Monday, June 18, 2012

Canadian Endurance Team Gold


At CEI Fort Howes in Fort Howes, MT, which was held June 8-10, Jessica Manness and Greater Glide were pulled in at vet gate one in the FEI 75 mile event. Diane Trundle on Nikki and Angie LaVallee on Okay Spotless wne the Gold medal in the 35 mile event.

In the 50 mile race on Sunday, Diane Trundle, Jessica Mannes and Angie LaVallee won the Silver medal. Diane Trundle finished in third and Angie LaVallee was fifth overall.

The Canadian Team rode on Sunday in the CEI 3*160. The team, named the Rabid Grasshoppers, won the gold medal in the Team Event. Kathy Irvine (Savahnna), Colleen DeVry (Indigo), Jaylene Janzen (Sakic) and Christy Janzen (Regal Morning Mist) were the members on the team.

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