Monday, October 06, 2008

National Championship Endurance Ride

Posted by Steve – October 6th, 2008

Photo and report by Gerry Lukacik, Sooner ApHC

Here’s a picture from the National Championship Endurance Ride, held this past weekend in Oklahoma. This is your winning horse and rider, Kat Carter & THESPUROFTHEMOMENT. The picture was taken on the first 17 mile loop.

Not only were they first Appaloosa across the line, and the Best Conditioned Appaloosa, they were also the first over the line for the entire (all breeds) Indian Territory Ride! They came in second in the overall scoring for best conditioned for the entire ride. Not a bad showing for the breed!

Other Appaloosa results: 2nd place - Shilo Vanhart riding WAPS BLACKCHERRY, owned by Jeff Hartman; 3rd - Karen Gerken riding DKG PRINCE ARISTO; 4th - Lucie Hess riding COKE STRAW LAHAAM. Congratulations to all!

Carol Johnson, Sooner ApHC President also has tons of pictures, that I haven’t seen yet. The Indian Territory Ride had hired a professional photographer, and Marsha Hayes, who is doing an article for the Appaloosa Journal, was out on horseback, on the trail, taking pictures, as well.


Sandra Fretellière said...

I believe this ride was the national championship for the CTR (Competitive Trail Riding) a 2 days 70 miles ride at a controlled pace and not National Championship for Endurance Riding , either 50 or 100 miles at no limited speed, still to be held in October 16th and 18th in Indiana!

Cat Carter said...

Sandra, what are you talking about? Did I miss a post or miss understand? This ride above was not a CTR and has nothing to do with CTR's. It was The Indian Territory Elevator ride held in Stillwater, Ok. It was one day (Oct. 4th) and a 50 mile endurance ride. It was the National Appaloosa Endurance Championship also. Are you trying to promote an upcoming ride? In this comment? I know I did not go ECTRA Pace for the whole ride as I was doing negative splits. :) It was such a fun ride!

Cat Carter

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I realized later that this ride was an endurance ride, my apologies.
The same week end was held the national championships for CTRs.
And no i am not trying to promote anything, I'm just a rider.
Sorry again and congrats to Kat Carter & THESPUROFTHEMOMENT.