Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Arabian horse racing has small but dedicated group at Arapahoe Park - Full Article

Arapahoe Park is one of a handful of U.S. tracks that run Arabian races

By Terry Frei
The Denver Post


AURORA — When Arabian horse owner and trainer Scott Powell hustled to the winner's circle Sunday at Arapahoe Park, his neck brace was evidence of a recent training accident at his Quarter Moon Ranch in southwestern New Mexico.

"I was running downhill on a horse as fast as he could go, about 40 miles an hour, and we went through a fence," he said. "It almost killed me. I was really lucky."

Powell, 50, got to his phone and called his wife, Lori, and she came and found him. She rushed him to the Silver City hospital, and then he was transported via air ambulance across the Texas border to El Paso.

"They feared there was bruising and swelling in the inner core, and I could have been paralyzed," he said.

How long was he in the hospital after suffering fractured neck vertebrae?

"A day," he said...

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