Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Time Tevis Winners Now Barefoot and Riding in Renegades!

Renegade Hoofboots

2008 December 11

by renegadenews

Jeremy Reynolds using Renegade Glue-ons at Desert Gold won the two day hundred/two days of AERC 50’s and received AERC Best Condition on the first day and FEI Best Condition for the 2 day 100.

Jeremy’s horses have been barefoot for a year and he says that he will never go back to shoes since he now has horses sound now that he could never keep going at the speeds he and Heather ride.

Jeremy’s comments about Renegade boots: “They work”.

2008 AERC Ride Season Results:

Heather and Jeremy Reynolds 1,990 miles
Top tens: 20
Wins: 13
BC’s: 8


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Anonymous said...

I rode with Heather and Jeremy and renegades in the muggy climate of Virginia, and they worked great and were so easy to use! I definitely recommend them for anyone considering barefoot.