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Keep Your (Tevis) Dreams Alive Essay Contest

April 19, 2018 5:04pm

In 2017 an anonymous donor stepped up with an idea to sponsor an entry for someone who had a dream to ride Tevis but the years got away from them. The contest is reborn in 2018!

The essay contest is limited to people that have never ridden the Tevis Cup ride before, who are qualified to enter the Ride as of May 13 and they must be at least 60 years of age on the day of the ride.

The essay requirements are: To enter the contest, in 500 words or less tell us about yourself, your horse and your journey together as a team. Please share the experiences that you feel have prepared you for this challenge. Let us know the impact this entry will have on reaching your dream of participating in the legendary Tevis Cup. Entries are to be mailed to the WSTF Office indicated below and must be postmarked by May 18th. A winner will be selected during the first week of June.

Last year's winner Lorna Christopherson of Salem, Oregon completed the ride in 49th place.

The Western States Trail Foundation
Attn: Dreams Essay
150 A Gum Lane, #103
Auburn, CA, 95603 U.S.A.

For more information, see:

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast, Episode 3


April 25 2018

I’m so glad you could join us!

In Episode 3 we are going to hear some updates, meet some riders we have not heard from before including a Buckskin Mustang that found his way to Germany. We have two ride managers in episode 3 as well as a few walks down memory lane. We will also hear an update from one adorable, very young rider that I hope will continue to send in files throughout the season! And, I have a quick intro, special outro for you.

Spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin, so I’m so happy to feel free to start conditioning. We seem to have a bumper crop of frogs & mosquitos already! May the frogs win!

Email your audio stories to Ideally the files should be from two to 7 minutes in length.

Your host is Christina Hyke wife, mom, friend, equine photographer and life long horsewoman, ride far, ride well, ride often.

Listen, read more at:

Monday, April 23, 2018

Canada: 2017 Endurance Year-End Award Recipients Announced - Full Article

Ottawa, ON, April 23, 2018 – The Equestrian Canada (EC) Endurance Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Endurance Year-End Awards. These awards recognize individuals and equines that have put countless hours and tireless effort towards the pursuit of personal excellence in endurance, and the sport’s growth in Canada.

The 2017 recipients are as follows:

Hall of Fame Award
Arthur B. King, DVM – Fort Erie, ON

Ron Janzen Memorial Award
Wendy MacCoubrey – Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC

Best Condition Scores High Point Award
Horse / Owner
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON

Junior Riders – Canadian Rides

Jessica Zwaan - St. Denis, SK
Saylor Mayer – Kamloops, BC
Ruby Dinn – Pritchard, BC
Anya Levermann – 100 Mile House, BC
Ella Grimeau – Regina, SK

Junior Riders – Overall Rides

Anya Levermann – 100 Mile House, BC
Jessica Zwaan – St. Denis, SK
Saylor Mayer – Kamloops, BC
Ruby Dinn – Pritchard, BC
Ella Grimeau – Regina, SK
Stephanie Mcleod – Oka, QC
Solstice Pecile – Bailieboro, ON

Senior Riders – Canadian Rides

Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
Leanna Marchant – Foothills, AB
Terrie Laporte – Delta, BC
Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Ariel Macleod – Montney, BC
Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Christy Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB
Tara Macleod - Montney, BC
Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
Solstice Pecile - Bailieboro, ON

Senior Riders – Overall Rides

Robert Gielen - Flesherton, ON
Wendy MacCoubrey - Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC
Lexi Vollman – Regina, SK
Jaylene Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB
Leanna Marchant – Foothills, AB
Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Terrie Laporte - Delta, BC
Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Ariel Macleod - Montney, BC
Christy Janzen - Spruce Grove, AB

Top Ten Horses – Canadian Rides
Horse / Owner

HJ Magnum El Shah / Terrie LaPorte – Delta, BC
B Impulsive Spice It Up / Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
Nightwind’s Indigo Bey / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
NightWind’s Bey Infiniti / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Canadian Jaylene / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
JV Brooklyn Bay / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
The X-factor RF / Wendy Carnegie – Dugald, MB
Driftwoods Lancelot / Ariel MacLeod – Montney, BC
Xtremely Irresistable / Solstice Pecile – Bailieboro, ON

Top Ten Horses – Overall Rides
Horse / Owner

More Bang For Your Buck / Robert Gielen – Flesherton, ON
Black Bart’s Lolita / Wendy MacCoubrey - Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC
B Impulsive Spice It Up / Emma Knapper – Cobourg, ON
HJ Magnum El Shah / Terrie LaPorte – Delta, BC
Nightwind’s Indigo Bey / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Seneca / Chrystal Woodhouse – Millbrook, ON
NightWind’s Bey Infiniti / Colleen DeVry – Bruderheim, AB
Canadian Jaylene / Jaylene Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
The X-factor RF / Wendy Carnegie – Dugald, MB
ZF Nadia / Patricia Dowling – St. Denis, SK

Horse / Owner
Koszaar / Terre O’Brennan – Delta, BC
Sakic / Christy Janzen – Spruce Grove, AB
FC Galaxy / Robert Gielen – Flesherton, ON
Teese / Yvette Vinton – Morriston, FL

For more information on the 2017 award recipients, please click here.

About the Endurance Awards
The EC Endurance Committee provides a variety of awards programs for the endurance community in order to recognize outstanding athletes, owners, horses, volunteers and more. To learn more about available endurance award programs and view lists of past winners, visit

USA Riders in Test Event for 2018 WEG Next Weekend

The following endurance riders will represent the U.S. at the Test Event for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games™ held on April 27-28 in Mill Spring, NC. The CEI2* allows U.S. endurance athletes and those from around the world the opportunity to become better acquainted with the venue and various facilities on the grounds.

The Test Event is scheduled to begin on Friday, April 27 with the First Veterinary Inspection at 14:00 / 2:00pm, ET and continue with the start of the competition on Saturday, April 28 at 6:00am, ET.

Melody Blittersdorf & Synthetic (Melody Blittersdorf)

Erin Champion & Landroval (Natalie Muzzio)

Holly R Corcoran & Authentika (Holly Corcoran)

Gwen Hall & TA Kwik Dance (Alex Shampoe)

Erin Innes & Highh Treason (Jessica Lemmons)

Ellen Rapp Olson & Noslos Tuff Enuff (Ellen Olson)

Heather Reynolds & Treasured Moments (Heather Reynolds)

Jeremy Reynolds & RTR Rimfires Etta (Dublin Hart)

Kelsey Russell & Fireman Gold (Wendy MacCoubrey & Valerie Kanavy)

Meg Sleeper & Syrocco Madrigal (Meg Sleeper)

Cheryl Van Deusen & Nazeefs Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen)

Stay up to date on news and information about USEF’s endurance programs and teams by following USA Endurance on Facebook and use #USAEndurance. Note: This is not an AERC-sanctioned event but the Test Event in advance of the WEG.

Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 Darley Awards: Smedings Win New Breeder Award

April 20 2018

The annual Arabian Racing Cup's US Darley Awards and International Darley Awards, sponsored by the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival, were held on April 7 in Hollywood.

Lettie and Hendrik Smeding were winners of the Special New Breeder Award. Their work in continuing the bloodlines of the Rushcreek line of Arabians is documented here:

Congratulations to the Smedings!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tennessee Pastor says ride-and-run sport crucial to a balanced life - Full Article

April 19th, 2018
by Mark Kennedy

When she was 15 years old, Sarah Krueger made her dad, Courtney, a deal.

If he would learn to ride horses — her passion — then she would train as a runner and they could compete together in a little-known sport for horses and humans called "ride and tie."

Courtney, a Presbyterian minister, recalls that he had no real interest in horses, but he found his daughter's proposal irresistible.

That was six years ago, and although Sarah is now off at college at Western Carolina University, pastor Krueger, of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church on North Moore Road in Brainerd, is still smitten with ride-and-tie races — to the point that he has become a perennial threat to win the national points championship.

"I love it," Courtney Krueger says. "I once did a 50-mile race. No way I could have done a 50-mile foot race..."

Read more here:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018 April's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning - Listen in

Apr 10, 2018

On today’s endurance episode Haily Daeumler tells us about her adventure at the Nevada Derby Ride, Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America author John Egenes shares stories and Vicky Beelik gets everyone laughing with excerpts from her book The Do’s and Oops of Horses. Karen’s endurance riding tip covers camping.

Listen to the show at

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

California: Introduction to Endurance Clinic!

2 day Endurance Clinic & Run Rides
June 2 & 3, 2018

Harvey Bear Park, San Martin, Ca. (Near San Jose)
Hosted by West Region rider Nick Warhol and Friends

Come attend our all new two day clinic for people who are interested in learning about Endurance riding. Designed for people with no prior endurance experience. Bring a horse or just yourself. 6 hours of lecture, Truck and Trailer sessions, Pot luck ride dinner, ride meeting, camp overnight, and on Sunday- two fun rides- 7 and 15 miles, with vet checks, awards, and experienced Endurance riders as trial guides. When you leave on Sunday you will know all you need to know to enter your first ride!

All proceeds from the clinic after expenses will be donated to the AERC!

For more information, see

Welcome to the first ever Harvey Bear 2-day Endurance Clinic for beginners! Bring a horse or just yourself. You can take part in the learning and camping experience, or enter one of the two fun rides on Sunday. The whole weekend will be designed to emulate a real, live, endurance ride. This includes arriving the day before, checking in, vetting in, a pot luck dinner, the ride meeting, and the next day there are 2 Introductory rides of different distances, complete with a vet check, the finish, awards, and a real live Best Condition judging. This is not a race; it is a learning experience, so we will draw 3 horses at random from each ride to be judged for Best Condition. When you leave this clinic you will be prepared to enter your first Endurance Ride, as soon as your horse is in shape!

We will be camping in the field near the main entrance of Harvey Bear Park in San Martin, Ca, just south of San Jose. ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR A HELMET WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE FUN RIDES! Junior riders are welcome, (under age 16) but must be accompanied on the trail by an adult.

On Saturday morning we have a truck and trailering session- a demonstration of different truck, trailer, and camper types. What’s the right truck and why? How to hitch up. What to bring- see how experienced riders do it. Horse camping- see different types of horse containment. We have a special session on learning how to back up trailers taught by non-spouses! (Featuring ex-professional truck driver Gretchen Montgomery. She backs up better than me and most people I know!) On Saturday afternoon there will be about 6 hours of lectures on everything endurance related, including special guest speakers. (3-time World endurance champion Becky Hart, and the one and only Grand Duchess of Endurance Julie Suhr) Sessions: what is endurance? How to start. Preparing your horse. Preparing the rider. Saddles and tack. How it all works. (Ride times, vet checks, etc) Getting to your first ride. What to carry. How fast to ride. Setting goals. Hear different perspectives from beginning, experienced, and some of the best riders in the world.

The two fun rides will be held on Sunday June 3rd. (You don’t have to camp over on Saturday night, but it is highly recommended to complete the experience!) The 15-mile ride will start at 8am, and the 7 mile will start at 9am. Both rides will be two loops with a real endurance vet check in the middle. There are NO time limits (like there are in a real endurance ride); you can walk the whole 7 mile ride if you like. (We will encourage a mix of about 50/50 trotting/walking on the 15 mile ride). This insures pretty much any horse can do it. There will NOT be a mass start- the riders will go out in smaller groups accompanied by experienced endurance riders on their experienced horses. This will give the riders a safer and more realistic feel for their first real endurance ride. You can expect to ride at a realistic pace that is appropriate for finishing your first endurance ride, although the 7-mile ride may have a little more walking. You will NOT be racing at this ride.

Pre-ride vetting for the horses entered will be Saturday afternoon at 5pm, just like a real ride. We will have an AERC head vet (To be announced) overseeing the welfare of the horses. We will have a pot luck dinner Saturday at 6:30 pm, and the ride meeting at 7, just like a real ride. We have completion awards for everyone on the rides, with several other nice prizes for various things. We will also have a Best condition evaluation on Sunday afternoon after the ride, and before the awards. It will be just like a real endurance ride BC judging, but we will be drawing 3 finishing horses at random from each ride for the competition. This is because we are not awarding any finishing placings or top ten awards like in a real endurance ride.

When you sign up you select a rider weight division, just like a real ride. The divisions are based on your (the rider) weight and all the tack (saddle, pad, bridle, halter, breast collar, bags, water, etc) that you will carry on the horse. You don’t have to be 100% accurate, just select the division that you fit into the best.

Featherweight up to 160 pounds
Lightweight 161 to 185 pounds
Middleweight 186 to 210 pounds
Heavyweight 211 pounds and over

Camping is now available Friday night. Camping is $15 per night, Friday and Saturday, horse or no horse. this is a requirement from the park.

Camp is in a fenced grass field next to the main park entrance. We will have a water trough for the horses in camp, but you need to bring your own people water. Porta-potties will be brought in for the event. Participants are responsible for all their other provisions. We need to leave the camp clean, so be prepared to haul off anything that came in with you, hay and manure included. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. People without horses are welcome to camp overnight as well. The ride camp is in town, so there are plenty of stores, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc within a few miles drive.

Directions: From U.S. Highway 101 in San Martin, take the San Martin Avenue exit. (A RIGHT off of 101 if you are coming from the South, a LEFT back over the freeway if you are coming from the North). Proceed east on San Martin Avenue for 2 miles. The main entrance to the park is about one-quarter mile east of Foothill Avenue. Don’t take the main park entrance, continue east for a couple hundred yards where you will turn LEFT off of San Martin Ave into ride camp. There will be signs and ribbon directing you to the camp.

Please make checks payable to Nick Warhol

For the weekend schedule and more info, see:

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Important Updates for the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships

The AHA National Distance Commission has made an important schedule change for the Distance Horse National Championships held this year at the Spook Run Site in Henryville, Ind., from October 26-28. We have decided, due to discussion at the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) Convention, to hold the 50 Mile Championships on Friday, October 26 and the 100 Mile Championships on Saturday, October 27 and the AHA CTR Championship will run on Sunday, October 28.

This decision was made due some timing issues we realized would be a factor in riders being able to ride in both Championships. The format of the CTR Championship has also been changed back to a one-day format to allow riders planning to attend the ability to participate in all three Championships rides. All forms can be found on the Distance Nationals web page. The banner at the top of the web page will direct you to the Event Facebook page.

We have also added the LD Challenge to the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships. This event will be open to any horse/rider combination that plans to ride all three days (25 miles a day) in the Open LD Rides. The rider must pay the $20 entry fee for the LD Challenge indicated on the Entry Form before the start of the first day's ride. This is in addition to the entry fee for each individual open ride.

Because we encourage the very best care of our horses, all the LD riders must reach a 56 for pulse down criteria and will have a CRI in the final Vet Check for each day. On the third day, the entries in the LD Challenge will have a final Vet Check score. The placings and CRI heart rates for each of the three days and the Vet Check at the end of the third day will be converted into a points score. This score will determine the awards for the 1st-5th winners and all completion riders. All rules and point schedule are available on the AHA Distance Nationals web page under Exhibitor Information.

The Distance Horse National Championships offer several Open Rides throughout the three days of the event. There are three Open LD Rides, three Open 50 Mile Rides and one Open 100 Mile Ride. All Rides are already sanctioned by the Arabian Horse Association (AHA); however, we have additionally sanctioned the rides with AERC, the Southeast Endurance Ride Association (SERA) and the Ohio Arabian All Breed Trail Riding Society (OAATS). The Open CTR Ride is recognized by the Arabian Horse Association.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Come Ride the 2018 Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Ride (ANCER)

The 2018 Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Ride (ANCER) will be held in conjunction with the Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals in Henryville, IN on October 27, 2018 at the “Spook Run” ride. The ride is located in the Clark State Forest and is an AERC-sanctioned 50-mile ride.

ANCER has been held in locations across the country from Maine to California. The Arabian Horse Association and Appaloosa Horse Club are partnering for the third year to hold a multi-breed National Endurance Championship ride. Registered Appaloosas that are also registered with AHA as ½ Arabian may enter both National Championships.

Ride forms and sponsorship opportunities will be posted closer to the ride date. See below for additional information and qualifying requirements.

See this page for additional information, qualifying requirements:

2018 Young Rider Team Challenge is On!

AERC's Young Rider Team Challenge is to encourage participation and competition among AERC Young Riders (age 16-21 and unsponsored Juniors). The AERC Young Rider Team program is an official AERC program. This page includes links to sign up a team, to provide information/class excusal so team members attending school may incorporate the program into their extra-curricular activities and request excused absences to attend events.

For more information, see:

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast, Episode 2


April 4 2018

In Episode 2 we hear some new introductions from riders we haven't heard from in Episode 1, we get ride reports, a humorous Tevis memory from our Canadian friend. We are also introduced to two very young riders that will make you smile with their adorable attitudes, their descriptions of their horses, their goals and accomplishments.

Thank you all for listening, and thank you especially to the ones who emailed in your stories. Thank you to those who braved the technology & the discomfort of hearing your own voice- believe me when I say I know how difficult it is because (ironically) I rarely even leave a voice message for the very same reasons! Thank you for pushing past the discomfort so we could all share in your awesome stories!

Remember that it is the updates that make the podcast keep rolling along so please send in ride reports, stories from times gone by, updates on how your goals or conditioning is going- and even the set backs. Even if you no longer compete, though still have a good ride story, please don't hesitate to record it and send it in!

Email your audio stories to Ideally the files should be from two to 7 minutes in length.

And don't forget to share this podcast with your friends and encourage them to share their endurance stories with us too. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes

Christina Hyke - wife, mom, friend, equine photographer and life long horsewoman. Ride far, ride well, ride often.