

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!


Thursday, July 02, 2020

Schedule Released for AHA Distance Nationals

The 2020 Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals is scheduled to be held September 25-27 at the Lava Cast ride site in La Pine, Oregon.

The Distance Horse National Championships is the overhead titled event hosted by AHA which include Open Lava Cast Forest Rides along with breed National Championships. Our partnered breeds are the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA), the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry (PShR), the Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA) and the American Saddlebred Registry (ASR).

Along with our many National Breed Championships we also offer an Open Lava Cast Forest AHA recognized Competitive Trail Ride and several Open Lava Cast Forest Limited Distance, 50 Mile, and 100 Mile rides. This year all endurance Open Lava Cast Forest Rides will be sanctioned by the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC.) The Distance Horse National Championships have also added the LD Challenge to the event which is for the same rider/horse combination entered in the all three Open Limited Distance Rides; rules and the point schedule can be found under the Exhibitor Information tab. Remember that all Open Lava Cast Forest Rides are open to all breeds and require no qualifications or memberships!

Ogden Group Camp
La Pine, OR 97739

For more information and to see the schedule, see: