Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Virginia: Trails to open soon, Residents already using

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BRODNAX — The Virginia Tobacco Heritage Trail Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails segment from Brodnax to La Crosse has received a walk through approval and is already being used by visitors.

The Trail that runs through La Crosse and Brodnax is already attracting walkers, equestrian enthusiasts, bikers and nature enthusiasts.

The Tobacco Heritage Trail, according to the Web site, is a system of long-distance recreational, multiuse, non-motorized trails that provide an opportunity for all Southside Virginia to participate in a viable undertaking that will unify diverse communities, enrich lives, and help rebuild the economy.

Officials say the Trail will assist economic development - through tourism and business enterprise - and will serve as a quality-of-life tool by providing both residents and tourists valuable health and recreational benefits. In addition, the trail will be preserving a greenway and will serve as a link to nature for all its users such as: pedestrians, hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders - with portions accessible to those with mobility limitations.


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