Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Britain: News from the EGB Chair of Selectors - Cathy Brown

26th May 2009

A list of the British Team Elite Squad for 2009 has been announced .......... it is as follows

Rachael Atkinson - Vanash

Liz Booth - Istanbul Rio

Becky Broughton-Booker - Java Sunlight

Ros Clapp - Nazeeka

Janice Cockley-Adams - Khadidja du Pont

Dominique Freeman - Roger

Fiona Hamilton - Sharifah

Annie Joppe - Dilmun

Jill Kent - Bitterwell Spirit

Jan Marsh - Morning Line

Catriona Moon - Leila

Nicky Sherry - Shimmering Blue Jasmine

Kirsty Wiscombe - Eskar

Christine Yeoman - L M Midday and L M Taquillero

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