Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Horse Quencher Named “Official Hydration Product of the AERC”

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Newtown, PA - Equatic Solutions and the American Endurance Ride Conference are proud to announce that Horse Quencher is joining the AERC family as a Platinum sponsor, and as the "Official Hydration Product of the AERC."

Horse Quencher™, the product designed to encourage horses to drink water, is a natural fit for the AERC, where proper hydration is paramount to both competitive success and the health of the horse. Endurance races cover anywhere from 25 miles limited-distance rides to 250 miles in a multi-day ride, and these elite horses and riders must submit to periodic vet checks and hold points to ensure the health of the horse before continuing. After the vet exam, during the hold period, Horse Quencher is increasingly being used to encourage water intake.

Not an electrolyte product, and not a sugary "equine soda pop", Horse Quencher is instead a precise blend of natural grains and flavorings that do just one thing: encourage drinking. For horses without a need for electrolytes, is a perfect single solution for horses that won't drink enough due to trailering, stress, illness, strange water, etc. For endurance horses, who generally must be fed electrolytes, Horse Quencher is a perfect companion product to increase total water consumption.

Randy Eiland, board member and sponsor liaison for the AERC, said, "AERC is pleased to welcome Horse Quencher into our family of sponsors. The welfare of our equine partners takes priority with our membership and Horse Quencher is a unique product that helps insure their welfare by encouraging them to drink; one of the most important factors in keeping hard working equines at their best."

Anne Kusmich, co-founder of Equatic Solutions said, "We are so very pleased to be able to support the mission of endurance riders and of the AERC. Nancy, Leslie and I are all active trail riders, even trailering many states away for multi-day rides, so we feel we have a lot in common with the spirit of endurance riding. Our need to hydrate our horses while traveling led to Horse Quencher, so it’s only natural that it would in turn lead us to partner with the AERC."

Horse Quencher comes in four flavors: peppermint, apple, butterscotch, and root beer. It's available either a 25-serving container value tub, or a box of ten single-serving convenience packs, each with a suggested retail of $29.99. Single trial packs - perfect for trying several flavors - are available for $2.99.

All may be purchased at select retailers, by calling 888-783-6247, or online at www.horsequencher.com.

About Equatic Solutions

Equatic Solutions LLC was formed in 2005 to bring Horse Quencher to market. Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Equatic Solutions is owned, operated and managed by Anne Kusmich, Nancy Issenman and Leslie Reiss. These women (and their spouses Bob, David and Gary) bring a lot of horse experience to the development of this product. All are currently avid trail riders. Anne breeds Tennessee Walking Horses, Leslie breeds Mountain Horses, Nancy is a former show jumper turned trail rider and Bob plays polo with his Thoroughbreds. They are happy to share this discovery with other horse enthusiasts.

About AERC

The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) was founded in 1972 as the national governing body for endurance riding in the United States. AERC sanctions more than 800 events annually, is the leader in education related to the use of equines in long-distance riding and encourages the use, protection and development of equestrian trails in North America. AERC's mission is to serve its more than 6,500 members and to promote endurance riding as a sport in which horsemanship and equine welfare are paramount. For more information about endurance riding and AERC, visit www.aerc.org. Gulf Coast 4 Star www.gc4star.com is the official trailer of AERC and is a sponsor of the AERC National Championship.

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No name said...

I have tried on several occasions to email this company to recieve some information about their product. Not to be detered, I purchased some product for personal use and to give away as completin prizes in my upcoming Endurance Ride this summer. I still have not heard one work from the company! I have paid for the product via PayPal, any have recieved no comformation of an order being placed, or a shipment notification!!!