Thursday, January 12, 2017

OT Rasa RSI wins 2016 Drinkers of the Wind Challenge

One more time our own Crockett Dumas has bred, trained and ridden the winner of the 2016 Drinkers of the Wind Challenge. His name goes one more time on the Schimanski trophy. This year Crockett won the award on OT Rasa RSI, a home bred that Crockett just started riding this year. Rasa got both trained and conditioned simultaneously as they competed very successfully in long mileage rides.

Crockett's lines hale back to Richard Pritzlaff's RSI horses, thus the RSI he continues to use in their names in respect for Richard. This breeding produced the wonderful OT Sara Moniet who is also sister to OT Rasa. Blood will tell!

Crockett and his horses exemplify the soundness, strength and durability of the best of the Desert Arabians and we are so proud to have him on the Board of Directors of the Institute because we feel it is so very important that the best of the best are proven, used and bred on so that the future will remain bright for these wonderful horses.

Every time a Desert Arabian goes into a group of horses and comes out the victor it is a great step towards preserving the qualities that we held dear with the horses that first intrigued us and even if the horses do not win, it they compete, they are promoting their breed by showing their quality to the world.

The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse is committed to the global preservation of the Desert Arabian horse. We aim to identify the worldwide population, demonstrate publicly their athleticism and versatility, provide models of sound breeding practices, and conduct historical and scientific research.

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