Saturday, January 31, 2015

Endurance Green Beans Take it a Step Further

January 31 2015

The Green Bean Endurance website has a new makeover, thanks to the diligent work of Jillane Baros, Sharalyn Hay, Jacke Reynolds, and Deb Moe. - a website resource for Green Bean Education, Encouragement, and Endurance, now offers a formal membership, for both Green Beans and 'Ripe Bean' endurance riders.

The Green Bean Endurance page started on Facebook in January of 2014 as an expansion of the original PNER Green Beans group, and it quickly spread like wildfire.  Sharalyn Hay originated the "Green Bean" idea to create an inviting and safe environment for riders new to endurance or who had horses new to endurance to share their experiences and get support.  Since then, the title of "Green Bean" has been expanded to include all those who wish to learn more about endurance. The new website offers free access to educational resources and links, discussions, and Green Bean apparel; and it offers extras for joining members.

Green Bean members have access to Member Directories (looking for other Green Beans, or mentors in your area?); Members-Only Forums; monthly giveaways; newsletters; discounts; and Green Bean Competitions.  In the new future, they will be rolling out "badges" to recognize individual rider accomplishments on their profiles.

With 120 riders registered, the 2015 Green Bean Teams are full; each team consists of 5 Green Beans with 999 miles or less; completions on any horse count toward overall mileage during the 2015 season.

For more information on joining Green Bean Endurance, as a Green Bean or a Ripe Bean, see:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Early Spring Special: Free Classified Ads on Endurance Net! Classifieds

Winter getting to you? It's time to ignore those winter storms bearing down on your area, and look ahead to spring and getting ready for a new endurance ride season. has been the leading site for all Endurance-related classifieds since 1998.

For the months of February and March, come celebrate 17 years of classifieds and another year of endurance trails, with Free Listings of endurance (and trail, and other!) horses, saddles, tack & boots, property, trucks & trailers. We also have a slot for Endurance Dogs and Personals!

Go to and click on the Classifieds Link

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vendors at the 2015 AERC Convention

GREAT VENDORS you will find at the AERC Convention (Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada) on March 6 & 7 -- some old, some new!

Welcome American Trail Gear, Ann Kratochvil, Arabian Saddle Co.,, Auburn Labs, Boz Saddlery, EasyCare Inc., Fleeceworks, Hawthorne Products, Hooves & Whiskers, Hought Tack, Jan's Jems, Porta-Grazer, Purina Animal Nutrition, Sage Brushes Studio, Specialized Saddles, Trailwise Saddles, Triple Crown Nutrition, UndeRider (sports bras & underwear), Vettec Hoof Care, Western States Trail Foundation, Wild Carats, XP Rides. See you in Reno in just over six weeks!!! The FREE trade show is open 8-6 Friday, 3/6, and 8-5 Saturday 3/7.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Endurance is for Everyone: 2015 AERC Convention

Come to Reno, Nevada March 6 and 7 for the 2015 AERC Convention, for the annual Trade Show, Speaker Seminars, Hot Topics Workshops, Regional Awards, Friday Night Dance, Raffle, Tack Swap, and more.

Hot Topics Sessions on Friday and Saturday mornings include “Cooking Up an AERC Ride: Should We Change the Recipe?” and “Fishing for Members: Casting the Net Without Tossing ‘em Back”.

Speakers for the Friday Seminars include Jan Hancock, “Protecting Trail Access and Planning for Future Access”; Dr Hal Schott, “100 Mile Survey Analysis”; Dr K. Gary Magnesian, “Gastric Ulcers in the Endurance Horse”; Dr Susan Garlinghouse, “Body Condition Scoring & Other Current Topics”; and Patti Stedman, “Top 10 Questions Green Beans Ask”.

Speakers for the Saturday Seminars include Dr Ken Marcella, “Back Issues in the Endurance Horse”; Karen Chaton, “Longevity: Keeping Your Horse Going for Years”; Martin Adams, “Nutrition for the Endurance Horse”; and Becky Hart, “The Ins and Outs of Garnering a Best Condition”.

Regional Awards will take place Friday evening, and the National Awards Banquet will take place Saturday evening.

For more information, and to register, see

Friday, January 16, 2015

Where have all the Arabians gone? - Full Article

by Bruce M. Johnson

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?
© 1961 Pete Seeger

Those of us who recall this ballad may well now ask, “Where have all the Arabians gone?” as we continue to read about declines in registrations and show entrees. What is the situation? How is the Desert Arabian doing? What lies ahead, and what can we do to improve the prospects for the future?

Historical Perspective

Registrations of Arabian horses began in 1908 with the establishment of the Arabian Horse Club of America (later the Arabian Horse Registry of America). Horses were registered by year of birth. Prior to 1908, fewer than 10 foals had been born each year. That number grew to more than 20 by 1925, and then reached 75 by 1932. Breeding by Albert Harris, Henry Babson, J M Dickinson, Roger Selby, W K Kellogg, and many others drove the annual number of foals into triple digits in 1936 and reached 398 in 1945. The numbers continued to climb in most years after World War II, hitting 1,097 in 1956 and 2,084 in 1960.

Breeding grew rapidly for the next 25 years. There were so many foals that statistics were kept by year registered rather than birth year. In 1985 there were just over 30,000 horses registered...

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Drinkers of the Wind Challenge Winners

January 5 2015

The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse announced that the 2014 Drinkers of the Wind Performance Challenge has been won by OT El Azrak (Raveon Ravenwood x OT Dysara RSI), one of Crockett Dumas' homebreds.

“Crockett Dumas is yet one more time demonstrating the wonderful abilities of our Desert Arabians by winning the Schimanski Trophy in our 2014 Drinkers of the Wind Challenge. Crockett and his Pritzlaff bred herd keep topping the list of our Drinkers winners proving that our modern Desert Arabians possess the same attributes as their ancestors did. We congratulate and commend Crockett for his continued efforts in breeding, conditioning and training, and competing these wonderful horses and hope that 2015 is yet another great year for him.”

Reserve Champion in the Top Ten Performance Desert Arabians in the US went to Frisia Mamuluk (Serenity Sharuf x Serenity Btmamluk), a 2005 gelding bred, trained and shown by Willemena DeBoer. “Willemena is using the blood stock of Hansi Heck in her program and she is having wonderful success with it. She has three horses competing in the Drinkers program and all are successful.”

Other Arabian endurance horses in the Top Ten were:

Frisia Shaheen, (Serenity Shahail x Serenity Arufa) bred by Willamena De Boer using Serenity bloodstock.

OT Rymoni GLY (Dymoniet x OT Rafisa RSI), owned by Troy and Clarie Eckard and bred by Crockett Dumas, for his Endurance wins.

OT Dyra Bataa RSI (Rave on Ravenwood x OT Dysara RSI) another of Crockett Dumas' homebreds making a wonderful showing in endurance.

Avalon Yasminah (Ibn Faydin x Mahrus Mis Asiil) a 2006 mare bred by Jennifer Ligon and owned and competed by Mary Fields in endurance.

DB Al Magid, (Aswad Khayal x DB Minna) 2008 Desert Arabian owned by Krista Foyston and competed in endurance.

The Drinkers of the Wind Award program is a high-point award program for the original equine athletes of the Arabian desert. The award is committed to breeding in the tradition of the Bedouin, honoring the Desert Arabian as athlete, performer and competitor, and recognizing the Desert Arabian in a wide array of performance disciplines, including English, Dressage, Driving, Eventing, Hunter, Western, Competitive Trail, Endurance, and Sport Horse Under Saddle.

For more information, see

Canadian Endurance Riders Kick-off New Year in Top Gear

January 15, 2015 | 0 comments

by: Equine Canada

At the CEI Greenway Gallivant held in Dunnellon, Fla., Jan. 1–3, 2015, Canadians earned great finish times in the CEI 1* 80 km and CEI 2* 120 km races.

In the CEI2* 120 km race held on Jan. 2, Wendy MacCoubrey of St. Justine de Newton, Que., finished in a time of 7:58:42 for fourth place out of 12 starters riding Agils Golden Indy (Agil x aglayla) , Lynda Townsend’s eight-year-old Canadian Arabian gelding.

Yvette Vinton, a member of 2014 World Equestrian Games team, of Morriston, Fla., rode Teese ( ZT Ali Baba x Samtyr), her 15-year-old Arabian gelding, to an eighth place finish (5:54:34 ) in the CEI1* 80 km race held Jan. 2.

On Jan. 3, Robert Gielen of Flesherton, Ont., was third (5:23:00) in the CEI1* 80km race riding Vegas, his 10-year-old Arabian gelding sired by Haffir El Rimal. Vinton and DJB Kid Stars (Las Starsnstripes x El Paso), her 12-year-old Arabian gelding, finished in 12th place in a time of 7:41:20.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January's Endurance Day on Horses In The Morning with Karen Chaton

Horses in the Morning - Listen!

January 13 2015

HITM for 01-13-2015 – Endurance Day – Portable Tow Truck, Photonic Therapy, Pre-Purchase Exams

Endurance Day with Karen Chaton opens with a look at the portable tow truck and a look at cool Cashel gear from The Distance Depot. Next up Donnis Thran enlightens us about The Massage Light and photonic light therapy. Rounding out the show Dr. Julie Bullock talks about pre-purchase exams. Listen in...

Horses in the Morning Radio show

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Meet new horse friends at PNER - Endurance Rides Convention - Full Article

January 7 2015

Annual event will be held Jan. 30-31

Area horse enthusiasts who enjoy trail riding, enjoy riding in new areas, like camping with their horse and feel like hanging out with like-minded people and talking about horses will likely be interested in the upcoming Endurance Rides Convention.

This year, the annual convention, put on by Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides, will be held Fri.-Sat., Jan. 30-31, at the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel, 8235 NE Airport Way, Portland. The public is welcome to attend all events.

Started back in the early 1970s, the convention will offer:

• A class to allow participants to learn how to use their Garmin GPS for tracking while riding on the trails.
• A Yoga for Riders class.
• Roundtable discussions about how to pack a vet bag, trailering to rides, etc.
• A class on the balanced rider, and more...

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Ella N Fires Jane Doe Repeats as 2014 AERC National BC winner

January 5 2015

Ella N Fires Jane Doe repeated her 2013 feat as the AERC 2014 National Best Condition Award winner. Owned by Lori Windows, of Wyanet, Illinois, the half-Arabian, half-Saddlebred 13-year-old mare also won the 2014 War Mare Award (based on the most overall placing points accrued by the same mare/rider team during one season), and the duo also topped the Midwest Regional Best Condition division.

For all the year-end AERC standings, see: