Friday, June 12, 2009

Cleveland woman begins six-month journey on horseback - Full Article

Friday, June 12, 2009

Janice Raddatz of Cleveland is riding the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in one season. Starting at the Mexican border and riding the 2,656 miles of the PCT to the Canadian border in Washington State, her years of horse experience and long-distance riding will be put to the test to conquer the rigors of six months in the saddle. Ralph Raddatz, her husband, is driving the supply truck and trailer. He meets up with Janice every five days, on average.

This is not just about riding. Janice is riding to support the Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness program. The White County News will be bringing you dispatches from the trail periodically throughout the summer. The following is a snapshot of Janice's world in her own words.

Although Janice is currently more than a month into her trip, we are going to bring you the first installment from the trip's beginning upon arrival at the Mexican border. Below, Janice will mention a second woman who is with her. The rider, Susan Bates, is no longer riding with Janice due to an injury to her horse. She may meet up with Janice at a later time. For now, Janice is riding alone, but this installment takes us back in time to the beginning.

We are on the Mexican border, touching the fence and seeing the monument. I am amazed at all that went into preparing for this trip.


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