Tuesday, October 23, 2007

FEI CEI*** Competitions: FEI Passports and Registrations

Announcement from USEF:

All horses ridden by Senior riders at CEI 3* rides in this country must have an FEI passport next year (2008). We will not be allowed to accept National Passports for 3* events.

I am discussing with the FEI whether Young Riders will be required to ride FEI passported horses at 3* events. I will pass that information on to you.

Horses entered in 1* and 2* events do not need a passport.

Rider and Horse FEI registrations must be sent to USEF at least 3 weeks before a competition, and will not be accepted at the competition. You should make this clear in your flyers and on your websites. This includes all distances and all ages. (riders under 18 do not have to pay the 15. fee for their registration – but they must fill out the form and send it in to get a #)

Vonita Bowers
Endurance Director

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