Friday, February 16, 2018

Land of the Sun Endurance Ride set for Feb. 24 - Full Article

February 14 2018

The sun will not yet have risen when Lawrence Serrano will give a two minute warning. A second warning follows one minute later.

Next, the 10 second countdown starts. Finally, approximately 100 highly charged endurance riders and their mounts will head off across the desert just as the sun peeks over the eastern horizon. The Land of the Sun Endurance Ride will have begun.

Held at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum’s Boyd Ranch, The Land of the Sun Endurance Ride is the longest standing endurance ride in the southwest division. The ride was originally started by Jan and John Creighton some 30 years ago.

After an absence of eight years, Scott Stewart and Cheri Noel revived the ride three years ago. Since then the ride has been managed by Lawrence and Maureen Serrano. Lawrence Serrano’s vision is to see the ride become a National Championship Race. “This would be a tremendous coup for both Wickenburg and the Boyd Ranch,” Serrano said...

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Akhal-Teke Championships added to 2018 AHA Distance Nationals

Feb 15 2018

The Arabian Horse Association has added another breed to its annual Distance Nationals event.

The Akhal-Teke Association of America is the latest to join the 2018 Distance Horse National Championships to be held at the Spook Run Site in Henryville, Indiana October 26-28.

Also new this year are the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry and the American Morgan Horse Association joining the Arabians, and AHA's returning partners, the Appaloosa Horse Club and the Paso Fino Horse Association.

Every day will also have several AHA/AERC-recognized Open Rides.
For more information on the Distance Nationals, see:

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018 February's Endurance Day on Horses in the Morning - Listen in

Hydration Study and Radiant Longevity – Endurance Day for 02-13-18

Feb 13, 2018

Sharing the trails with others, Dr. Jerrie Gillespie speaks about “Discovering the Dehydration Tipping Point”, Lori McIntosh speaks about Radiant Longevity and Karen’s clipper fiasco. Listen in...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Junior endurance rider Lily Turaski's Quantum Shorts Sci-Fi Essay Needs Your Vote!

February 13 2018

Vote before 23:59 GMT on Thursday 15 February!

Lily Turaski's submission to the Quantum Shorts Sci-fi Essay Contest, "A Future with Fortran," has been selected as one of the top eight youth entries internationally. Quantum Shorts is a contest for quantum-inspired flash fiction.

What is quantum theory, you ask? It's "a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics."

Turaski, a Junior endurance rider, and the Junior AERC Representative, from Friendsville, Tennessee, studies Materials Science Engineering at Georgia Tech, "where she brings her own flavor of quarky neediness to campus. She… is thrilled to have her superposition sentence emulated in so many alternate realities in the entries of Quantum Shorts 2017. "

Her 2015 Quantum Shorts Sci-fi Essay Contest entry, "Qubits of College Acceptance" was selected as the People's Choice winner. She is hoping for a repeat victory this year, and "A Future with Fortran" is eligible for this award. The essay with the most viewers' votes wins people's choice and a $500 cash prize. 

You can read Lily's easy and cast your vote for it here:

Monday, February 12, 2018

2017 AHA High Point 100 Mile Arabian Horse: Bethany GreyC +/

February 9 2018

High Point 100 Mile Endurance Horse Awards

This annual award is given to the Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse with the highest AERC points in the National 100 Mile Award. These points are accumulated in the 2017 year by competing in 100 mile endurance rides. 

The 2017 High Point 100 Mile Arabian Horse with a total of 1,548, is BETHANY GREYC+/, owned, bred and ridden by Gerald Cummings. BETHANY GREYC+/ is athletic ten-year-old bay mare who began competing with Gerald in 2013. Since their start, BETHANY GREYC+/ has completed 1,465 miles. In 2017, the pair completed 500 miles through 100 mile races. BETHANY GREYC+/ completed every ride she started and won three of her five 100 mile races!

Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application Now Open

February 9 2018

The Arabian Horse Foundation, as part of its mission awards scholarships to deserving Arabian horse Youth members - high school students that have represented the Arabian breed in a positive manner, have performed extremely well in their studies and have been excellent members in their communities.

Each time a check is sent to a university or college in the name of one of these deserving youth, it is an affirmation that our Arabian Horse Community cares about its youth members and wants them to succeed in life.
The Foundation funds these scholarships through special dedicated scholarship funds like the Bill Pennington Scholarship Fund and through the donations of the members of the Arabian Horse Association.  

The application period for 2018 is now open and can be found at the Foundation's website.  The application period will close on April 1, 2018.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

2017 AHA Middle Distance High Point Endurance Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian: RTM First In Line +/

The 2017 Middle Distance High Point Endurance Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian, with a total of 1,754.33, is RTM FIRST IN LINE+/, owned and ridden by Linda Hamrick.

RTM FIRST IN LINE+/ is a 2004 Anglo-Arabian mare that has been competing in endurance rides since 2008 with Linda Hamrick. They have completed 4,840 miles together.

In 2017, the pair finished 820 miles, won six rides and received one Best Condition award. Over the course of her career, RTM FIRST IN LINE +/ has won 42 rides and received 13 Best Condition awards! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

2017 AHA Middle Distance High Point Endurance Arabian: OT RASA RSI

High Point 50-99 Mile (Middle Distance) Endurance Horse Awards
This nomination-based annual award is given to the Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse with the highest American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) points. These points are accumulated in the 2017 year by competing in 50-99 mile endurance rides.

The 2017 Middle Distance High Point Endurance Arabian with a total of 2,461 points, is OT RASA RSI, owned, bred and ridden by Crockett Dumas. This athletic chestnut mare began her endurance career in 2016. Since then she and Crockett have attended 68 rides and completed all but four of them! They finished 36 rides in 2017 alone, totaling to 1,835 miles. Their biggest ride of 2017 was the Outlaw and the Virgin Pioneer ride, where they completed 250 miles in five days! 

Celebrating 45 Years of Endurance! The 2018 AERC Convention

Have you signed up yet?

Join Us for the 2018 National Convention in Reno, Nevada!
March 9 & 10, 2018

Time to get ready for a fun-filled weekend of informative lectures, great shopping, meeting up with friends, awards ceremonies, and celebrating 45 years of AERC endurance! We are excited to be back in Reno and celebrate an amazing year!

We have an incredible lineup of speakers this year! We also have a large trade show-lots of brand new vendors as well as long-time favorites. If you have been needing anything horse related, this is THE time to shop! 

BONUS: Register by February 24 and be entered into our drawing to win a $50 gift card to Riding Warehouse and 10 raffle tickets (we are doing two drawings and each winner will win a gift card AND raffle tickets)! 

Find convention sign up information, room reservations, and all other important information below, as well as on our website.
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Friday, February 09, 2018

Veteran and Endurance Rider to Publish Book

February 9 2018

Capt. Tim Finley, a 17-year combat-decorated U.S. Air Force veteran and endurance horse rider, is working on completing his book, "To Live With Honor."


The Thoroughbred yearling, abandoned and left for slaughter, came with only one thing: a name printed on wrinkled paper--"Honor." Filthy and frothing with contempt, the colt sprints laps around the paddock and cartwheels through fences. As untamed as he is angry, Honor refused to stop running from whatever invisible demons chased him.
When a man with ghosts of his own gives Honor a chance, Honor still refuses to stop running. Except this time, for his name-sake, it's toward a finish line.


Tim Finley was an Honor Guard, a folder of flags. For a Guardsman, honor comes with death. But when honor and death become indistinguishable, Finley's idea of honor rots into haunting ghosts. Finley must face his own mortality and rewrite his understanding of what honor means, or else lose the battle against himself.
When fate drags Finley to a wretched livestock auction, his ghosts compel him to bid on horse number 5752, a horse by chance, who comes with nothing but a name.

"Tim's words immediately jumped off the page and punched me in the face. I sat in my chair for a good 15 minutes after reading the first chapter, stunned. So compelling."

— John Wilkinson
Managing Editor, Horse Nation

You can sign up for updates on the publishing progress of Tim's book here:

Thursday, February 08, 2018

2017 AHA Distance Horse of the Year: OT RASA RSI

OT RASA RSI came away as the winner of this prestigious award at the 2017 Arabian Horse Association Annual Convention. This athletic ten-year-old chestnut mare is owned and bred by Outlaw Trail - Crockett Dumas.

Over the past two years, OT RASA RSI and Crockett have completed 3,275 total miles. They have completed 1,835 miles in the 2017 competition season alone. Over her career thus far, OT RASA RSI has a 94 percent completion rate! She completed all but one of her 2017 rides.

OT RASA RSI is an exemplary mare and deserving of her title as the 2017 Distance Horse of the Year. Congratulations to Crockett and his mare, OT RASA RSI. Good luck in the 2018 competition season!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Shotgun Rider named 2017 Endurance Award winner

Stephanie Teeter photo

Shotgun Rider is the 2017 High Mileage Standardbred.

Thursday, February 01, 2018 - by Jessica Schroeder, USTA Outreach & Membership Enrichment Coordinator

Columbus, OH --- California bred Shotgun Rider is the 2017 High Mileage Standardbred, presented by the USTA in partnership with the American Endurance Ride Conference.

By Distinguishedbaron, he is the 16th and final foal out of the Big Towner mare Anatola Hanover. Thirteen siblings made it to the races, with four taking marks of 1:53.3 or better and five earning more than $100,000. The now 6-year-old gelding earned just $10,319 during two racing seasons at Cal Expo and Running Aces. He took his 1:56.2 mark in California as a 3-year-old, but seems to have found his calling as a Wild West endurance horse.

Affectionately now known by his connections as “Hillbillie Willie,” he competes in AERC events under the name Owyhee Shotgun Rider with Merri Melde, a friend of his current owner Stephanie Teeter. In their first year competing, the pair completed 255 miles, all of which were of standard distance (50-plus mile rides).

Teeter has been riding with AERC since 1992 and rode her other horse, Owyhee Smoke Signal, on many of the rides that Melde rode “Willie.” She also manages sanctioned endurance rides, some out of her Teeter Ranch in Oreana, Idaho.

Melde writes a blog, Merri Travels, and here is a link to her post about how the pair got Willie and his first endurance ride on June 8, 2017. Willie also has his own set of cartoon stories, which can be viewed here.

The AERC High Mileage Standardbred award is given to the Standardbred that has the most miles ridden during the ride season (Dec. 1 through Nov. 30). All rides are considered, including the limited distance 24-35 mile rides, and standard endurance rides (50-plus miles). Riders must be a member of AERC in order to track horse and rider mileage. For more information on the AERC, visit their website at

Since 1996, the Standardbred Equine Program has worked with owners of off-the-track Standardbreds to educate the general public about the many disciplines Standardbreds excel at once they are retired from racing. For more information about the SEP at the USTA, visit, or send e-mail inquiries to