Saturday, July 04, 2009

Belgium: Start, Run, Win - Leonard Liesens

The community of endurance riding had no recent and comprehensive book written by a top level competitor. The vacuum is now filled with the book "Endurance - Start, manage, win" by Leonard Liesen.

The foreword is by Jack B├ęgaud. With the participation of Dr. Jean-Marc Lamolle for veterinary checks.
With photos of Carroll Gatelier.

The book covers all aspects of equestrian endurance: the choice of horse, the regulations, the principles of education, training of horses and young inexperienced horse, horse training experienced tactical race, l assistance, care for horses, the preparation vetgate, criteria veterinarians, advanced training, problems and their solutions, how do the other, etc ...

Pierre Arnould: "warning, understandable and sometimes poetic." It says "The vision is not completely monolithic, but pluralistic and is a leader of ideas and tracks."

Begaud Jack writes in his preface: "Thank you for this bold initiative led to a precise panorama, well researched, balanced between reason and feeling, which reads in one."

Vincent Dupont: "Clear, precise and full of lessons for beginners and for others."

The sisters Houassin: "This is a book that is clear and not running around the bush".

Christian Depuille: "I do that at the half but I have reviewed my training and my approach to discipline."

Anne-Gaelle Goachet: "The foundations of the discipline are finally put on paper. And for researchers like me, your book is a reference solid," Liesen, 2009 "probably appear in my next scientific!"

144 pages
Price: 20 euros
Written in French

The book is available in France, Belgium and elsewhere.

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