Tuesday, October 25, 2016

AERC Approves New Young Rider Division

October 24 2016

The AERC board passed the proposal to create a Young Rider Division for regional endurance awards. It will be a new division with the same awards rules as the weight division awards.

Young Riders (ages 16 - 21, and unsponsored juniors) will get points and awards in their own division, and will also be able to compete with the other (Feather, Light, Middle, Heavy) divisions for overall points and awards.

Thanks BOD Junior representative, Sarah Holloway, for making a great case to the board during the meeting!

More information will be coming from AERC once the details are finalized. The division will be active for the coming ride season (starting December 1 2016), but there will be a transition time for results publication while the computer system and data entry are updated.

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