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Episode 26 - TEVIS 2019 PART ONE - Endurance Horse Podcast

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Created September 27, 2019

Welcome to episode 26 of Endurance Horse Podcast where we will hear from not only the winner of Tevis 2019, though also from volunteers, crew and more riders! Did you know that the Tevis Cup, also known as the The Western States Trail Ride, has been held every year since 1955? This makes Tevis the most established modern day endurance ride in the world, possibly the universe. Tevis has been the inspiration for other such great rides as The Big Horn 100 and The Tom Quilty Gold Cup. It is amazing to me how one group of riders, with an idea can establish something so inspirational that has been standing the test of time for several decades, and that has inspired others to build on what was started by Wendell Robie and his friends.

Only roughly half (54%) of the people who toe the line to begin Tevis will complete it. The statistics at show that from 1955 until 2017 roughly 10,365 have started Tevis and only 5,615 had finished. To finish, is truly to win. I am equally inspired by those who did not finish, as I am by those who did, because it takes the same amount of courage to even attempt to finish and ride the Tevis. No one truly knows what may happen during a ride or how their day will go. We are grateful for those of you who send in an audio, whether you found your buckle at the end of the ride or not this time, thank you for including the listeners of Endurance Horse Podcast in your journey.

Of course, there was one horse rider team that did cross the finish line first and that was the young and talented Miss Sanoma Blakeley of Oregon. Sanoma crossed the finish line at 9:27 pm just ahead of a three time winner of the Tevis Cup. It is a testament to this young lady that her horse, RA Ares Bay, aka Goober pulsed down quickly and vetted out sound at the end of arguably the world’ toughest one day 100 mile endurance ride in the world. Sanoma has a proud heritage of endurance riding. Sanoma’s mother has 6 Tevis buckles, Sanoma’s father has 5 Tevis Buckles and Sanoma’s brother won the Haggin Cup in 2014 at the age of 15. As if that is not an interesting enough of a tale for you, Sanoma’s 2019 Tevis Cup champion, Goober, was found as a two year old on Craigslist, an add was offering him up as a free horse. Goober is her dad’s horse, and apparently earned the name Goober by his silly antics such as leading other horses around. Sanoma has said she has the greatest parents in the world, and the greatest horse, and who could argue with that? Let’s hear a brief recount of the Tevis 2019 journey from Sanoma herself, without further ado, I bring to you episode 26 of Endurance Horse Podcast, enjoy.


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