Tuesday, March 06, 2018

2018 AERC Convention Tack Swap


The Basics

• The Tack Swap is open the same hours as the Trade Show.
• AERC retains 10% of the sale price of each item.
• Cash or Check ONLY. Sorry, no credit cards accepted.
• Unsold items must be claimed no later than the closing of the Trade Show on the final day.
• AERC provides this event as a service and is not responsible for the condition of items sold or if
items are misplaced.


• A tag must be completed and attached to each item.
• The Seller is responsible for removing and maintaining the bottom half of the tag. This is your
claim ticket for payment or return of item if not sold.
• Each tag must be WRITTEN LEGIBLY and contain:
- Seller’s full name (first and last)
- Phone number, with area code, where the seller can be reached while at the convention
- Description of the item
- Sale price (reminder: AERC retains 10% of the sale price)
- Conditions of the sale such as “cash only.”


• When you find an item you want, bring it up to one of the volunteers who will collect the money
for the seller.
• If you wish to negotiate a price, contact the seller at the phone number on the tag to discuss.
• If paying by check you will need to wrote 2 checks for each item purchased:
- Make out one check to the Seller for 90% of the selling price
- Make out a 2nd check to AERC for 10% of the selling price.

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