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Live Concert at Owyhee Tough Sucker

March 5 2015

At the April 2 Owyhee Tough Sucker endurance ride, rumors are that there will be live old time bluegrass music at the ride venue provided by the Pickett Creek Ramblers before and after the ride on the Teeterville Common.

The Teeterville K-9 corps will likely be on hand to provide crowd control due to the expected crush of groupies and wild fans at the concert.

Rumored guest appearance by legendary songwriter, fiddle and guitar player Trapper may materialize.

I'm still trying to grow my fingernail out from the last concert, it was that crazy," one banjo player was heard to lament. "I need my fingernail for picking."

Greatly looking forward to their repeat smash performance, one banjo player said, "I changed my banjo strings for the first time in 17 years in anticipation of our reunion!"

"Horses were heard to neigh in their paddocks while we played," said one guitar player of last year's concert.

"A producer was at our last show and tried to sign us up, tried to video some of our performances right there," declared a fiddle player.

"I thought our band name was Pickett Cricksters," said a bass ukulele player.

"Wait." said a mandolin player. "This isn't the Teeterville Jammers? Have I been showing up with the wrong band?"

Despite a year on the road (as in, driving twice round trip on the 10-mile bumpy-ass crick road to the ride and concert venue last year) the Pickett Crick Ramblers are still full of energy, enthusiasm, laughs, mistakes, and slightly off-key notes, but they play on anyway.

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