Thursday, January 03, 2008

APEX Clinic coming to Canada in 2008

Excellence in Endurance - APEX clinic in CANADA!!
A Partnership in Endurance Xcellence©

Seaway Valley Arabian Horse Association (SVAHA) is pleased and excited to present an APEX team clinic ( for the first time in Canada.

Have you thought about distance riding and asked yourself,
Can my horse and I do the distance?

Are you already competing in distance riding and wondered,
Am I doing the right things in my training program?
Did I make the right choices during a competition?
How can my horse and I ‘peak’ at just the right time?

Are you a pit crew and want to learn more about how to help your team?
Are you a veterinarian or lay judge and want to learn more about what to watch for during endurance competition or training?

Then this clinic is FOR YOU!,2165.msg10681.html#msg10681
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Anonymous said...

APEX instruction will set priorities for horse and rider through recomended training schedules leading to learn and judge pace over the distance..
We here in Mexico just finished a clinic with John Crandell-3 in Oriental,Puebla..