Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanking Old and Welcoming New Tevis Board Members

President's Message

The Western States Trail Foundation thanks Andrew Gerhard, Phil Gardner, Lisa Schnieder and Brad Weston for the time and effort that they contributed as Governors over the past years. They all served on the Board for multiple terms and each one was the head of a committee during their tenure. Phil was also named Emeritus for his contributions to the sport of endurance for the past 50 years and as a past president of the Western States Trail Foundation. 

Lastly, The Board recognized Matthew Mackay-Smith with Honors for his contributions to the sport of endurance over the decades and his tireless promotion of the Tevis Cup Ride to the East Coast endurance riders which prompted many to venture across the country to compete in the Tevis Cup Ride.  

All of these people have been great contributors to the Western States Trail Foundation.

We'd also like to welcome three new Board of Governors members: 
Nanci Gabri, Melissa Formica, Holly Ulyate and Abigail Madden. 

Click HERE to learn more about each of them!  We're excited they are all joining the board for 2020 and look forward to their future contributions.
Tony Benedetti
President, WSTF 

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