Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Junior endurance rider Lily Turaski's Quantum Shorts Sci-Fi Essay Needs Your Vote!

February 13 2018

Vote before 23:59 GMT on Thursday 15 February!

Lily Turaski's submission to the Quantum Shorts Sci-fi Essay Contest, "A Future with Fortran," has been selected as one of the top eight youth entries internationally. Quantum Shorts is a contest for quantum-inspired flash fiction.

What is quantum theory, you ask? It's "a theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics."

Turaski, a Junior endurance rider, and the Junior AERC Representative, from Friendsville, Tennessee, studies Materials Science Engineering at Georgia Tech, "where she brings her own flavor of quarky neediness to campus. She… is thrilled to have her superposition sentence emulated in so many alternate realities in the entries of Quantum Shorts 2017. "

Her 2015 Quantum Shorts Sci-fi Essay Contest entry, "Qubits of College Acceptance" was selected as the People's Choice winner. She is hoping for a repeat victory this year, and "A Future with Fortran" is eligible for this award. The essay with the most viewers' votes wins people's choice and a $500 cash prize. 

You can read Lily's easy and cast your vote for it here:


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