Friday, May 26, 2017

AERC Young Rider Division to begin in 2018

The motion to add a Young Rider Division for riders ages 16-21 was passed by the AERC Board in October of 2016 and was to be implemented in the 2017 ride season, the first of a three-year trial period.

Because the programming required for such an addition was more extensive than the Technical Committee originally estimated, the decision has been made to table the YR division until the 2018 ride season. This will allow the system to be updated and Young Rider AERC membership cards to be sent out at the start of the ride season.

Also affected are ride results forms and multiple annual awards. For 2017, all non-junior riders will ride and compete in their chosen weight divisions. Keep in mind that 200 endurance miles are the minimum to appear in the AERC regional points standings.

The AERC office will be creating personalized awards for the top 20 Young Riders for 2017, so keep on riding, Young Riders! If you have any questions, please contact Junior/Young Rider Committee Chair Steph Teeter ( or the AERC office (

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