Sunday, October 06, 2013

100 Mile Horses Earn Recognition

Date: October 3, 2013
One hundred miles. In one day. It’s the ultimate goal for aspiring distance riders and this month, the American Endurance Ride Conference honors 55 equine that recently finished their first 100-mile ride. An additional 22 equines completed their third 100-mile ride.
“Many distance riders start out at the 25-mile events, but many dream of finishing a 100 as part of their long-term goals,” said AERC Executive Director Kathleen Henkel. “And once they find an equine that can go the distance, that second and third 100 seem more doable.”

Earning the highest honor was TR Notablymishaah, owned and ridden by Debbie Schultz of Harleysville, PA, a 12-year-old Arabian gelding who has completed 20 100-mile rides.

With 15 100-mile rides were Hot Desert Knight, a 13-year-old Arabian owned and ridden by Farzad Faryadi of Oakboro, NC, and Fourmiles Kuna, an 18-year-old Arabian/Appaloosa gelding owned and ridden by 19-year-old Meghan Delp of Westminster, Maryland.

Three other equines made the gold level with 10 100s: Jumpin’ Jax, owned by Ruth Anne Everett of North Carolina, Theatric, owned by Tom Hutchinson of Maine and Tiki Chaps Ku, owned by Gabrielle Mann of Northern California. Two other Northern Californians had horses reaching the silver level, with seven 100s: Nicole Chappell’s Golden Knight and Robert Ribley’s Sacajawea.

The American Endurance Ride Conference welcomes riders in all distances, from introductory rides of 10 miles to 100s and multiday rides, where riders travel at least 50 miles a day over three or more days. The organization’s 2014 ride season begins December 1, 2013.

For more information about endurance riding, or to request a free information packet, please contact the AERC office, located in Auburn, California, at 866-271-2372, email, or visit

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