Saturday, March 17, 2018

AHA Membership Fees to Increase Starting April 1

Renew your membership before fees increase on April 1! As decided by delegate and board vote, membership fees will be increasing on April 1, 2018. 

The updated fees can be found in the chart below. The new fee charges are effective April 1. 

Base TypeBase Fee Competition w/ Club AffiliationCompetition w/o Club Affiliation
Adult Three Year$135$105$225

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Colorado: Miller Middle School student wins regional trail riding award - Full Article

Molly Stanifer rode 200 miles on her horse during season

By Forrest Stone Herald Staff Writer
Saturday, March 10, 2018 5:18 PM

Thirteen-year-old Miller Middle School student Molly Stanifer, daughter of Devon Daney and Mike Stanifer of Durango, with her horse Dixie, was recognized Feb. 11 as the winner of the North American Trail Ride Conference Region 3 junior team award for the 2017 season.

Molly started trail riding at 4 years old and entered her first competition two seasons ago. At first, it was a way to continue riding and have fun instead of be competitive, she said. She completed two rides that season, in 2016.

“My favorite ride was the first one at Chicken Creek in Mancos,” Molly said. “The scenery was really pretty. I just wanted to have fun...”

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 AERC Convention Concludes

March 11 2018

With the Saturday night banquet and National Awards ceremony, the annual AERC Convention came to a close in Reno, Nevada, with new Hall of Fame inductees.

Recently retired SW Region Director, Roger Taylor, was named Hall of Fame person, and SW rider Stephanie DuRoss and Hadji Halef Omar were awarded the Pard’ners Award. No Hall of Fame horse was named for 2017. Monica Chapman was named the Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award recipient, and Carol Thompson was honored with the Volunteer Service Award.

More photos and info to come at:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018 AERC Convention Underway

A celebration of 45 years of endurance riding is underway at the annual AERC convention in Reno, Nevada.

Friday's events opened with the Hot Topic of AERC and International riding, with passionate discussions on both sides of the debate. Throughout the day, a number of veterinarians tackled topics affecting endurance horse performance.

Dr Trish Dowling presented "When Good Drugs Do Bad Things," Dr Melissa Esser lectured on "GI Ultrasound Study Report," Dr Stephanie Valberg spoke on "Tying Up: Causes and Treatments," and Dr Joe Pagan presented "Current Topics in Equine Nutrition."

The tack swap and trade show kept visitors busy between talks, and the lively Regional Awards ceremony was held in the evening, followed by a concert and dance for those who could stay up late.

See photos and stay tuned for updates on Saturday's lectures and events at:

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 AERC Convention Tack Swap

The Basics

• The Tack Swap is open the same hours as the Trade Show.
• AERC retains 10% of the sale price of each item.
• Cash or Check ONLY. Sorry, no credit cards accepted.
• Unsold items must be claimed no later than the closing of the Trade Show on the final day.
• AERC provides this event as a service and is not responsible for the condition of items sold or if
items are misplaced.


• A tag must be completed and attached to each item.
• The Seller is responsible for removing and maintaining the bottom half of the tag. This is your
claim ticket for payment or return of item if not sold.
• Each tag must be WRITTEN LEGIBLY and contain:
- Seller’s full name (first and last)
- Phone number, with area code, where the seller can be reached while at the convention
- Description of the item
- Sale price (reminder: AERC retains 10% of the sale price)
- Conditions of the sale such as “cash only.”


• When you find an item you want, bring it up to one of the volunteers who will collect the money
for the seller.
• If you wish to negotiate a price, contact the seller at the phone number on the tag to discuss.
• If paying by check you will need to wrote 2 checks for each item purchased:
- Make out one check to the Seller for 90% of the selling price
- Make out a 2nd check to AERC for 10% of the selling price.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

AHF Scholarship Deadline April 1

The Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application form is available for youth members of AHA to apply for scholarship funding.

Deadline for submission of applications is April 1.

Established criteria for judging is applied. Once a youth has received notification of scholarship being awarded, they should then proceed to the Scholarship Payment Requirement Form on the AHF site.

For more information and forms see:

Saturday, March 03, 2018

2018 AERC Convention Trade Show

As part of the AERC Convention in Reno, Nevada on March 9 and 10, prepare to be dazzled by the array of good and vendors presenting their goods and services.

At least 35 booths will outfit you, your horse, and your trailer with the latest and most stylish art, riding gear, tack, boot-ware, feed, supplements, bug protection, ride and event information, breed information, and mentorship. You'll find items you definitely need, and things you don't need but must have.

Come enjoy the Trade Show and support the AERC vendors!

As of February 15, scheduled vendors are:

AERC Green Bean Endurance, 
AERC 2018 National Championship Rides, Al Khamsa – breed association, 
American Trail Gear, 
Arabian Horse Association, 
Arabian Saddle Company, 
Auburn Laboratories, Inc., 
Badlands Equine, 
Bar ALE Inc., 
Boz Saddlery/Bozzage Training, 
EasyCare Inc., 
Farmers Warehouse Co./LMF Feeds, 
5-Star Performance TheraPlate, 
Hawthorne Products, 
H02 Haarlem – equestrian rain gear; 
Hought Endurance Tack, 
Ann Kratochvil – art and practical accessories; Nevada All-State Trail Riders (NASTR), 
The ReactorPanel Saddle Company, 
Renegade Hoof Boots, 
Revitavet Therapy Systems, 
Ride & Tie Association, 
Riding Warehouse, 
Scoot Boot Pty Ltd, 
Shadowtree – tack sales, 
Spalding Fly Predators, 
Specialized Saddles, 
Starfire Design Studio – ceramics, clothing; Stonewall Saddle Company, 
Michaele Leah Tristram - artist; 
Vettec, Inc., 
WSTF – The Tevis Store.

Follow live convention updates at:

AHA Distance Nationals Payout Schedule Revamped for 2018

Breeders Sweepstakes

The Breeders Sweepstakes Commission has taken a look at the AHA Distance Nationals Payout Schedule and has revamped it for the 2018 Ride year. 

There is now $1,500 available for the National 50 Mile Championship; $1,500 available for the 100 Mile Championship and $1,500 available for the CTR National Championship. They have also now separated Arabians & Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabians for Payout, meaning there is $1,500 available in each Championship for Arabians and $1,500 available in each Championship for Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabians. 

These are great changes to the AHA Distance National Events as Distance is what Arabian/Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabians do best!

More information on the Distance Nationals is at:

Thursday, March 01, 2018

New for 2018 at the Distance Horse National Championships: The LD Challenge

February 28 2018

LD Challenge

The LD Challenge is a new event that the Distance Commission has added to the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships. This will be open to any horse/rider combination that plans to ride all three days (25 miles a day) in the Open LD Rides.

The rider must pay the $20 entry fee for the LD Challenge indicated on the Entry Form before the start of the first day's ride. This is in addition to the entry fee for each individual open ride. Because we encourage the very best care of our horses, all the LD riders must reach a 56 for pulse down criteria and will have a CRI in the final Vet Check for each day.

On the third day, the entries in the LD Challenge will have a final Vet Check score. The placings and CRI heart rates for each of the three days and the Vet Check at the end of the third day will be converted into a points score. This score will determine the awards for the 1st-5th winners and all completion riders. All rules and point schedule are available on the AHA Distance National web page under Exhibitor Information.