Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Great Britain: Flintshire woman has sights on horseriding endurance challenge

Sarah Braithwaite is taking part in an endurance
trek on Morris, who will travel over 260 miles to
Devon without shoes on his hooves.

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07 July 2009
By Liam Newman

A KEEN Flintshire horserider is to take on a major endurance challenge.
Sarah Braithwaite, of Nercwys, is travelling 260 miles from North Wales to North Devon to highlight the level of performance that can be achieved from barefoot horses.

She will be riding on six-year-old Chestnut Arab horse, Morris.

Sarah is experienced in the field of endurance rides, and said she is extremely excited about the challenge.

She said: "We started talking about a possible trip at Christmas after coming across many riders who didn't fully appreciate what barefoot horses can do.

"I've always wanted to ride the Long Mynd in Shropshire, and we've intentionally drawn up the map so we can ride along it on this journey."


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