Thursday, October 29, 2009

Endurance Rider Ranking List "We made it"

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The Ranking list is supposed to be the top 35 riders in the USA.. I think because of how they do the points you have more then the 35 because of maybe duplicate points. They calculate those points off of two rides, most riders need at least two 100 mile rides to have any chance of getting onto the list. 100 mile ride points count for 100%, 75 mile rides 75% and 50 mile rides 50%. So, even if you have a win at 50 miles or a 2nd at 75 miles like we do, just a finish at the 100 mile distance will give you more points.... It is much more complicated then that, but you get the drift. Lindsay made the list on our two top rides of a 75 mile ride and a 100 mile ride.

So, Lindsay Graham, is on the list in 22nd position. They say it makes no difference as to where you are on the list, once you are on the list your are on the list. We have one more ride to do in January, so her position may change some.

What this does is give us a INVITE to compete in one of three selection rides that are held across the country in June of 2010. Western USA will probably be held in Colorado.

After the three rides are completed the selectors will select the horses that they want to go back to an area somewhere around Kentucky for the final selection. This is about 6 weeks before the WEG... We don't know how many horses will go back, but we are guessing at about 20.. All but 6 of those horses will have the long drive home.

Our current game plan is to have MONK in tip top condition for the June selection and then fine tune him a little for the final selection with a peak for the games.

I have every confidence that we will make it to the final selection, where we will see if he is as good as we think he is. Proof is in the pudding and if he is not chosen we will go home with our heads held high.

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