Friday, February 12, 2021

AERC Middle Distance High Point Winner

February 8 2021

The Arabian Horse Association recognizes the AERC high point earning Arabian and Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabian of the AERC National 100 Mile year-end standing and the Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian High Point Middle Distance applicants that meet AHA membership and registration criteria.

The AERC Middle Distance High Point is an AHA nomination-based annual award given to the Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian with the highest AERC points accumulated in the year through 50-99 mile Endurance rides.

Keeping Faith+ is the winner of the Arabian AERC 50-99 Mile High Point award earning a total of 450 points with owner and rider Mindy Wolfe.

Keeping Faith+ won competing in 6 Endurance Rides during the season and since 2013, the pair has completed a total of 2,330 Endurance miles together. Mindy states "The past couple years have been challenging for a lot of people and myself personally, but my girl Keeping Faith+ has been my rock through it all! She was given to me as an unbroke 5 year old and her quiet sweet nature melted into my heart! She was going to be my project horse while I bred my 1/2 Arab mare and when my mare could not carry, ended up being my embryo transfer recipient mare and was a wonderful mother! After weaning she went right back to work training for Endurance and she has surpassed my expectations! We are looking forward to many more miles down the trail together!

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