Monday, September 15, 2008

Topekan learns about history, hardships on 15-day trek along Santa Fe Trail - Full Story

Published Monday, September 15, 2008

Topekan Becky McDowell recently participated in the Great Santa Fe Trail Endurance Ride, a 515-mile, 15-day horse race along a portion of the Santa Fe Trail stretching from New Mexico to Kansas. The race finished Saturday. The following are excerpts from McDowell's daily journal entries.

Day 1

The first night at Wagon Mound, N.M., there was the biggest lightning storm. My tent flooded, and when I was running to my truck, I dropped my cell phone. So much for an AT&T phone.

Our first day was riding through some ranches from Wagon Mound to Roy. Several ranches had different wildlife ranging from Przwalski wild horses and to Zebras.

The next section of the ride was through some canyons, then we crossed the Canadian River, which was up to my horse's belly because of the rain.

I ended up third and lost by five minutes due to my errors, not my horse's, One Eye.

Day 2

The second day I rode Prizzy...


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