Friday, February 15, 2013

An Update from Dave Rabe

An Update from Dave Rabe, recovering from his Death Valley accident

February 14 - Valentine's Day 2013

This writeup is from Dave.  He said he had nothing else to do,so it got kind of long!  When my accident happened on December 30,2012 I feel fortunate to be riding with Robert Bischoff,a retired fireman, Jackie Beaupre,and Judi Hommertzheim who all pitched in with my fall and got me ready to go to the hospital.  I guess my Wyoming mechanic Richard Simcox drove me to the hospital.  Rick is the only mechanic that could fix my truck in the last four years (I have had LOTS of mechanics!) 

Thanks to Jackie Bumgardner for taking care of my horses at her place in Ridgecrest.  Thanks to Tony and Sue Wilkie for bringing my truck and trailer with my horses to Bishop,CA where my good friends Bob and Gina Hall and my favorite nurse Tami Rogeau (who is my hero for serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan) met them at the half way point.  They brought my horses back to Nevada to Jackie Beaupre’s place in Silver Springs,NV.  Jackie is still taking care of my four horses.  She has 2+ acres of sandy pasture which is better than my 20 acres of snow and ice.  Jackie says they love it there.  I still haven’t seen my horses yet.  I really miss them...

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