Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nevada Day Parade

Nov 8th, 2008

More from the Nevada Day parade. East Washoe Valley resident Jacquelyn participated in this years parade and I asked her about their cool group and the beautiful costumes and she sent this in:

The Parade Arabians were established by a local Vet and her Husband
and have been participating in parades for over 10 years to
highlight the Arabian breed, wearing native costumes. (ex: Lawrence of Arabia)
They are mostly a group of endurance riders (endurance rides take place in natural-rural
settings whereby the horse & rider compete for time for 20 miles, 50 miles, 75 and sometimes
100 mile rides. There are Vet checks during endurance rides to ensure the horse
is fit enough to continue.
Great group of folks!
We will be participating/riding in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Reno this Tuesday.

Thanks Jacquelyn and we’ll see you at the next parade!

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