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7000 Miles for Morgan Endurance Horse Bogar Tucker

September 28 2019

Add another to the list of equines reaching new mileage milestones at the Virgin Outlaw XP ride near Penguitch, Utah last week.

Highest AERC mileage endurance Morgan, Bogar Tucker, owned and ridden by Cindy Bradley, crossed the 7000-mi plateau at the Virgin Outlaw XP ride on September 28.

Since his first Limited Distance ride at age 4 in 2003, Bo has racked up 7030 endurance miles and 555 LD miles in 16 seasons, with 155 completions in 165 starts. It's not unusual to see this pair cover over 500 miles a season. "Bo is twenty but it's his rider who is feeling her age!" Cindy said, though you can be sure their career together is not over yet.

While Bo's specialty are the multi-day XP rides at 50 miles a day, he and Cindy do have one 100-mile completion at the Owyhee Canyonlands Pioneer in Idaho in 2017. "Our only 100 and first attempt," Cindy said. "I was 75 and Bo was 18 then."

Bo's outstanding endurance achievements have also garnered him numerous American Morgan Horse Association awards over the years.

Steve Bradley photos

For more on Cindy and Bogar Tucker, see:
5000 Miles of Morgan Power: Bogar Tucker and Cindy Bradley

Saturday, September 28, 2019

8000 Miles for Fire Mt Malabar; 9000 Miles for DE Golden Ali at Virgin Outlaw XP

Kevin and DE Golden Ali at the 2011 Big Horn 100

September 28 2019
Story and photos by Merri

Last week at the scenic Virgin Outlaw XP ride near Penguitch, Utah, a couple of major equine endurance milestones were celebrated.

On September 23, Kevin Waters crossed the finish line (accompanied for the photo op by his terriers Jay and Fritz) with his DE Golden Ali, a 3/4 Arabian gelding by Blacklord Baskhot X Salome RFN, by Rio Fire Nice. Ali is "19," Kevin said. "Or 20." The pair started Ali's endurance career in 2008, and after 12 seasons, Ali's record stands at 164 completions in 168 starts, with 14 out of 15 100-mile finishes.

Kevin said, "Glad it was at an XP ride with Hall of Fame riders , Ride Managers and horses all around!"

Naomi and Fire Mt Malabar at 2018 Old Selam
The next day, Naomi Preston and 20-year-old Fire Mt Malabar (Sierra Fadwah X Malabar Dawn, by Malabar Amir) crossed the finish line to hit Malabar's 9000 mile mark. Malabar started his endurance career in 2006; he's competed 143 out of 150 starts, and 7 out of 10 100 milers.

Here's what Naomi said on September 25:

"As a horseowner, if you're really lucky, you get to have a once-in-a-lifetime horse who exceeds all your goals! I'm feeling especially blessed, because I've gotten to experience that twice now. First, with Mustang Lady, and now, thanks to the generosity of my hubby Lee Pearce, I've had the privilege of riding Fire Mt Malabar, his once-in-a-lifetime horse. Lee did over 5,000 miles with Malabar, achieving countless awards, including National Best Condition.

Yesterday, at age 20, Malabar hit 8,000 competition miles with me at the beautiful Virgin Outlaw ride. Thank you Lee and Malabar!"

Ride Schedule for AERC National Championship Available

A full schedule of events is planned for the weekend extravaganza at the National Championship Ride. 

Wednesday October 30
• Ridecamp at the Fairgrounds in Ridgecrest, California, opens at 8 AM
• Vetting in from 3-5 PM for Thursday rides
• 5-7 PM Welcome reception

Thursday October 31
• 50 mile Championship, 25 mile ride
• 7 PM Awards for 25 and 50 mile rides

Friday November 1
• 9 AM-Noon Live demonstrations and clinics
• Vetting in from 3-6 PM for Saturday rides

Saturday November 2
• 100 mile Championship, 35, 50, and 65 mile rides
• 7 PM Awards for 35 and 50 mile rides

Sunday November 3
• 8 AM Best Condition judging
• 9 AM Awards for 65 and 100 mile rides

…and much more!

View the complete ride schedule by clicking here.


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lois Fox's Iced Mocha Reaches 5000 Miles in the Oregon 100

September 14 2019

On Saturday September 14 at the Oregon 100 in Brothers, Oregon, Lois Fox and Iced Mocha crossed the finish line of the 50 mile ride with a small crowd of cheering fans. Mocha had just completed 5000 AERC endurance miles. It is the second horse Lois has achieved this milestone with.

Here is Lois' write-up of the day:

I want to thank all of the people who took the time last week to send wonderful posts or in person comments at Oregon 100 regarding Mocha's recent 5000 mile achievement. The response was overwhelming and appreciated. If Mocha could read, I know he would smile. I thought Tani Bates and I were the only ones who knew about the milestone. Tani stayed at the ride, even though she had decided not to start her horse and could have gone home early. She volunteered at the ride and crewed for me when possible and waited anxiously for Mocha's completion. She brought champaign for all to enjoy. Les Rouska needs some instruction on popping the corks. lol

Achieving 5000 miles with an endurance horse is truly amazing. Getting to 3000 miles is relatively easy with a sound, adequately conditioned equine and a determined rider. The problems increase with the mileage totals. Serious injuries usually curtail the quest for high mileage. However, a myriad of minor stuff seems never ending.

Mocha's challenges have been primarily saddle fit. I have been through several saddles, including 3 that were "custom" fit. The saddle fitters I used simply didn't understand endurance. I finally relented and went to Marlene Moss and Ghost treeless saddles. Marlene and Helga Grimsrud Pratt didn't give up until Mocha had a successful 50 mile completion 3 months after we started trying to fit him. I am forever grateful to these two women for salvaging Mocha's uncertain future.

I'm optimistic that Mocha has lots of miles left to go. Again, thank you all for your encouraging words. The response was overwhelming to me and totally unexpected. I appreciated all of it.

With the gift of life Heart transplant survivor shares her journey - Full Article

Written By: Josiah Cuellar | Sep 24th 2019 - 1am.

Angie Mikkelson was born in Kalispell, Mont. and very well may have been put in the saddle immediately, and still boasts that she has the energy and pep of a young soul.

Living in Reeder, N.D., where her free spirit allows her to enjoy outdoor recreations, she participates in triathlons, foot races, long distance endurance horse rides and weekend long bike rides. To her there is a unique joy in pushing herself to the limits, beyond the scope of most people — but her special journey becomes all the more inspiring when you hear her share her story.

“I used to think it was a big deal if I could get on the treadmill and jog at five miles an hour for two miles,” said Mikkelson. “I enjoyed it. It was one of those things that I wasn't able to do before, so it was amazing.”

Mikkelson splits her time between being an avid outdoor recreationist and endurance athlete with donning her hat as a Lifesource Ambassador. Born with endocardial fibroelastosis that she says took all control away from her, but never crushed her spirit.

“It's scary not being in control of your life,” Mikkelson said. “I can exercise, eat good, take care of myself, but it could all come tumbling down and end in a blink of an eye...”

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

U.S. Endurance Team Secures a Strong Sixth-Place Finish in FEI Endurance World Championships for Young Riders & Juniors - Full Story

by US Equestrian Communications Department/Jump Media | Sep 19, 2019, 12:14 PM EST
Maria Muzzio and Landroval (Mark Baldino photo)

The U.S. Endurance Team had a great finish in the FEI Endurance World Championships for Young Riders & Juniors on Wednesday, September 18. The prestigious 120-kilometer competition was held at the San Rossore Racecourse in Pisa, Italy, during the Toscana Endurance Lifestyle event.

“This is a really good result for the program,” said the U.S. team’s chef d’equipe, Mark Dial. "This is the fastest we’ve ridden, and the best team finish we’ve had since I’ve been with the program.” Dial was named U.S. Endurance Team Technical Advisor and Chef d’Equipe in April of 2015.

“This was a great group,” Dial continued. “They rode to instructions, and they could communicate any issues they were having. They were riding some very good horses. Over the past several years, we’ve put together an incredible staff. I have to give the staff credit, too—our vet staff, Kristen Brett, and the selectors. We’ve put together a really good program and we’re starting to see the results.”

In her first U.S. team appearance, Kate Bishop, 16, (Raleigh, N.C.) rode to the top individual placing, finishing in 41st with LR April Breeze, Lisa Green’s 12-year-old Arabian mare. A crew member handed Bishop an American flag as she approached the finish. “I held it high as we cantered across the finish line. That was my favorite moment of the whole ride,” Bishop said...

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Endurance Insight: 10 Essentials Lexi Vollman Brought to the FEI World Championship for Young Riders and Juniors - Full Story

18 September 2019

Lexi Vollman of Regina, SK, has trekked across Canada, the United States and even the United Arab Emirates during just three short years of FEI competition. But the 20-year-old is determined to check more countries off her bucket list, and Italy was the latest on the docket as the host country for the 2019 FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors, held Sept. 17-18 in Pisa, San Rossore.

Partnered with Hosam I-16 SK / KALA, an eight-year-old Shagya-Arab mare owned by Lucia Starovecka of Slovakia, Lexi tackled the 120km Junior division race, finishing in just over seven hours with an average speed of 16.92km/hr for 53rd place against over 100 of the top junior endurance athletes in the world.

Want insight on what Lexi packed to tackle the race? Keep reading to learn the essentials Lexi couldn’t leave home without for this championship journey...

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Now Taking Entries for Endurance.Net's "Horse and Companions" Photo Contest!

September 20 2019

Self photographers and voters from around the world enthusiastically participated in's first photo contest, "Between the Ears", and's second photo contest, "HORSIE", sharing their favorite trail and HORSIE (horse + selfie) pictures.

Now it's time to enter's third photo contest, Horse+Companions! Take a photo of your horse and favorite companion. Got dog? Goat? Parrot? Sure, it can be a human too. Email the photos to and include a few short details - your name, horse's name, and where the photo was taken. You can enter as many photos as you like. And make sure you take your own photo - no pictures from professional photographers allowed (unless you're taking your own photo!).

We'll upload the photos to this page on, and post updates on's Facebook page and everybody will be able to choose their favorite and vote via email.

Voting will start in one week, September 27! Then you can begin voting for your favorite photo or person; one vote per email address per day is allowed. Anybody can enter; anybody can vote. You will send your daily votes to

Contest opens today, September 20, accepting your entries, and closes November 15.

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth places will be determined by sheer number of votes and will receive special prizes. Previous first place winners are not eligible for the first place prize :) .

Bonnie Girod, from Libby, Montana, and her grade half Arabian Luna won first place in the Between the Ears contest.

Michelle Sharp, from Prescott Valley, Arizona won first place in the HORSIE contest.

First Place for the new Horse & Companions photo contest will receive a framed pastel giclee’ portrait* of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter (

Second place will receive a copy of Merri Melde's book, Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the World's Toughest Endurance Ride (soft cover or ebook, your choice).

Third place will receive a copy of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective'.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth places will receive something... we're not sure yet!

Send in your photos now, and vote once a day, now!

**Photos can be taken anywhere around the world, but USA addresses only are eligible for prizes, unless you want to pay postage and insurance**

*Endurance.Net will frame and ship a giclee’ painting (archival, high resolution reproduction) of the winner’s choice of images.

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Man-Mule Race returns - Full Article

September 18 2019
Cynthia Delaney

LAMOILLE – The jury is still out on which is the champion: man or mule. The annual Man-Mule race in Lamoille is now in its 41st year, and it’s time for people to sign up.

The race is a multifaceted fundraiser for the Ruby Mountain Riding for the Handicapped Association. It will take place Sept. 28 in Lamoille.

The race began in 1978 as a wager between a long distance runner, Tony Lamort, and a mule rider, Fred Harris. They made a bet on who could travel the 20 miles between Elko and Lamoille in the shortest time, event coordinator Carolyn Steninger said. As rumors of the wager spread throughout the community it was decided that the proceeds would be donated to the newly formed therapeutic riding program...

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2019 September's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning - Listen

Endurance: Mongol Derby Winner Robert Long, Long Distance Driver Angela Wood and Ride with GPS App for Sept. 10, 2019

Sep 10, 2019

Mongol Derby winner Robert Long tells us how he prepared and eventually won the Mongol Derby at the age of 70. Angela Wood shares some stories from her 4,000 mile trek across the United States driving her pair of horses and we learn all about the App that is taking the long distance riding community by storm, Ride with GPS. Listen in...

James Lee Porter August 29, 1947 - August 16, 2019

James Lee Porter of Cool, California, passed away on August 16 in Putney Vermont.

Porter was born and raised in Brattleboro Vermont and was the son of Margaret C. and James E. Porter. He attended Saint Michael's elementary school and graduated Saint Michael's High School in 1965. Since 1976, Porter was an extremely skilled farrier and took great pride in his meticulous work. He reluctantly and sadly retired from the trade in June of 2019 due to being diagnosed with stage four cancer. Over the course of his life-long career, Porter shod thousands of horses throughout the lower 48 states. The concentration of his work was based mostly in and around Northern California. He was introduced to the world of horses at around the age of 18 when he was hired as a horse groomer at the former harness racetrack in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. It was then and there that he began his life’s dedication to the equestrian trades and culture of the equestrian community. Porter enjoyed competing in endurance horse racing and accumulated over 1,700 competitive miles. He was excellent at crewing for riders and their horses and traveled to many rides to support the success of others, including helping his daughter Lainey achieve over 6,000 competitive miles. Besides Porter’s passion for the health and wellness of the horse, he was a diehard New England Patriots fan and loved Bob Dylan, as well as Outlaw Country music. He composed raw and profound prose, tried like hell to learn the guitar and took great pride in his gypsy roots, making countless cross-country road trips in his faithful Chevy pickup truck.

Porter is survived by his four children, Christa J. Porter of Putney, VT, Joel A. Porter Sr., of Northfield, MA, Lainey Porter of Georgetown, CA, and Jenna Charest of Henderson, CO, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Besides his family, Porter leaves behind several dear friends, a bunch of horseshoeing buddies and a slew of loyal customers throughout the Northern California landscape and the great wild west.

written by Christa Porter, one of Porter’s daughters

Friday, September 06, 2019

A Breed Apart: Dolly DeCair was Born to Ride, and Ride Fast - Full Article

Published September 4, 2019

Written by Cathy Carroll
Photos Jeff Kennedy

83-year-old Dolly DeCair continues inspiring riders in the world’s toughest endurance race.

A slim, five-foot, four-inch-tall, platinum blonde with hot pink lipstick, red, fitted t-shirt and lavender riding tights slides her boot into the stirrup of a chestnut stallion, his muscles rippling. She whispers in his ear, “Mama’s gonna try and not scream now,” as she throws her leg over the latest in her line of champion stallions, which in the last forty years she’s raced roughly 7,500 miles. Simply mounting the Arabian reminds Dolly DeCair of her two hip replacements, the most recent done last year.

But at 83, with 100 top-ten endurance race finishes — including a second-place finish at age 65 in the world renowned 100-miles in twenty-four-hours Tevis Cup — to her, there’s no other option than to push through the pain. She was born to ride, and ride fast — even on Tevis’s narrow trails through remote mountain wilderness, with riders racing to the finish in the dark.

Known for her speed, her flair, and for slowing down to help others on the trail, the Crooked River Ranch “blonde at the O.K. Corral” as friends call her, has been inspiring riders throughout the West’s endurance racing community...

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An Enduring Ride For Standardbred West Grey Bay - Full Story

August 26 2019

Sarah Cuthbertson, a noted equestrian with a decade of endurance riding and training to her credit, had no plans to adopt a Standardbred horse. A charismatic and talented trotter, West Grey Bay, quickly changed her mind.

Cuthbertson has schooled many horses and students including training Standardbreds to compete in the Racing Under Saddle program. Julie Walker, a trainer largely responsible for getting the RUS program established in Ontario, had heard that West Grey Bay – a potential RUS horse – could be finding his way to the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society.

“Julie had always thought he would make a great RUS horse. We put the bug in Joanne's (OSAS’s Joanne Colville) ear that we would like to foster him for me to practice RUS on and train him for a second career,” explained Sarah, who spends her days as a contracts administrator for an executive aviation management company.

In June of last year, not long after West Grey Bay was sent to Karen Briggs to foster and Cuthbertson to train, they took him for rides in the Dufferin Forest. At this point he’d only been under saddle for three weeks, and the group encountered a few obstacles and interruptions, but he handled them like a pro...

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Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride: Napa vet Lindsay Fisher, horse Monk finish ninth, win Haggin, Robie cups - Full Article

Aug 30, 2019

The first horse to cross the finish line of the 64th Tevis Cup 100-Miles One-Day Trail Ride on Aug. 17 won by the length of its body over the runner-up.

It was the kind of close finish Lindsay Fisher might have been involved in two years before, had the Napa veterinarian not believed in the true spirit of the event from Truckee to Auburn along the Western States Trail – that it’s a ride, not a race, and that winning should not take precedence over the horse’s health. She and another rider were at the last veterinary check together in 2017, leading the field, when the other rider took off. Rather than give chase, Fisher finished getting gelding “Monk” ready for the last six miles and ended up in second place by 12 minutes...

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Gardnerville woman fifth at endurance ride - Full Article

August 30, 2019

Staff Reports

Gardnerville resident Suzanne Huff came in fifth on her mare Sessa in the 100 Mile Western States Endurance Horseback Ride between Truckee and Auburn, Calif. on Aug. 17-18.

Huff bred, raised, trained and competes Sessa.

According to the web site, she completed the ride by 9:54 p.m. after 16 hours on the trail...

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Sunday, September 01, 2019

Gillette woman finishes 16th in 100-mile equestrian endurance ride - Full Article

By JACK WARRICK News Record Writer
September 1 2019

Recently, Gillette native Niki Beck competed in a 100-mile horse race at the Tevis Cup in Northern California, considered one of the most difficult horse races in the world.

Beck finished in 16th place out of 98 who finished the race. There were about 180 riders at the start, she said. The trail is so long and the terrain so tough that many horses, or their riders can’t finish the race.

It took the first place finisher over 16 hours to complete the trail...

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Sierra Lutheran pair earn national equestrian honors - Full Article

August 30, 2019
Brian Underwood

Their shared ancestry to the rich equestrian tradition found in the United Kingdom offers natural synergy to the horsemanship tradition they have in common, but that’s where the trail and spoils split for Kailey Fitzpatrick and Riley McHenry.

The Gardnerville teens, who have been in the saddle and competing for most of their lives, have enjoyed strong success for a number of years on their respective competition circuits of show jumping and endurance riding. Recently, each took a quantum leap by garnering national attention in her individual series, and, in the process, noteworthy distinction to the local equestrian community.

Fitzpatrick, 14, won three Reserve National Championship titles on three different horses earlier this month at the Canadian Nationals. Outside the arena, McHenry, 14, was one of only 99 riders out of an opening field of 184 entries, to complete the grueling 100-mile Tevis Cup endurance ride from Tahoe to Auburn...

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Big opportunity for local Georgia rider - Full Article

By Kevin Eckleberry
Published 12:42 am Saturday, August 31, 2019

She’s ready to test herself, as well as her faithful horse, against the best in the world.

Kimberly Loutzenheiser, who lives in Troup County and is a junior at Heard County High, has qualified for the FEI Endurance World Championship for Young Riders.

The elite competition, which features more than 100 riders and their horses competing on a 75-mile course, will be held in September in Italy.

Loutzenheiser is one of five riders from the United States from the ages of 16 to 21 who will take part in the competition.

Loutzenheiser, who at the age of 16 is the youngest member of the United States team, will ride DM Michaelangelo, who is owned by Rae Shumate-Tysor...

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