Sunday, March 02, 2008

Remount stokes interest in endurance races - Mar 2 2008 - Full Storyu

By Lynn Taylor Rick, Journal staff

Although the Black Hills Ride near Edgemont is currently on hiatus, local endurance horse racers can still count on the Fort Meade Remount.

Kerry Greear of Whitewood created the Fort Meade Remount last July, hosting more than 50 riders from seven states and Canada. She hopes to attract even more people to this year’s ride, which begins two miles east of Sturgis in the Fort Meade Recreational Area.

Greear got her first taste of endurance horse racing in 2004 when she was “looking for a new goal for myself.” A horseback rider all her life, she read a book about the 100-mile Tevis Cup through the Sierra Nevada Mounts in California and was hooked...


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