Thursday, December 31, 2009

14th Annual Mt. Adams Endurance Ride and Mt. Adams Ride & Tie Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saddle up and ride the glorious trails of the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest and the surrounding timberlands. Everyone's welcome to participate in the 14th Annual Mt. Adams Endurance Ride. We have events for all levels of trail riders: 12- to 25-mile trail rides for beginner endurance riders to 50- or 75-mile divisions for the more experienced competitors. Due to unexpected logging operations on a few of our trails, we will not be holding the 100 mile distance this year. Riders could also opt to compete in our 12- or 25-mile Mt. Adams Ride & Tie division where one horse and two rider/runners make a Ride & Tie team. News flash: The Ride & Tie World Championships will be held here in 2010.

Ride Camp Location: The ride camp is located at the Mt. Adams Horse Camp in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Trout Lake, Washington.

Directions: From Oregon's I-84, take exit 64 (Hood River), go north across Columbia River, west on Hwy 14 for 1 mile, north on Alternate Hwy 141 for approximately 4 miles, continue north on Hwy 141 about 20 miles to Trout Lake. In Trout Lake, bear right at Chevron and follow signs to ride camp or the Mt. Adams Horse Camp.

Weed Seed Free Hay is now required in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. We will have a flatbed of certified WSF hay for sale at the ride site on Friday and Saturday. It will be a grass/alfalfa mix. There should be plenty for everyone who needs it.

Trail: Ride through the forests above Trout Lake Valley in the shadow of a snowcapped 12,276-foot volcano. Excellent trails and old forest service roads. Good footing, beautiful loops, and views.

Vets: Head vet: Mike Foss, DVM. Vet-in starts at 3 pm, Friday, May 15th.

Meetings: Pre-ride meeting 7 pm on Friday. Awards are Sunday morning.

Meals Included With Entry Fee: Friday and Saturday dinners are included with ride entry. Additional meals for non-riders may be purchased on site. Proceeds from meals go to support various classes at Trout Lake School and/or Trout Lake 4-H.

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