Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Endurance rider writes about going bitless - Full Article


A FAVORITE TRAIL ride of mine is from Littleton Horse Camp to the Mount Muller summit.

I've ridden it several times, and each time, I find myself awestruck by the majestic views of Sol Duc Valley, Lake Crescent and the Olympic Mountains.

It should be said a horse needs to be in shape to travel the roughly 13-mile loop because it has a fairly steep incline and decline.

And while Lisa claims her Akhal-Teke, a horse bred for speed and endurance, was “not in race shape” for their October trek up the mountain, I happen to know the two, who compete in endurance racing, are always in good condition — even in the winter.

I know because almost daily, I can look out my window — where I sit perched atop my easy chair and sipping tea next to my warm wood stove — and see them journey past to embark on the Cassidy Creek DNR trail system...

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