Tuesday, December 02, 2008

USEF: High Performance Fees Rule Change

Attention All Athletes (including Life Members) Competing in Foreign FEI Competitions
From: United States Equestrian Federation


Please note that competitors (including Life Members) competing in FEI competitions will no longer be charged a $200 High Performance due. However in accordance with GR207 (attached), effective December 1, 2008, competitors competing in FEI competitions will be required to pay a $35 High Performance fee per horse for each FEI competition in which they enter. The fee is capped at $420 per horse per year. Please refer to the USEF website for policy and instructions on requesting reimbursement for payments over $420 in the same competition year. Please note that horse owners are no longer required to pay a High Performance fee.

Please contact our Customer Care Department in Kentucky at 859-258-2472 for any questions regarding the High Performance fee.

Thank you.
Cindy Stys, Director of Athlete Services
United States Equestrian Federation, Inc

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