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2009 FEI Rider and Horse Registration and Renewal Information

Release: November 14 2008

Lexington, KY— Following the decision of the General Assembly FEI Registration has been mandatory for all riders and horses competing in FEI competitions since January 1, 2006. Beginning January 1, 2009, any points acquired at a Competition where the rider or horse are not registered for that Competition year will not be included in the cumulative points. Competitions may not let these riders and/ or horses compete.

However, registration is not required for riders and horses who participate only in the FEI Children’s Competition and Challenges. Since October 2006, ranking points for rider and/or horses not registered are no longer taken into account.

FEI Registrations are Mandatory and must be renewed before entering your first FEI Competition each year. You must have this registration if you are competing in the following:
• CSI: Jumping
• CCI or CIC: Eventing
• CDI: Dressage
• CAI: Driving
• CRI: Reining
• CEI: Endurance
• CVI: Vaulting
• Para Equestrian

To renew your current FEI Rider Registration or complete a new FEI Rider Registration:
• The Rider must be an active USEF Member
• The Rider must be a U.S. Citizen

To renew a current FEI Horse Registration or complete a new FEI Horse Registration:
• The horse must:
1. Have an active USEF Life Recording
2. Be recorded with the correct owners
3. Have a current FEI or National Passport on Record with the USEF
4. Have an active USEF Member as an owner that is also a U.S. Citizen

To locate the FEI Registration Application:

FEI Registrations are Mandatory for All Riders and Horses competing in any FEI International Event. This number is free for riders that are under the age of 18 as of January 1, 2009 or riders competing in Para-Equestrian events only. For all other competitors, the Rider Registration is $15 and the Horse Registration is $15. It may take 4 weeks to process the FEI Registration. A Rush Fee of $30 will apply if the registration is received one week or less before the competition.

Please note: The FEI does not issue cards for FEI Registrations.

You may find your FEI Rider Registration Number when you sign-in through “My USEF Account” (also known as Authorized User Account) at If you have registered for FEI since 2006 your number will appear along with the status of your renewal. The FEI Horse Registration Number will appear under the owner’s “My USEF Account” (or Authorized User Account) along with passport information regarding the status of the passport. These numbers will also be listed under Searches/ FEI Registrations on the USEF website. Please check to see if your registration is listed prior to leaving for the competition.

You may also find the Registrations on the FEI Registration lists at under FEI Registration Lists. If your registration has been completed, your number will appear on the website.

FEI Registration Number Searches: Competition Management can now go to under searches and locate the FEI Registration Number for Any or All USA FEI Horse and Rider Registrations.

Please note, as of December 1, 2007, a Current FEI Passport or a USEF National Passport is mandatory for any 1* or 2* Event except Endurance Competitions within the United States. All other FEI Passport Rules apply.

For more information, please contact Andrea Kimmel at

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