Friday, October 09, 2009

ThinLine and Saddlefit4Life® Introduce New High-Tech Segue Saddle Pad

Durham, NC (October 8, 2009) - ThinLine Inc and Saddlefit4Life® have joined forces to create a new saddle pad designed to extend the fit of custom fitted saddles as horses mature and develop. The Segue saddle pad combines the revolutionary ThinLine technology and the latest in saddle fit innovations from Saddlefit4Life®. The Segue pad is designed as a solution for horses with recent muscle development that can affect the fit of the saddle and for riders looking for more impact absorption.

Researchers and designers at Saddlefit4Life® say, “We have looked around world to find a product like this. The Segue pad is truly second to none. It can help, in addition to proper saddle fit, to protect a horses back and rider’s spine from long term damage.”

Saddlefit4Life® and ThinLine designed this new pad to segue from either a not so recent saddle fit session or to protect a new horse until the saddle fitter can arrive. It is a temporary solution to offer immediate comfort for both horse and rider. The Segue pad is comprised of an Ultra ThinLine attached to a cotton half pad with pockets for placing inserts that are available in several sizes and thicknesses. Industry experts call this process ‘shimming’: creating a temporary fit until new saddles can be delivered or while horses are busy changing shape during training and growth.

The Segue offers an exclusive shimming system designed by Saddlefit4Life®. Special custom ThinLine shim thicknesses and sizing are available only with the Segue Saddlefit4Life® pad.

Saddlefit4Life® compares the benefits of ThinLine technology in the Segue pad to shoe inserts for marathon runners. Just as a thick layer of foam in his shoes would make a runner very unstable; thick layers of padding under a saddle make a rider unstable. For riders that are content with their current saddle but are intrigued by the possible benefits of the Segue saddle pad, the Segue pad is still useful. Jochen Schleese, a Certified Master Saddler for Saddlefit4Life® explains, “Without inserts this pad is thin enough to deliver shock absorbing benefits without altering perfect saddle fit.”

Elaine Lockhead, president of ThinLine, is thrilled with the new product saying, “The Segue saddle pad alone can offer horse and rider additional comfort and protection of their backs. The new shimming system has been specially designed to ensure that use of the Segue pad can only help the horse and never hurt him.”

The Segue pad is available now from Saddlefit4Life® representatives in North America, Europe and Australia as well as online at and in many tack stores nationwide. For more information about the Segue pad, visit

Photo: The Segue saddle pad from ThinLine and Saddlefit4Life® offers users shock absorption and a temporary solution for equine changes to custom saddle fit. (Photo courtesy of ThinLine, Inc).

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