Thursday, August 04, 2011

Coast-to-coast horseback ride honors wounded warriors - Full Article

By Craig Sterrett

Magnolia resident Laurie Glenn was more than happy to provide a nice place to stay for a group of hot, tired men and women on a coast-to-coast horseback ride.
On Sunday, the five riders raising money and awareness for the Wounded Warriors Project had pitched tents and spent the night in a barrel-racing ring near downtown Wenona beside their horses, trailer and donated U-Haul truck carrying feed, water and all their gear. Often in their 3,000-mile trip that started June 10 at King George, Va., they’ve stayed in parks or behind churches where there’s grass for horses.
Glenn received a call from a friend, Claudette Halloran, who had told the group they might be able to stop for the night Monday near Magnolia at Glenn’s place, where she has four horses and six dogs. Glenn gladly opened her doors to the group to give them a chance to clean up and get inside into air conditioning. She offered a pasture for grazing for the horses, and offered the riders some grub.
“I didn’t feed them. They brought their own tonight,” Glenn said.
One of the riders, 20-year Army veteran Mike Proscia — a genuine wounded warrior who was in vehicles or injured nine different times in roadside bomb explosions in Iraq — cooked supper for the group. He made red beans and rice by adding more rice and Cajun seasonings to a previous batch of chili, but appreciated Glenn’s hospitality nonetheless.
“We’re really lucky Laurie volunteered to let us stay out here tonight,” Proscia said.
The group has been trying to ride as far as 20-25 miles per day. Usually three riders are on the road at a time, with the other two driving the van that pulls the horses in the trailer to keep them fresh.
Proscia’s goal is to make it the entire trip as a rider or driver to Camp Pendleton near San Diego, Calif...

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