Friday, June 06, 2008

Auburn-Tahoe trek resurrected in new film

Media Life: Silent movie from 1931 Auburn-Tahoe trek resurrected in new film
Western States Trail’s “They Crossed the Mountains” includes rarely seen footage

By Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer

The Western States Trail saga was a story just begging to be told on the movie screen. And part of it was – in 1931.

Now it’s been enshrined in film form again and will get its first public showing on Sunday at the Old State Theater in Auburn.

And it turns out, the story is very well told. Luckily the early 1930s film has survived and plays a starring role in the new production.

Colorado Springs producer-director Ginger Kathrens, a veteran film-maker with a Grammy in her trophy case, has helmed a 53-minute history of the storied trail that brings some well-known Auburn faces, privately held and publicly owned photos, and riveting film footage together to provide perspective to a larger-than-life subject.

Called “They Crossed the Mountains,” the film starts off with birds-eye views from a helicopter of some of the most scenic stretches of the 100-mile trail between Auburn and Squaw Valley.

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