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AERC Members: Renew Now for 2020!

AERC members: renew by December 1st to be entered into our drawing to win $500 worth of tack from Taylored Tack. Renew online: or by calling the office at 866-271-2372. The office is trying to set a new record for renewals prior to 12/1-we’d love your help (and thank you in advance and to those who have already renewed-the renewals are flying in this week!)

Also, if you know anyone wanting to join, invite them with this link: New members receive a 15% discount courtesy of EasyCare Inc! We’d love to have your friends join and be part of our AERC family.

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Exiting week of racing at Broxton Bridge Plantation - Full Article

29th November 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Grace Ramsey

Broxton Bridge Plantation, Ehrhardt, SC, United States of America. Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 November 2019. In the first ever United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Endurance Championships, the informal North American Endurance Team Championships and the Arabian Horses Association Region 12 Championships, combinations from ten countries started on the best trails at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, SC.

Although the trails were drying out from rain, the horses and riders felt great and additional rain held off during the 80 km championships for a CEI completion rate of 67%.

Three combinations rode out front all day having great fun finishing in 4:50:01. Cassandra Roberts on her Arabian gelding H Zeden H, Jairo Reisgo from Spain riding Pepe Ortega’s Timore, and Cheryl Van Deusen on her homebred Hoover the Mover raced off at the finish with Cheryl and Hoover as the USEF National Champion narrowly defeating Jairo and Timore, crossing as the First Foreign Rider on the Podium...

Read more here:

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Becky Glaser Remembered

Becky Glaser passed away at home in California on November 17, 2019, "beneath the majestic redwoods she so loved. Her independent and vigorous spirit and overarching generosity were recounted by her closest friends, many of whom were able to visit her during those final days.

It is an unimaginable loss for those of us she leaves behind, but we are comforted by the knowledge that her final journey was just as she would have wanted.

Becky was beloved by so many. In the coming weeks, we (her family) plan to share more information on how and when we will celebrate her extraordinary life. Until then, your remembrances and love are a comfort we greatly appreciate.

With love and gratitude,
Doug, Lena, and Sam"

A celebration of life is planned next spring/summer.

Episode 28 - Unthemed Updates - Endurance Horse Podcast

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Welcome to Episode 28 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Created September 29, 2019

Welcome to episode 28 of Endurance Horse Podcast! We are working overtime this weekend to you not only part one & part two of Tevis 2019 to you, though also episode 28! The first unthemed episode in awhile! Now back to regular programming as we get caught up with more friends from around the world! So sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride!

About the creator of the Endurance Horse Podcast:

Christina Hyke lives in southern Wisconsin with her sweet husband, Jim.

Chris is an equine & pet photographer who also happens to love the trails and distance riding. It was the love of covering miles through beautiful territory on good horses that inspired her to create a podcast about it to share stories with other riders from around the world.

Cheers & Happy Trails!


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Thanking Old and Welcoming New Tevis Board Members

President's Message

The Western States Trail Foundation thanks Andrew Gerhard, Phil Gardner, Lisa Schnieder and Brad Weston for the time and effort that they contributed as Governors over the past years. They all served on the Board for multiple terms and each one was the head of a committee during their tenure. Phil was also named Emeritus for his contributions to the sport of endurance for the past 50 years and as a past president of the Western States Trail Foundation. 

Lastly, The Board recognized Matthew Mackay-Smith with Honors for his contributions to the sport of endurance over the decades and his tireless promotion of the Tevis Cup Ride to the East Coast endurance riders which prompted many to venture across the country to compete in the Tevis Cup Ride.  

All of these people have been great contributors to the Western States Trail Foundation.

We'd also like to welcome three new Board of Governors members: 
Nanci Gabri, Melissa Formica, Holly Ulyate and Abigail Madden. 

Click HERE to learn more about each of them!  We're excited they are all joining the board for 2020 and look forward to their future contributions.
Tony Benedetti
President, WSTF 

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2019 November's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning - Listen

Endurance Horses on Parade, National Championships, AERC Updates for Nov. 12, 2019
Nov 12, 2019

Karen tells us about riding in the Nevada Day Parade and offers a tip on scouting out the ride site before you hit the road. Guests include AERC President Monica Chapman, AERC Board Member Andrew Gerhard who review the National Championships and give a preview of the 2020 AERC Convention. Listen in...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Four Champions Crowned at Inaugural USEF Endurance National Championship at Broxton Bridge Plantation

by US Equestrian Communications Department/Classic Communications | Nov 20, 2019, 5:13 PM EST

Ehrhardt, S.C. – The Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C., played host to the inaugural USEF Endurance National Championships on November 14-16 as part of the 2019 North American Endurance Championships. In addition, an unofficial FEI team competition was integrated into the competition at the CEI2*/CEIYJ2* and CEI1*/CEIYJ1* levels to strengthen team development skills.

Taking a five-loop tour equating to a ride of 120.7 kilometers around Broxton Bridge Plantation, competitors in the two-star divisions made light work of the course. In the USEF CEI2* Endurance National Championship, Marcia Weilbach (Brooks, Ga.) and Zanthus Fury took home top honors. Weilbach and her 14-year-old Arabian gelding finished the ride in a time of 06:45:25 with an average speed of 17.8 kilometers per hour.

“It is such an honor to win a national championship title, especially when you know that everyone participating is every bit as eager as you to bring that title home,”Weilbach said. “It is humbling to realize that it is only through God's grace that we are able to physically do what we need to do to achieve such honor. What we ask and receive physically and mentally from our horses is truly so amazing; they are the stars, not us.”

In the USEF CEIYJ2* Endurance National Championship, Reine Pagliaro (Swannanoa, N.C.) and Beautiful Knightmare were crowned the national champions. As the rainy weather continued leading up to the start of the CEIYJ2* ride, Pagliaro adjusted her plans after consulting with her trainers and mentors to take a slower pace with Mary Kathryn Clark and Kathryn Clark’s nine-year-old Arabian gelding. The pair finished in a time of 13:44:56 with an average speed of 8.8 kilometers per hour.

“We started with a mindset of taking the time that we needed to get our horses though the whole ride safe, sound, happy, and healthy. At the end of the ride, I was thrilled that we had changed our objectives for that day and focused on a strong completion,” Pagliaro explained. “When I was first presented with the national championship title, I was truly shocked and hit with so many emotions. I felt excitement, accomplishment, and gratitude for everyone who had helped ‘Beau’ and me along the way.”

Riding in the one-star divisions with a course composed of three loops for a total of 80.6 kilometers, Cheryl Van Deusen (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) won the USEF CEI1* Endurance National Championship aboard her longtime partner, Hoover the Mover. Van Deusen and her 15-year-old Arabian gelding finished the ride in a time of 04:50:01 with an average speed of 16.7 kilometers per hour.

"The Broxton Bridge Plantation is a wonderful venue. The trail system is established, and the volunteers were absolutely wonderful. Hats off to Grace Ramsey for managing a great ride and to the USEF for their support,” Van Deusen said of the competition.

The inaugural title was a meaningful one for Van Deusen because she was able to partner with her homebred Hoover the Mover, who has found much success. The pair has topped the FEI Endurance Open Combination World Rankings in the past, and “Hoover” has close to 6,000 competitive miles to his record.

“To be champion in the CEI1* at Broxton and the recipient of the Best Conditioned Horse award by the veterinary team was wonderful," Van Deusen said.

Sophia Carpentier (Pomfret, Md.) and Perseveranze brought home the title of USEF CEIYJ1* Endurance National Champion. Carpentier, who began competing in endurance rides last year, finished the ride with Melody Blittersdorf’s nine-year-old Arabian gelding in a time of 07:13:25 with an average speed of 11.1 kilometers per hour.

“The ride went really well. Our goal going in was for me and Perseveranze (‘Perci’) to finish, which we did,” said Carpentier. “I was happy that we achieved that. The title is unexpected and exciting. And this achievement does not just belong to me; many people and horses helped me get here.”

The team competition operated in a similar format to that of FEI Nations Cups™. Only the top three scores from each team counted towards the team classification. At the end of the competition, the U.S. Southeast Team won the CEI1* gold medal. The team consisted of Van Deusen and Hoover the Mover; Rae Shumate-Tysor (Shelbyville, Tenn.) and Kount Czester SWA, Misty McAdams’s eight-year-old Arabian gelding; Thomas Rajala (Hillsborough, N.C.) and Hheartbreaker, his eight-year-old Arabian mare; and Shawn Polke (Lake Mary, Fla.) and WMA Riversong, Mary Kathryn Clark and Kathryn Clark’s eight-year-old Arabian mare.

The CEI1* silver medal went to Mexico. The team consisted of Jose Luis Flores Morones and Nazeefs Flashy Rose, Van Deusen’s 12-year-old Arabian mare; Jose Enrique Partida Fonseca and Golden Lightning, Janice Worthington’s 19-year-old Arabian gelding; and Mercedes Acuña Tardis and Merlot MHF, Debra Lemmons’s seven-year-old Arabian mare.

The FEI recognized the overall order of finish with the top 12 combinations in each senior and young rider division receiving individual awards.

Results, photos and more at:

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Episode 27 - TEVIS 2019 PART TWO - Endurance Horse Podcast

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

Created September 28, 2019

Welcome to episode 27 of Endurance Horse Podcast! We are working overtime this weekend to get this part two of Tevis 2019 out to you. You will hear some construction sounds at the beginning of this episode as Jim & I share with you the excitement we have of putting up our new barn. We hear from a rider who went to the educational ride that is hosted on the Tevis trail and you can hear about her experience to see if this is a trip you would like to take. We will hear more from more riders and a lot more from crew and from long time Endurance Podcast contributor Keisha Wood as she is both crew/volunteer helping to mark trail at Tevis 2019 . So sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride!

Some of the audios sent in were quite a bit longer than average, though I chose to share the extra audio, as it is full of good information, and it fits appropriately as this episode is about an extra lengthy ride.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jeanette Mero’s Ozark Kaolena SWA Wins Best Condition at AERC National Championship 100

by Merri
November 19 2019

Receiving the Best Condition award for the 2019 AERC National Championship 100-miler in Ridgecrest, California, was a perfect ending to an outstanding endurance season for Dr. Jeanette Mero’s mare Ozark Kaolena SWA. In the November 1st ride, Jay and Lena finished fourth in a ride time of 12:10, and next morning the mare was judged to be the best of the seven Top Ten horses showing for the BC award.

Most remarkable, this was Lena’s first season of endurance. The 7-year-old mare, by Kaolino X FMR Ozark Eklipse, by Cassels Roszlem, has achieved a record of 20 finishes in 21 rides, four of them wins, and two Best Conditions. Earlier this season they had easily satisfied the entry requirements for the National Championship, of 500 lifetime miles each (Lena now has 1110 miles; Jay has 5760), including completion of either a Pioneer ride together (they did several) or a 100-mile ride together. That was fulfilled with a 17th place finish in the Tevis Cup.

Lena was a former winning racehorse at four and five in Texas and California for breeder/owner Dr. Jim Wetsel and trainers Ken and Valerie Danyluk. A friend of Jay’s recommended Ozark Kaolina SWA as a prospective endurance horse; Jay put a deposit on her and another colt, and made a trip to Texas in March of 2018. “When I got there, the mare was everything that her picture showed - her body conformation is quite nice. She’s got a lot of depth and she’s very correct,” Jay said.

“So I basically met them, met the horse, put her in the round pen and said, ‘Yep, I’ll take her!’

“She went into heavy training with me and didn’t come out to an endurance ride till Death Valley nine months later. And she did a lot. I would use the XP rides to basically prep, harden, toughen her up, to get her ready for longer rides.”

As the 2019 season progressed, Jay knew she had a mare with not only a wonderful mind and a desire to compete, but one with great recoveries. That became evident on the Tevis ride.

“Most of the racehorses are reasonably good with their heart rates and recoveries, but you never know. I have never, ever had one that was having recoveries like this mare was,” Jay said. “She was coming into Deadwood, Chickenhawk, and - boom - her heart rate was down to 55. It was ridiculous!

“Her pace is just very methodical. Basically my plan for this Championship ride was, ok, she’s already spent almost a whole year doing a lot of sand work, which is perfect for this desert ride. And I was just going to ask a little bit more from her on pace - we’d been anywhere from eight to nine miles an hour - and the rest of it, we’re just going to see what happens.”

What happened was a lot of riders may have underestimate the course - which looks deceptively easy, and may have started out too fast in the beginning, and had less horse left at the end. (36 of 67 completed the 100-mile Championship.) After the 65-mile loop, Jay had a horse that was raring to go. “We left the 65 mile hold in eighth place. We had to go up a very long deceiving grade, and that’s where we caught seventh place, and then sixth and fifth place.

“At the last hold [at 90 miles], Lena immediately came down. She was just a freak all day - a minute, two minutes [to pulse down]. CRI’s of 50-50, 48-48. It was crazy!”

The last 10 miles was a repeat of what they’d done on the first loop, and Lena was feeling great, so they went for it. “We left at a canter. And the mare had so much gas, it was so much fun. And we did that same loop at the same speed we did it in the daylight, in a little over an hour.”

They crossed the finish line in fourth place at 9:20 PM. “Her finish CRI was 48-48. I mean, you could’ve picked me up off the floor.”

Just as astonishing was the announcement of the Best Condition winner the next morning by head veterinarian Dr. Michael Peralez: Ozark Kaolena SWA. “I knew the mare showed well,” Jay said, “but I didn’t really even factor into it. So it was just like - WHAT!?”

Actually receiving the award may have been a surprise, but during the ride it became a goal. “I’d say it was about after the 65-mile hold where my brain started thinking, ok, we’re not going to go for a win, of course - I’m not going to burn this horse up - but, you know, let’s be careful and cognizant of BC.

“And we had talked about that earlier in the days and weeks before. We knew we were not going to go after it for a win. I did not want to take that mare that speed. But there had been, in the back of my mind, if we did get high enough up in the overall Top Ten that maybe we would make an effort at BC.”

Lena’s entire season had been carefully orchestrated. “Like I said, I picked her up in March of 2018, and didn’t even bring her to a ride till nine months later, and she was just working, working, working at home getting ready. It was methodically planned out.

“It was a great season, and she’s a great mare.”

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Rough and Ready woman, 65, earns endurance riding championship - Full Story

News | November 14, 2019

John Orona
Staff Writer

As Rough and Ready woman Susannah Jones broke the finish line near Ridgecrest atop her 17-year-old Arabian horse, she knew the pair had already gone through more together than the 50-mile endurance race could ever throw at them.

Jones, 65, and her horse Diablo Maj are now retired from endurance riding — the long-distance equestrian competition where riders aim to cross the finish line first while passing through periodic veterinary checks — after being crowned as American Endurance Ride Conference National Champions Oct. 31.

While the duo’s racing journey has ended with them retiring on top as champions, their start was anything but easy riding, and has grown their bond far beyond the course...

Read more here:

Friday, November 15, 2019

Legendary Endurance Stallion Sierra Fadwah+/ Scores Big in AERC National Championship 100

His descendants finish first and third in the 100 mile Championship

by Merri
November 15 2019

The legend that is endurance stallion Sierra Fadwah+/ carried on at the 2019 AERC 100-mile National Championship in Ridgecrest, California, on November 2.

Winner of the 100 miler in a ride time of 10:51 was 12-year-old RTR Rimfires Etta, a granddaughter of Sierra Fadwah; and third place, by 14 minutes, was 11-year-old RTR Thunders Nusabre, a grandson of Sierra Fadwah and half brother to Etta.

Sierra Fadwah+/ was bred by Bob and Lorry Wagner of Sierra Dawn Arabians in 1973, and purchased by Jim and Jackie Bumgardner of Ridgecrest as a 7-year-old in 1980. By Fadjur out of Judhi - a full sister to another endurance legend and sire Bezatal - the Bumgardners started Fadwah in endurance, where he proved to be exceptional.

He completed his final ride at age 21 in 1994. Over his 15-season career he carried more than 30 different riders in 87 starts to earn a record of 7280 endurance miles with zero pulls. He earned the Jim Jones Stallion award in 1983, the Legion of Honor award in 1984, and was elected to the AERC Hall of Fame in 1992. (Sierra Fadwah's son Sierra Fadrazal+/ and Jackie were given the AERC Pard'ners Award in 1998; "Ross" garnered 8500 AERC miles over more than 20 endurance seasons, including 4 consecutive Tevis finishes).

Sierra Fadwah died in 2004 at age 31, but his get continue to tear up the endurance trail. The gelding Fire Mt Malabar (Sierra Fadwah X Malabar Dawn, by Malabar Amir) continues to compete for Lee Pearce and Naomi Preston of Oregon at age 20 with over 8100 miles. Fire Mt Zoom+/ (Sierra Fadwah X Rushcreek La Hand, by Cougar Rock), 2016 AHA Distance Horse of the Year, continues to compete for Marci Cunningham of California at age 18 with over 5600 miles.

RTR Rimfires Etta is owned by Dublin "Tinker" Hart and her mother Kay Matthews of Nevada. The mare was ridden by regular partner Jeremy Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida. Etta's sire is RTR Rimfire, a son of Sierra Fadwah, owned by Tinker. She bred and raised and trained Rimfire, and contributed 275 of his endurance miles during his 7 seasons of endurance, where he earned 1610 miles and completed 31 of 36 starts. He continues to stand at stud at Tinker's Running Thunder Ranch in Wellington, Nevada.

Tinker purchased the mare PS Sierra Sage from LAS Racing Arabians in Fernley, Nevada, and bred her to Rimfire, resulting in the bay mare RTR Rimfires Etta. Tinker foaled and raised her and advanced her through her FEI qualifications in endurance. Jeremy took over riding her in 2019, adding three 50-mile wins, and a second place in Tevis, to her record this season before winning the AERC National Championship 100. Her current AERC record stands at 30 completions in 34 starts, and 1565 miles.

14-year-old Caroline de Bourbon, of San Leandro, California, rode RTR Thunders Nusabre (RTR Rimfire X PS Donnas Star, by LAS Seykret Agent) to a third place finish, in Caroline's first 100-mile ride as an emancipated Junior. It was their third ride together; their previous partnership resulted in a 14th place finish in the Tevis Cup this year. Nusabre is owned by Bill Whitlock, also of San Leandro.

Countless other grandsons and granddaughters of Sierra Fadwah+/ are still active on the endurance trails.

Sierra Fadwah's Hall of Fame plaque sums up this great horse:

"Many of the stars we see in the night sky died millions of year ago, and yet we see their light. So it will be with Sierra Fadwah+/ . His greatness will shine on for future generations of equestrians through the memories of those who loved him and the continuing performance of his offspring. Sierra Fadwah+/ is truly a star in the constellation of endurance performance."

More photos and stories on the AERC National Championship are at:

Canadians Announced for North American Endurance Team Championships

7 November 2019

Ottawa, ON, Nov. 8, 2019 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the Canadian team members for the 2019 North American Endurance Team Championships, to be held Nov. 13-17, 2019, at Broxton Bridge Planation in Ehrhardt, SC.

The maple leaf will be represented by the following athletes:

CEI 1*
Athlete / Hometown / Horse / Horse Owner
Robert Gielen / Flesherton, ON / More Bang For Your Buck / Robert Gielen
Yvette Vinton / Morriston, FL / Teese / Yvette Vinton

Athlete / Hometown / Horse / Horse Owner
Charlotte Tremblay / Ottawa, ON / Lorienn / Holly Cocoran

CEI 2*
Athlete / Hometown / Horse / Horse Owner
Wendy Benns / Campbellcroft, ON / Egalite / Wendy Benns
Emma Knapper / Cobourg, ON / B Impulsive Spice it Up / Emma Knapper
Yvette Vinton / Morriston, FL / Ebonys Easter Lilly / Yvette Vinton

For more information on the North American Endurance Team Championships, click here.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Contenders Unite for Shot at Inaugural USEF Endurance National Championship Titles

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Nov 13, 2019, 1:05 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. – The Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C., will host the inaugural USEF Endurance National Championships. Running November 14-16, as part of the 2019 North American Endurance Championship event, combinations will vie for USEF National Champion and Reserve National Champion honors at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels. In addition, an unofficial FEI team competition will be integrated into the competition at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels to strengthen team development skills. The CEI1*/CEIYJ1* divisions will complete a ride composed of three loops for a total of 80.6 kilometers, while the CEI2*/CEIYJ2* will ride 120.7 kilometers made up of five loops.

“It is awesome [adding a national championship], and it’s a privilege to compete in it. We are all close friends and like family. I have been riding with these people for years. I am very excited for it and happy they are [offering it],” said Annie Whelan, who competed in the 2017 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors and will compete in the CEIYJ2* division with Fine Cut Gold owned by Valerie Kanavy. “I am going to treat this like any other FEI ride, since I have ridden this course multiple times. My main goal is to finish.”

The team competition will operate in a similar format to that of FEI Nations Cups™, open to teams from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The USEF Endurance Sport Committee developed this concept as an avenue to provide additional exposure to the processes, responsibilities, and expectations of competing on a team. This opportunity replicates a similar team environment athletes will encounter as they represent the United States in world championship competition. For some athletes and crews, this will test their previous experiences.

“After just recently competing at the [FEI World Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors], I am excited about working together in [a team environment] again,” said Kate Bishop, who placed the highest for the U.S. team at the 2019 world championship and will compete on the CEIYJ2* Southeast team with EBS Regal Majjaan this week. “If [a team member is not helping you], then you’re helping someone else on the team, and that’s what I love so much about [the team setting]. Everything you do and every decision you make is for the team and to better the team.”

Teams can be composed of three to five combinations, with four U.S. teams fielded across the divisions. Only the top three scores from each team will count for the team classification, with medals awarded to the top three teams. Athletes from medal-winning teams who successfully complete, but whose scores did not contribute to the team result, will also receive a team medal. The FEI will recognize the overall order of finish.

USEF National and Reserve National Champion titles will be awarded to the two highest-placed competitors in each senior and young rider competition. The top 12 in each senior and young rider division will also be recognized with individual awards.

Keep up with U.S. Endurance by following USA Endurance on Facebook and US Equestrian on Twitter and Instagram. Use #USAEndurance.

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOPC, and USEF sponsors and members.

AERC Nationals: Florida rider wins endurance race - Full Story

Hundreds on horseback vie in local endurance championships

Florida rider wins endurance raceBy KELLY COSNER, News Review Correspondent

This year’s American Endurance Ride Championship at 20 Mule Team, known as the destination ride for our country’s most dedicated riders, was host to hundreds of competitive riders and their mounts from all over the United States and Canada.

The championship started with a 50-mile course on Oct. 31, with a 100-mile race on Nov. 2.

Riders departed from the start line at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds livestock entry gate and headed south for the foothills where they traversed dusty roads, rocky passes and moderate elevation changes.

In addition to the usual roster, this ride also had a Junior Division where riders age 16 and younger were accompanied by adult riders...

Read more here:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

2019 October's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning - Listen in

HITM Endurance: Angela Coast to Coast, Red Rock Rumble and AERC National Championship for Oct. 8, 2019

Oct 8, 2019

Endurance Episode with Karen Chaton. Angela Wood finishes her coast to coast trip but not in the way she started. Tami Rogeau tells us about the upcoming Red Rock Rumble and Brian Reeves gives us a preview on the AERC National Championship. Plus, riding apps and the Distance Depot talks fall riding gear. Listen in...

Episode 26 - TEVIS 2019 PART ONE - Endurance Horse Podcast

EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen in

Created September 27, 2019

Welcome to episode 26 of Endurance Horse Podcast where we will hear from not only the winner of Tevis 2019, though also from volunteers, crew and more riders! Did you know that the Tevis Cup, also known as the The Western States Trail Ride, has been held every year since 1955? This makes Tevis the most established modern day endurance ride in the world, possibly the universe. Tevis has been the inspiration for other such great rides as The Big Horn 100 and The Tom Quilty Gold Cup. It is amazing to me how one group of riders, with an idea can establish something so inspirational that has been standing the test of time for several decades, and that has inspired others to build on what was started by Wendell Robie and his friends.

Only roughly half (54%) of the people who toe the line to begin Tevis will complete it. The statistics at show that from 1955 until 2017 roughly 10,365 have started Tevis and only 5,615 had finished. To finish, is truly to win. I am equally inspired by those who did not finish, as I am by those who did, because it takes the same amount of courage to even attempt to finish and ride the Tevis. No one truly knows what may happen during a ride or how their day will go. We are grateful for those of you who send in an audio, whether you found your buckle at the end of the ride or not this time, thank you for including the listeners of Endurance Horse Podcast in your journey.

Of course, there was one horse rider team that did cross the finish line first and that was the young and talented Miss Sanoma Blakeley of Oregon. Sanoma crossed the finish line at 9:27 pm just ahead of a three time winner of the Tevis Cup. It is a testament to this young lady that her horse, RA Ares Bay, aka Goober pulsed down quickly and vetted out sound at the end of arguably the world’ toughest one day 100 mile endurance ride in the world. Sanoma has a proud heritage of endurance riding. Sanoma’s mother has 6 Tevis buckles, Sanoma’s father has 5 Tevis Buckles and Sanoma’s brother won the Haggin Cup in 2014 at the age of 15. As if that is not an interesting enough of a tale for you, Sanoma’s 2019 Tevis Cup champion, Goober, was found as a two year old on Craigslist, an add was offering him up as a free horse. Goober is her dad’s horse, and apparently earned the name Goober by his silly antics such as leading other horses around. Sanoma has said she has the greatest parents in the world, and the greatest horse, and who could argue with that? Let’s hear a brief recount of the Tevis 2019 journey from Sanoma herself, without further ado, I bring to you episode 26 of Endurance Horse Podcast, enjoy.


Monday, November 04, 2019

Jeremy Reynolds and RTR Rimfires Etta Win AERC National Championship 100

November 4 2019
by Merri

Jeremy Reynolds, from Dunnellon, Florida, riding RTR Rimfires Etta, won the 100 mile AERC National Championship near Ridgecrest, California, on Saturday. The winning time for the desert ride was 10:51.

RTR Rimfires Etta is a 12-year-old Arabian mare by RTR Rimfire X PS Sierra Sage, by Kezoram. She is owned by Dublin "Tinker" Hart, of Wellington, Nevada, and her mom Kay Matthews. Tinker bred, raised, and trained the mare. Jeremy started campaigning her in late 2018; the pair finished second in this year's Tevis Cup by a whisker. Jeremy was First Middleweight in the Championship 100.

Best Condition went to fourth place Jeanette Mero and Ozark Kaolena SWA. First Heavyweight went to seventh place Bryce Hackley aboard Sericko. First Lightweight went to his mom, eighth place Peg Murphy-Hackley aboard HE Khem Chee. First Featherweight went to second place Alisija Zabavska-Rogers riding MSA Silver Gazal. First Junior was Ciera Schwartz, who finished in 28th place aboard Blue Hearrt, riding with her sponsor Robert Weldin.

67 started the Championship 100-mile ride with 36 finishing.

More stories and photos to come at:

Friday, November 01, 2019

Susannah Jones and Diablo Maj Win AERC National Championship 50

November 1 2019
by Merri

Susannah Jones, from Rough & Ready, California, and her gelding Diablo Maj smoked the 50 mile AERC National Championship course in the Mojave desert near Ridgecrest on Thursday. The winning time was 3:57. Diablo Maj is a 17-year-old Arabian by Rushan AHSB X Paradisa, by El Paso. Susannah was First Featherweight.

Best Condition, sixth place, and First Lightweight went to Heather Reynolds of Dunnellon, Florida, aboard A Sudden Gift MHF. First Middleweight and second place went to Mark Montgomery aboard MM Gus, and first Heavyweight was 8th place Allan Horn aboard Shez Mostly Zipped.

80 started the Championship 50-mile ride with 61 completing.

Festivities continue at the Ridgecrest Fairgrounds, basecamp for the rides, with seminars on Friday, and the Championship 100-mile ride, and a 35-miler, 50-miler, and 65-miler on Saturday.

More stories and photos to come at: