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Covering the Distance: Canadian Endurance Award Recipients Announced

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26 April 2023

The Equestrian Canada (EC) Endurance Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Endurance Year-End Awards. These awards recognize individuals and equines that have put countless hours and tireless effort towards the pursuit of personal excellence in endurance, and the sport’s growth in Canada.

The 2022 recipients are as follows:

Hall of Fame

Earle Baxter


First Place Canadian Rides/
First Place Overall Canadian Jaylene
Jaylene Janzen

Second Place Canadian Rides/
Third Place Overall
Nightwinds Indigo Bey
Colleen Devry

Third Place Canadian Rides/
Fourth Place Overall
GP Sirocca
Jaylene Janzen

Fourth Place Canadian Rides/
Fifth place overall
JV Brooklyn Bay
Jaylene Janzen

Fifth Place Canadian Rides/
Sixth Place Overall
Hungarian Treasure
Brittany Linnett

Sixth Place Canadian Rides/
Seventh Place Overall
Nightwind’s Michael
Kathy Irvine

Seventh Place Canadian Rides/
Second Place Overall
Amber Kiera
Dessia Miller

Eighth Place Canadian Rides/
JV Diamond Rio
Garry Forde

Ninth Place Canadian Rides/
Nightwind’s Orion
Colleen Devry

Tenth Place Canadian Rides/
Al Sharaz
Jaylene Janzen

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