Monday, July 14, 2008

USEF: Top 25 Ranked USEF Riders, July 2008

July 14, 2008

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) began a ranking system for riders in 2007. With this system, riders earn points at specific 100 mile 'ranking' rides based upon their placement relative to the entire field of riders. These points are awarded to the rider, independent of the horse being ridden. Points earned during a 2 year 'rolling' period will remain in effect; all points earned within 24 months of the most recent ranking calculation will apply. The ranking list is updated each month, with results of the most recent rides being factored in. The two best performances of each rider, within this 24 month period, are used to calculate overall ranking.

The top 25 ranked riders earn placement on the USEF Endurance Training Team, with prioritized eligibility to participate in USEF Training Events, and selection to the National Squad.

Top 25 USEF Ranked Riders
July, 2008:

1.Crandell, John
1.Kanavy, Valerie
3.Rojek, Steve
4.Worthington, Jan
5.Sleeper, Meg
5.Brunjes, Kathryn
5.Butler, Darolyn
8.Sousa, Joyce
9.Dell, Cheryl
10.Reynolds, Heather
10.Reynolds, Jeremy
12.Green, Lisa
13.Hall, Ann
14.Niehaus, Jennifer
14.Stasiuk, Ceci Butler
16.Schork, Christoph
17.Glenn, Charisse
18.Hayes, Suzanne
19.Fuess, Kimberley
20.Worthington, Guy ZTEC
21.Summers, Dennis
22.Van Deusen, Cheryl
23.McGunigal, Danielle Kanavy
23.Summers, Susan
25.Olson, Jeremy
25.Stevens, Heather

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