Sunday, April 21, 2013

Results from Young Rider Endurance World Championship Team Selection Trial

April 20 2013

by Kyle Gibbon

The US Young Rider World Championship Selection Trials went quite well. All very nice looking rider/horse combinations supported by amazing crews, trainers, friends, family, and owners. 9 horses were evaluated today. Rankings will be published in a couple of weeks.

It was very warm and humid on Friday, April 19th in Jasper, Florida. Horses were asked to average a speed of 19 KPH on the first two loops, and average at a speed of 17 KPH on the last loop. The trial was 80 KM's. First loop was 32 KM followed by a 40 minute hold, second loop was 32 KM followed by 40 minute hold, and final and third loop was 16KM, which equates to completing 50 miles at a speed of about 11.4 MPH overall.

Current candidates in alphabetical order:

Mary Katherine Clark - Basha Bada Bing
Jessica DiCamillo - Sha Strike Two
Katherine Gardener - AF Big Bucks
Katherine Gardener - Chasing the Wind
McCamey Kimbler - Cody Canuck
McCamey Kimbler - Fringant
Kelsey Kimbler - Cody Canuck
Kelsey Kimbler - Fringant
Christina Kimery - Wallace Hill Shade
Cassandra Roberts - CA Classy Marina
Kelsey Russell - My Wild Irish Gold
Kelsey Russell - AF Big Bucks
Kelsey Russell - Chasing the Wind

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